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OnionScan 0.2

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@s-rah s-rah released this 30 Oct 00:16
· 8 commits to master since this release

There are many exciting new features in this release:

  • New Protocol Scanning; including Bitcoin, XMPP, TLS and VNC
  • New Identity Correlations including: Google Analytic IDs, PGP Identities, Bitcoin Addresses and TLS Certificates.
  • More efficient web page scanning.
  • Configurable and custom scan configurations - allowing you to dissect each site to gather new intelligence.
  • A brand new Correlation Lab web interface allowing you to dissect the results from thousands of scans and hundreds of thousands of correlations.

The 0.2 version is no accident, this is just the start of many new improvements to OnionScan coming in the next months.

This release is the culmanation of months of effort by many people. In particular I would like to thank @laanwj for greatly improving many aspects of OnionScan most notably adding functionality to extract information from
mutliple cryptocurrency clients, including Bitcoin and Litcoin - as well as making significant improvements to testing.

Thank you to @nogoegst, @mapmeld, @dballard, @sainslie, @antoniaklja and others who have contributed ideas, comments and bug reports. OnionScan could not exist without you.

Please continue to submit issues, bugs and feature ideas so we can make OnionScan
the best Dark Web Investigations tool.

Thank you,