Android BucketListAdapter


Android BucketListAdapter

This is an implementation of a bucket list adapter, similar to what you see in the Google Play application. It features a grid-like layout of list elements, with the advantage that you can still use list headers and footers - something that's not possible with the standard GridView.

To use the adapter, you need to override the "protected View getBucketElement(int position, T currentElement)" method. In this method, you should return the View of a bucket-element of the specified position. For convenience, you also get the current element for that position as a second parameter.

Two constructors exist for the adapter. The first, "BucketListAdapter(Activity ctx, List elements)" takes the Activity as and the elements be presented, and assumes that the elements should be presented in 1 column. The other, "BucketListAdapter(Activity ctx, List elements, Integer bucketSize)" takes the exact column number as a third parameter.

The "void enableAutoMeasure(float minBucketElementWidthDip)" method may be used to automatically calculate the required column number based on the minimum element width given as a parameter.

Here's some example code:

List<String> myListContent = new ArrayList<String>();
    BucketListAdapter<String> myAdapter = new BucketListAdapter<String>(this, myListContent, 2) {
		protected View getBucketElement(final int position, String currentElement) {
			View bucketElement = View.inflate(ctx, R.layout.bucket_element, null);
			TextView text = (TextView)bucketElement.findViewById(;
			bucketElement.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
				public void onClick(View v) {
					Toast.makeText(ctx, "Clicked on: " + position, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
			return bucketElement;

An demo application is also provided with the project, check it out.