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Add /dev/shm to test sandbox.

New bazel didn't mount it by default.
Ideally, we'd want to use $TEST_TMPDIR the same way we do for bridge_dirs,
but boost interprocess shm doesn't seem to be relocatable.

Change-Id: Ibb57ba98c6febbc28492c91c644e950504b459d0
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s-kanev committed May 10, 2016
1 parent 82e1534 commit 4b8d756d0a9f9ca28b262d4f9c1faee51933799a
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@@ -2,3 +2,4 @@ build --compilation_mode "opt"
build --cpu "k8"
build --dynamic_mode "off"
build --crosstool_top "//tools_local/cpp:toolchain"
+test --sandbox_add_path "/dev/shm"

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