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Course Ethics, Law & Profession of Computer Science / Ética, Legislación y Profesión de la Informática

Intro & Method

  • This repository compiles information from the course encoded "ELP" from the Faculty of Computer Science at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. This course is a 1-semester 6 ECTS-credits mandatory course for 4 CS majors, that has been taught every year since 2012.
  • It follows highly participatory and experimental methodologies. You may find additional information on the course activities in its wiki, mostly self-maintained by the ELP students, in (in Spanish)
  • The course is taught with a very participatory approach, inspired by grassroots facilitation. Students are encouraged to participate and own the course, taking decisions that affect themselves, such as which content to get deeper or skip, or changes in their own evaluation.


  • The official simplified syllabus is provided in PDF.
  • The contents of the repository will especially be compilations of links by topic. The links are curated to incentivize important insights and trigger debate. The links are in general easy-to-digest materials (e.g. news, short videos, infographs, comics) that communicate appropriately ideas, instead of dense articles or books (which many of my CS students won't read).
  • The repository will also compile some open-licensed books related to the course.
  • Nowadays, the compilation is in Spanish, that is, the link descriptions are in Spanish although most links are English materials. I expect to progressively translate it to English

License & Authorship

All contents are released as CC BY 4.0 International, as better specified in the file.

Unless otherwise specified, this repository has the contents from the Associate Professor Samer Hassan, one of the teachers of the ELP course. Again, this is better specified in LICENSE. .

Issues & Contributions

Please feel free to leave requests or bug reports in this repository's issue tracker. I will also welcome pull-requests and any sort of contributions.