Explore the emulator

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This page is oudated. Just type "help" and press enter when the operating finished booting, You will see a menu and a list of several programs, which are available

First wait until the operating system finished booting. Then press enter.

Image with graphic demos

Get information about the system

To know what you are running, type the following command:

# uname -a

More detailed information can be retrieved from the /proc filesystem.

# cat /proc/cpuinfo

shows the details about the cpu.

# top

shows all running processes. Stop this program by pressing q.

Fun with the framebuffer

First try to find out the details about the framebuffer by the software fbset. There is a graphic demo demo available called fbdemo. Close the program by pressing CTRL+c. You can fill the buffer manually with random data by executing

# dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/fb0

There are some demos available from the directfb package. Try

  • df_neo
  • df_andi
  • df_texture
  • df_matrix
  • df_knuckles
  • ts_test (you should check the touchscreen support)
  • df_window
  • df_dok

Close the programs by pressing CTRL+c

Terminal Demos

Enter worm, rain, xmas or firework Close the programs by pressing CTRL+c

Play games

Some games are available. Try

  • hanoi
  • bs
  • knight

Close the program by pressing CTRL+c

Use the arbitrary precision calculator

By executing bc -l you can open a calculator.

2^1000     # to calculate a big power or
4*a(1)     # to calculate Pi.

Play Monkey Island

Yes, by accessing the demo website you have downloaded the LucasArts adventure Monkey Island. But don't worry it is just the demo. You can run it by using the command scummvm and then pressing start. You have to wait a while until you can play.

Destroy the system

Ever wanted to see what happens if you execute rm -rf /? Try it in the emulator. It's safe.

Restore the system

Hold on, that's not the end of the world. Some built in bash commands are still working like echo, pwd or set. By writing some scripts you can restore some tools like ls and cat. Take a look at http://lambdaops.com/rm-rf-remains

Image with the Gnu C compiler

Compile "hello world" program

Just type gcc hello.c -o hello. After a few seconds, the compilation finished any can run the program vie ./hello There are several text editors available like nano, joe and vi

Compile framebuffer demo

Just type gcc -O3 fbdemo.c -o fbdemo to compile the fbdemo which is the same as in the first image.

Compile Frotz to run a little text adventure

cd text_adventure cd frotz-2.43d make (wait around 10 minutes) make install cd .. frotz 905.z5 You can finish the text adventure within 15-30 minutes.

Image with X11

glxgears is already running when the X server is started. You an start xeyes and xterm by pressing somewhere on the white background.

Image with Wayland

There is not so much to do. Three programs are available which you can start by pressing the icons on top.

Image with network tools

During the boot process, you are connected to another server which gives you access to the internet. If you cannot retrieve an ip address restart the whole website. There seems to be a timeout for websocket connections.

Open a website via links

Just in case you like browser. The image is equipped with a web browser.

Type links -g news.ycombinator.com or links -g www.google.com

Connect to another machine via telnet

Open the emulator in two different windows. You should retrieve two different ip addresses. You can check your ip address via the command ifconfig. Now telnet to the other computer telnet [other ip address]. The login name is root and the password is just blank.

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