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HTTP parameter discovery suite.
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HTTP Parameter Discovery Suite



Web applications use parameters (or queries) to accept user input, take the following example into consideration

This URL seems to load user information for a specific user id, but what if there exists a parameter named admin which when set to True makes the endpoint provide more information about the user?
This is what Arjun does, it finds valid HTTP parameters with a huge default dictionary of 25,980 parameter names.

The best part? It takes less than 30 seconds to go through this huge list while making just 30-35 requests to the target.
Want to know how Arjun does that? Here's how.


  • Multi-threading
  • Thorough detection
  • GET/POST/JSON methods supported
  • A typical scan takes 30 seconds
  • Regex powered heuristic scanning
  • Huge list of 25,980 parameter names
  • Makes just 30-35 requests to the target

Note: Arjun doesn't work with python < 3.4

How to use Arjun?

A detailed usage guide is available on Usage section of the Wiki.
An index of options is given below:


The parameter names are taken from @SecLists.

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