a 3D / 2D Lasercutter friendly Box-Design for two Breadboards
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a 3D designed / 2D Lasercutter friendly Box-Design for one up to three Breadboards

3d preview finished box detail clamp detail connectors full step file: BreadBoardBox.step

all sides are build from two 4mm wood sheets - so wall-thickness is 8mm. with this its possible that all screw-heads are hidden in the thickness of the outer sheet.

the 3d model is designed in FreeCAD.
the file is partly 'automated'

all parts needed to be cut are in the export folder.
for some of the parts there are RDWorks plf files..

after this first do a try fit puzzle. so you know that all is fine.. then you can glue them together. and finaly sand the box and eventually finish with oil or similar..

Breadboard measurements:

PR = Power-Rail
IC = section for chips/parts

  • PR-IC-PR 54mm
  • PR-IC-PR-IC-PR 99,5mm
  • PR-IC-PR-IC-PR-IC-PR 144mm

165mm length 10mm height


all Software in this repository is license under MIT License (see LICENSE file)

all HW / Design files are licensed as CC-BY

Creative Commons License
LEDBoard_Layout_Sun by Stefan Krüger (s-light) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License .