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FuseFS is a library aimed at allowing Ruby programmers to quickly and
easily create virtual filesystems with little more than a few lines of code.
A "hello world" file system equivalent to the one demonstrated on is just 20 lines of code!
FuseFS is *NOT* a full implementation of the FUSE api. rfuse
is designed for that.
* Linux 2.6
* FUSE (
* Ruby 1.8
(* C compiler)
De-compress archive and enter its top directory.
Then type:
($ su)
# ruby setup.rb
These simple step installs this program under the default
location of Ruby libraries. You can also install files into
your favorite directory by supplying setup.rb some options.
Try "ruby setup.rb --help".
Some sample ruby filesystems are listed in "sample/"
When you run a fusefs script, it will listen on a socket indefinitely, so
either background the script or open another terminal to mosey around in the
Also, check the API.txt file for more use.
MIT license, in file "LICENSE"
Author: Greg Millam <>.
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