Ludum Dare 33 - "You are the Monster"
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The Monster Within

Ludum Dare 33 - You are the Monster
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The Monster Within is a 2d top-down action game. Your primary goal is to eliminate as many enemies (red) as possible, without harming civilians. However your inner Monster is unleashed as soon as you kill someone, rendering you unable to differentiate between friends and foes - all you see are lives ready to be taken.

There are two scores, one for killing enemies, and one for killing humans. Will you triumph over your inner monster?


  • LMB - Punch
  • RMB - Charge up / lunge (release) (EAST mode)​
  • WASD - move around



built using the LÖVE framework (zlib license) and the following libraries, all of which are licensed under the MIT license by their respective authors: