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Add doc with implementation details _before_ writing the code in order
to flush out some details ahead of time.
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+Implementation Notes
+Notes on the implementation _before_ it is implemented. Think of it
+something like [readme driven development] [rdd].
+Index Mapping & Cores
+* Set `persistent` to `true` in `solr.xml` so that changes during
+ runtime will persist on restart.
+* Must have an `adminPath` property for `cores` element or else
+ dynamic manipulation will not work.
+* Potentially use `adminHandler` and create custom admin handler for
+ Riak integration.
+* The core name is the unique index name used in yokozuna.
+ I.e. yokozuna calls an index what Solr calls a core. However, there
+ is a many-to-one mapping of external names, or aliases, to index
+ names.
+* According to the Solr wiki it overwrites the `solr.xml` when core
+ data is changed. In order to protect against corruption yokozuna
+ might want to copy this off somewhere before each core modification.
+* The core `CREATE` command only works if the instance dir and config
+ is already there. This means that yokozuna will have to store a
+ default setup and copy it over before calling `CREATE`.
+* An HTTP endpoint `yz/index/create` will allow the creation of an
+ index. Underneath it will call `yz_index:create`.
+* There is an implicit mapping from the index name to itself.
+### Integrating with Riak KV
+* Ideally, KV should know nothing about yokozuna. Rather yokozuna
+ should register a hook with KV and deal with the rest. Yokozuna
+ will have knowledge of Riak Object for now. This should probably be
+ isolated to a module like `yz_riak_kv` or something.
+* Yokozuna is "enabled" on a bucket by first mapping a bucket name to
+ an index. Second, the `yz_riak_kv:postcommit` hook must be
+ installed on the bucket.
+* Using a postcommit should suffice for prototyping but tighter
+ integration will be needed so that updates may be sent to yokozuna
+ during events such as read-repair. I would still do this in the
+ form of registering a callback versus coupling the two directly.
+* Yokozuna uses a postcommit because the data should exist before the
+ index that references it. This could potentially cause overload
+ issues since no indexing back pressure will be provided. There may
+ be ways to deal with this in yokozuna rather than KV such as lagged
+ indexing with an append-only log.
+### Module Breakdown
+* `yz_riak_kv` - All knowledge specific to Riak KV should reside in
+ here to keep it isolated.
+* `yz_index` - All functionality re indexes such as mapping and
+ administrative.
+* `yz_solr` - All functionality related to making a request to solr.
+ In regards to indexes this module should provide functions to
+ administrate cores.
+### API Breakdown
+* `PUT yz/index?name=<name>&initial_schema=<schema_name>` - create a
+ new index with `name` (required) based on the `initial_schema` name
+ or the default schema if none is provided.
+* `PUT /yz/mapping?alias=<alias>&name=<name>` - create a mapping from
+ the `alias` to the index `name`.
+* `PUT /yz/kv_hook?bucket=<bucket>&index=<index>&schema=<schema>` -
+ install a hook into KV on the `bucket` which maps to `index` and
+ uses `schema`. This subsumes the above two so maybe they aren't
+ needed for now.
+* `yz_riak_kv:install_kv_hook(Bucket, Index, Schema)` - Same as
+ previous but via Erlang. The HTTP API is so the user can install
+ the hook.
+### Use Case Rundown
+1. User registers yz hook for bucket `B` via `PUT /yz/kv_hook?bucket=B&index=B&schema=default`.
+2. User writes value `V` under bucket `B` and key `K`.
+3. The `put_fsm` is spun-up, object `O` is created.
+4. The quorum is met, the yz hook is called with object `O`.
+5. The index is determined by pulling `B` and retrieving registered
+ index `I`.
+6. The object `O` is converted to the doc `Doc` for storage in Solr.
+7. `N` copies of `Doc` are written across `N` shards.

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