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+Each incoming KV object is converted into a Solr document with 3
+1. `id` - The unique identifier for this document (since partitioning
+ is per-index the key (from bucket-key) is unique.
+2. `value` - The value of the `riak_object`.
+3. `_entropy` - The corresponding entropy data in the form of a
+ triplet `<iso8601> <partition> <id> <base64-obj-hash>`.
+Using this data a Merkle Tree can be built representing representing
+the data stored for a given partition before a given point in time.
+This Merkle Tree can then be compared with a tree built from a KV
+partition to detect entropy. You could also build trees to compare
+Solr partitions to each other to verify data is not divergent but not
+for detecting missing data since partitions only partially overlap.
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+Yokozuna uses _doc-based_ partitioning, however a best effort will be
+made to code partitioning in such a way that it might be easily
+experimented with for future purposes. The big reason to use
+doc-based is because it makes entropy detection easiest. Under this
+scheme the document and it's entropy data can be atomically comitted.
+This guarentees that the entropy data stored matches the document data
+it represents. This is discussed more in the _anti-entropy.md_

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