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Trivial update to build script.

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1 parent 4689d2a commit 45ebee789696097cae6347bb777ac81bf16ddcad @rzwitserloot committed Mar 26, 2012
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5 build.xml
@@ -397,10 +397,7 @@ the common tasks and can be called on to run the main aspects of all the sub-scr
- <target name="maven" depends="version, dist, test" description="Build a maven artifact bundle.">
- <ant antfile="buildScripts/website.ant.xml" target="javadoc" inheritAll="false">
- <property name="lombok.version" value="${lombok.version}" />
- </ant>
+ <target name="maven" depends="version, dist, test, javadoc" description="Build a maven artifact bundle.">
<jar destfile="dist/lombok-${lombok.version}-javadoc.jar">
<fileset dir="doc/api" />

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