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Customize your SharePoint Column or View Formatting JSON using full-featured editor instead of default one.
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SP Formatter


SP Formatter editor features:

  • Live Preview as you type (no need to click "Preview" button)
  • Intellisense (suggestions) based on Column or View formatting schema, CSS styles and custom values
  • JSON validation with error messages in the editor
  • Help tooltips for JSON properties
  • Color highlights
  • Line numbers, brace matching, collapsible regions
  • Hotkeys: search, replace, format document, go to line and more (read more on hotkeys further below)
  • Easily switch between default and enhanced editor

Supported platforms:

  • SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint 2019

Some useful HOT KEYS:

  • CTRL + F: Search
  • CTRL + Space: Explicitly request suggestions
  • CTRL + G: Go to line
  • SHIFT + ALT + F: Format document
  • F1: Show command palette
    ... and some others available in VSCode's monaco editor.
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