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xCHM is a cross-platform GPL frontend for CHMLIB ( written with the wxWidgets framework.


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UNIX CHM viewer.


Python documentation


In order to be able to compile the code you need to have wxWidgets and CHMLIB installed.

Get the GTK+ version (also known as wxGTK). xCHM currently compiles with all flavours of wxWidgets, but only works well and looks truly appealing with wxGTK, so I recommend against bothering to use it with anything else.


(If you've just cloned the code - as opposed to using a release tarball - you need to run ./bootstrap first.)

Type ./configure --help if you're interested in parameters you can pass to configure for compile switches. Most people will be perfectly happy doing a:

./configure && make

Once everything is built, type:

make install

and the executable should be somewhere in your $PATH (hopefully :)). Now you can just type


and start your session.

Built with

Generating documentation

If you'd like to generate developer documentation go to the root of the distribution and type:


This of course implies that you have doxygen installed. The documentation will be generated in the doc directory in HTML and LaTex format.


I am no longer providing Mac and Windows binaries, just the source code. Some Linux distributions already provide binaries (Debian, Arch, Gentoo, Ubuntu, etc.) For Mac, please see MacPorts. Windows users can (and should) just use the standard viewer (hh.exe).


Happy reading!