Comparing XSStrike with other XSS Scanners

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I brought the best one in each category

  • KNOXSS: Best paid XSS scanner.
  • xsscrapy: Best xss crawler because it uses context analysis to detect XSS.
  • Shuriken: Best payload bruteforcer because it has a browser engine for zero false positive scanning.
KNOXSS XSStrike xsscrapy Shuriken
Browser Extension Yes No No No
Free No Yes Yes Yes
Crawling No Yes Yes No
Blind XSS Yes Yes No No
DOM XSS Yes Yes No No
URL rewriting support Yes Yes No Yes
Sends your cookies to an external server Yes No No No
Context Analysis Maybe Yes Yes No
Parameter Discovery Yes Yes No No
Custom payloads No Yes No Yes
Zero false positives Yes Yes No Yes
Supports payload encoding No Yes No No
JSON data support No Yes No No
Basic SQLi detection Yes No Yes No
Fuzzing support No Yes No No
WAF detection No Yes No No
Custom cookie support Yes Yes Yes No
Custom HTTP headers support Yes Yes No No
Proxy support No Yes No No
Customizable No Yes Yes* Yes*
Total Score 9 17 7 4


I tested the tools against this comprehensive XSS testbed and here are the results:

KNOXSS XSStrike xsscapy Shuriken
Reflected 34/48 37/48 34/48 -
URL Based DOM 1/26 21/26 - -
DOM 1/44 44/44 - -
Address DOM 5/29 21/29 - -
Note: Shuriken is payload bruteforcer so it's success rate depends on the payload list supplied to so we aren't counting it and xsscrapy doesn't scan for DOM XSS.
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