Pinterest like responsive masonry grid system for angular
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Pinterest like responsive masonry grid system for angular


  • Complete responsive, figures out columns and width to completely fit the container based on options provided and container width.
  • Animation support on enter or leave of grid items, sorting or resizing using ngAnimate module and css animation.
  • Support any grid system (bootstrap, foundation) for number of columns, grid and gutter width.
  • Perfect handeling of image load.
  • Support left to right or right to left placement of grids.
  • Keeps a watch on list model and options to reflect the changes instantly.

Demo url :

Documentation url :

##Updates ###Release 0.6.0 : UMD Support Added

Released on npm

npm install angulargrid --save

###Release 0.5.0 (Major Enhancements) :

  1. Implemented #14 (Performant scroll)
  • Added agPerformantScroll options, if enabled non visible element (from viewport) will be removed, and there watchers will be disabled.
  1. Implemented #31
  • Added infinite scroll feature.
  1. agular-grid-id and angular-grid-options deprecated, use ag-id and ag-options instead.

  2. Added namespace "ag" on all options (ex : ag-grid-width) to avoid directive name conflict. Older options are deprecated. Note: This is only on templates, inside agOptions you must give options without ag namespace (ex : gridWidth);

###Release 0.4.0 (Major Enhancements) :

  1. Implemented #9
  • Support bootstrap or any grid system, enable cssGrid option to true, and then plugin will listen grid system (All items need to be of same grid style)
  1. Implemented #10
  • Added direction option which handle direction of grid placement. Default to "ltor" . You can also define "rtol" if you want grid to be placed from right to left.
  1. Implemented #12, #13
  • Added gridNo option to define no of grids at a particular time . (If gridNo is defined plugin does not consider gridWidth option)
  • All options are now dynamic, which can be changed after initialization
  • Added angularGridOptions attribute so that options can be given as single object, or can be defined on controller.
  1. Destroying instance and unbinding events on destroy of scope.