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A Python application that prints Instagram photos.
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A Python application that searchs and prints(soon) Instagram photos with the given hashtag.

Application first connects to Instagram Api and fetchs matched photo datas.

Then clones the template main.html and replaces tags with returning data from Api.

##Installation and Run

$ git clone git:// ~/InstagramPrinter
$ cd ~/InstagramPrinter
$ python


Classes: (Core python files) : Handles Instagram Api connection and generates html files.

Output: (Public data)

assets : Contains css and font files.
templates : Contains original templates.
views : Contains generated views. Generated views will be in the folder for e.g views/#InstagramPrinter

##Configuration (config.yaml)
accessToken : Instagram api access token.
searchHashtag : Hashtag to search. Default:InstagramPrinter
delayTime : Delay time between each api request. Default: 30(seconds)
pageTitle : Page title of generated html file. Default: InstagramPrinter
templateFileName : Name of template file. Default: main.html

##View Template Tags:

{$title} : Page Title
{$photoUrl} : Url of photo
{$photoWidth} : Width of photo
{$photoHeight} : Height of photo
{$postOwnerAvatar} : Avatar of post owner
{$postOwner} : Screen username of post owner
{$postDate} : Create date of post
{$likes} : People who likes this post
{$comments} .. {/$comments} : Comments block
{$commentOwnerAvatar} : Avatar of owner of any comment
{$commentOwner} : Screen username of owner of any comment
{$commentText} : Text of comment

##Screen Shots

View Screen Shot

##TO-DO ->Log files.

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