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COMP301 - MINIX: Adding subscriptions to the IPC
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301 Assignment

Inter-process Communication Subscription Server

TODO: Put something here. Or not, it doesn't matter

How to: git

Basic Commands

New Branch

git checkout -b <branch name>

Leave off the -b to just switch branches


git checkout <branch to merge into>

git merge <branch you are merging> --no-ff

The --no-ff makes commit network graphs look nicer.

Merge Conflicts

git will tell you which files had conflicts. Open those up, and find the area that looks like

<<<<<<< HEAD
some stuff
goes here
other stuff
will be
right here
>>>>>>> name of branch you merged

The top part is the code in the original branch, The bottom part is the code from the branch you merged into it.

To resolve the merge conflict: edit the file (usually picking the top or the bottom, and deleting the other, although you can do anything), make sure to remove the lines git added in, save, and commit. Done!

Really, that's it. Merge conflicts aren't that scary after all.

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