Incorrect type in equals when using @EqualsAndHashCode #1274

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Consider the following code:

import lombok.EqualsAndHashCode;

public interface DynamicType {

    interface Unloaded extends DynamicType {


    class Default implements DynamicType {

        @EqualsAndHashCode(callSuper = false)
        public static class Unloaded extends Default implements DynamicType.Unloaded {


Compilation fails with error:[11,9] reference to Unloaded is ambiguous
[ERROR] both class DynamicType.Default.Unloaded in DynamicType.Default and interface DynamicType.Unloaded in DynamicType match

If we check the generated code

public boolean equals(final java.lang.Object o) {
       if (o == this) return true;
       if (!(o instanceof DynamicType.Default.Unloaded)) return false;
       final Unloaded other = (Unloaded) o;

we can see that type name is not fully specified in cast operation. All other places of generated code use canonical class name.

@orange-buffalo orange-buffalo referenced this issue in raphw/byte-buddy Jan 6, 2017

Issue 245 #248


Fixed in release 1.16.14. It's the 'you never encountered this bug' reference in the changelog :)


Cool, thank you!

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