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SharePoint add-in with Express.js and PnP-JS-Core
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SharePoint add-in with Express.js and PnP-JS-Core

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This repository contains sample SharePoint add-in built with Node.js. Technologies used:

How to run

  1. On your SharePoint site open App registration page at and register a new app. Generate ClientId and ClientSecret, use ane Title, for App Domain put localhost:44355, for Redirect URI put https://localhost:44355/
  2. Take a note on generated credentials.
  3. Open SharePoint project from sharepoint-addin folder.
  4. Open AppManifest.xml and change ClientId attribute of RemoteWebApplication to your generated ClientId
  5. Deploy the app using Visual Studio (right click on a project -> Deploy)
  6. Wait for project to be deployed. Click on "Trust it" in a browser after deployment.
  7. Open command prompt at web-app folder.
  8. Run npm install
  9. Run npm run start. Wait for a while and you will see the server is started and message Listening on port 44355.
  10. Open your SharePoint site and click on the app. You will be redirected to the app home page.

How does it work

When you click on the app in SharePoint, you get redirected to auth/sharepoint/appredirect. The app extracts host url, creates a hash and stores it in Mongo. The the user is get authenticated. Authentication related data is stored inside session, the user information like login name and email are stored inside Mongo.

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