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import asyncio
import logging
LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class MPDClient:
Simple async MPD client
Work in progress: first draft
MPD protocol documentation:
def __init__(self, host: str, port: int=6600, loop=None):
self._host = host # type: str
self._port = port # type: int
self._loop = loop
self._reader = None # type: asyncio.StreamReader
self._writer = None # type: asyncio.StreamWriter
self._status = None # FIXME: specify type
self._socket_write_lock = asyncio.Lock(loop=self._loop)
self._idling_enabled = False
self._idling = False
def status(self):
return self._status
async def connect(self):
LOGGER.debug("Establishing connection: %s, %s", self._host, self._port)
self._reader, self._writer = await asyncio.open_connection(
host=self._host, port=self._port, loop=self._loop
data = await self._read_data()
if data.startswith(b"OK"):
LOGGER.debug("Established, server answer: %s", data)
raise Exception("Failed to establish connection") # FIXME: choose proper exception type
def _prepare_command(command: str) -> bytes:
terminated_command = "{0}\n".format(command)
return terminated_command.encode(encoding='utf-8')
def _send_command(self, command: str):
assert self._writer is not None
async def _read_data(self):
assert self._reader is not None
# return await # hangs here
return await # works as expected, but is doubtful
async def send_command(self, command: str):
async with self._socket_write_lock:
await self._exit_idle()
print("Sending command...")
print("Reading data...")
data = await self._read_data()
print("Reading finished")
await self._enter_idle()
if data.startswith(b"ACK"):
raise Exception("Failed to execute command") # FIXME: choose proper Exception type
assert data.endswith(b'OK\n')
return data
async def _enter_idle(self): # FIXME: consider using of context manager
if self._idling_enabled:
self._idling = True
async with self._socket_write_lock:
async def _exit_idle(self): # FIXME: consider using of context manager
if self._idling:
self._idling = False
async with self._socket_write_lock:
async def _status_updater(self):
# FIXME: rewrite this function
self._idling_enabled = True
while True:
data = await self._read_data()
# FIXME: add data checking
# idle exited here
self._idling = False
# FIXME: Unreachable code
self._idling_enabled = False
async def _request_status(self):
return await self.send_command("status")
async def _update_status(self):
self._status = await self._request_status()