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wso2 esb file connector

Based on original fileconnector-1.0.0:

Difference between original and this version:

  • decode base64 strings before saving file
  • get file name while reading directory

Decode base64 on save:

this file connector allow's you to decode base64 strings before saving file. For example: you got binary\text or whatever file and you send this file, with or without MTOM or SwA, on WSO2ESB. In ESB logs you will see something like:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:ns0="">

and you wanna store this content as decoded base64 file:

$ cat myHelloWord.txt
Hello world!!!

instead of encoded base64:

$ cat myHelloWord.txt

with this file connector, this is quite simple, only thing that you need to set encoding property in <fileconnector.create> section to base64, default values like US-ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16 is still supporting:

<property name="encoding" value="base64"></property>

Get file name on

Let's say you got bunch of files in one directory and you need read them:

├── test.xml
├── test9.xml
├── testOne.xml
└── testTwo.xml

in proxy sequence you have this:


after reading, file name will be stored in property FILE_NAME_CTX. it can be easy obtained by expression $ctx:FILE_NAME_CTX or get-property('FILE_NAME_CTX'). For example:

<log level="full">
  <property name="filename" expression="$ctx:FILE_NAME_CTX"/>

meanwhile in logs

[2015-12-15 23:36:54,117]  INFO - LogMediator To: /services/readFileWithName, MessageID: urn:uuid:0c9d0d78-1177-45a0-9033-6e2c3f7d4198, Direction: request, filename = file:///Z:/test_files/test.xml, Envelope: 

Build pre-requisites:

  • Maven 3.x
  • Java 1.7 or above

Tested Platform:

  • UBUNTU 13.10, Mac OSx 10., Ubuntu 15.10
  • WSO2 ESB 4.9.0-ALPHA, WSO2 ESB 4.8.1
  • Java 1.7, OpenJDK 7

pre-requisites for integration tests for WSO2 ESB File Connector:


  1. Download ESB 4.9.0-ALPHA by navigating the following the URL:

  2. Copy the in to location "{ESB_Connector_Home}/repository/".

  3. Please do these changes on fileconnector.xml (fileconenctor.xml file can be found from /src/test/resources/artifacts/ESB/config/proxies/fileconnector/).

    1. Change the file locations with the accessible file locations.

    2. Copy an 'mp4' or a large file at the location specified in <fileconnector.copylarge></fileconnector.copylarge> for copylarge method.

    3. Create a file at the location specified in <fileconnector.copy></fileconnector.copy> for copy method.

    4. Create at least one folder and a file at the location specified in <filelocation></filelocation> archive method.

  4. Make sure that fileconnector is specified as a module in ESB_Connector_Parent pom.

  5. Navigate to "{ESB_Connector_Home}/" and run the following command.

      $ mvn clean install


licensed according to the terms of Apache License, Version 2. ( )


file connector with base64 decoder and other "improvements"



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