Add support for JBoss Developer Studio for the installer #507

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👤 jarle.saetre   🕗 Dec 10, 2012 at 09:46 UTC

Following Roel Spilker's proposal at stack overflow (

Ini-file: $PATH_TO_JBDS/studio/jbdevstudio.ini
Executable: $PATH_TO_JBDS/studio/jbdevstudio

In my system, Linux Mint 10, I placed lombok.jar in $PATH_TO_JBDS/studio/
I then added


to jbdevstudio.ini. I had to use full paths in the ini-file, otherwise jbds didn't launch from the start menu entry that jbds created during installation.

The version of jbds I run is 5.0.0.CR1, the lombok version is 0.11.6.


👤 jarle.saetre   🕗 Dec 10, 2012 at 11:03 UTC

This should have been an enhancement, not a defect. Can not find any way to change.


👤 reinierz   🕗 Mar 11, 2013 at 22:35 UTC

We've updated the lombok installer just now. It'll be in the official next release. Until then, you can fetch the edge build from here:

which should automatically find JBDS, and also install into any JBDS you specify with the 'specify location...' button.

We've tested it on windows but can you check if this works on your linux version? If the installer finds your JBDS automatically when you doubleclick the edge lombok.jar, that's all we need to know. There aren't really any changes and all the installer does is exactly what you did.

If you want to know if your JBDS has lombok installed into it, select help> About; lombok adds a line with its version number to the bottom of the blob of copyright text.

Thanks for letting us know, and thanks in advance for checking if this update fixes this issue!


👤 jarle.saetre   🕗 Mar 13, 2013 at 09:08 UTC

The installer did not find JBDS, but when I pointed it to where JBDS is installed it works nicely.

I have one version (5CR1) installed in usr/local/eclipse/jbdevstudio_CR1 and another version (5GA) in ~/jbdevstudio


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