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Assets 2

Compter version 0.2 adds a number of new useful functions to the

  • You can now calculate frequencies rather than enrichments by
    setting the --background option to 'none'

  • You can choose to not cluster the columns of the plot by setting
    the --nogroup option

  • You can output to svg instead of png by setting the --svg option

NOTE: There is a bug in older versions of R which means the --svg
option may crash R on some platforms. If compter fails when using
--svg put works when outputting PNG files then try updating to
R >=3.4.0 to fix this.

Also note that for large datasets the size of SVG files produced
by the program might be quite large (many megabytes). There's not
much we can do about this - there are a lot of objects to draw and
SVG is a chatty language.