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Riak + Solr
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NOTICE: This is an experiment and prototype. The copyright is owned by Basho but is not an official repository. Currently, this is a side project of the author and not supported in any way by Basho.


Yokozuna - Horizontal rope. The top rank in sumo, usually translated Grand Champion. The name comes from the rope a yokozuna wears.

The goal of the yokozuna application is to integrate Apache Solr with Riak in order to find the "top rank" documents for a given query.

Getting Started

Since Yokozuna is a prototype it takes more work to get running than vanilla Riak. If you are comfortable building Riak from source then you should be able to complete these steps.


  1. Clone my fork of Riak.

    git clone git://
    cd riak
  2. Checkout the Yokozuna branch.

    git checkout rz-yokozuna
  3. Download the dependencies.

    make deps
  4. Replace the Riak KV dependency with my fork and checkout the Yokozuna branch.

    cd deps
    rm -rf riak_kv
    git clone git://
    (cd riak_kv && git checkout rz-yokozuna)
  5. Compile. This will take a long time because it must clone Solr source and build it. The first time you do this is the longest as Ivy may have to download all the dependencies if you don't regularly develop on Java projects.

    cd ..
  6. Make a stage rel or stage devrel. At this point it's no different from building a vanilla Riak release.

    make stagedevrel


Yokozuna is merely an extension to Riak. This means that the basics of running and administrating Riak are no different than a vanilla build. The following instructions assume a devrel.

  1. Start the nodes. After this has complete ps should show 4 beam.smp processes and 4 java processes. The Solr instances should be listening on ports 7981-7984.

    for d in dev/dev*; do $d/bin/riak start; done
    for d in dev/dev*; do $d/bin/riak ping; done
  2. Join the nodes. I am using the force (-f) option here as this is just a development release. In a production environment you should use the new cluster staging commands as they are more efficient when doing multiple operations and can save you from making costly mistakes.

    for d in dev/dev{2,3,4}; do $d/bin/riak-admin join -f dev1@; done

Creating an Index

An index must be created in order for Yokozuna to index data.

Currently the index name is a 1:1 mapping with the bucket name. This may eventually change to a 1:M mapping from index to bucket.

You can create an index via the HTTP interface.

curl -XPUT -i -H 'content-type:application/json' http://localhost:8091/yz/index/name_of_index

Optionally, you may create an index from the console.

Index from Console

This command must be run from the Riak console--you must first attach to it.

./dev/dev1/bin/riak attach

An index must be created in order for Yokozuna to index data. Currently the index name is a 1:1 mapping with the bucket name. I may change this me a 1:M mapping from index to bucket.


Install the Post-commit Hook

Yokozuna hooks into KV using a post-commit hook. This may change soon. Remember, the bucket and index name must be the same.


Index Some Data

Indexing data is a matter of writing data to KV. At the moment Yokozuna is hard coded to treat all objects as text/plain. The value of an object is stored under the text field in the Yokozuna schema. This will become more sophisticated as I iterate.

curl -H 'content-type: text/plain' -X PUT 'http://localhost:8091/riak/name_of_bucket/name' -d "Ryan Zezeski"


The syntax for querying Yokozuna is the same as querying a single instance of Solr. Yokozuna actually uses Solr's distributed search API but that is hidden for you. This means you don't have to worry about where your shards are located. This also means you should be able to use any off-the-shelf Solr client to query Yokozuna.

curl 'http://localhost:8091/search/name_of_index?q=text:Ryan'
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