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Nano is a family of PHP web shells which are code golfed for stealth.
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Nano is a family of PHP webshells which are code golfed to be extremely stealthy and efficient.
Put it on watch maybe, I will continue to upload more webshells in here.




  • 35 bytes in size
  • Can't be detected by static code scanners
  • Supports authentication


f is for function
c is for command
p is for password

For example, the code below will execute the ls command:




  • 93 bytes in size
  • Fully Undetectable


This one a bit complex.
Lets say you want to run system(ls) so write it as system~ls and then base64 encode it i.e. c3lzdGVtKGxzKQ==
Now add any 1 character at the start of it. Let say 'x' so it will be xc3lzdGVtKGxzKQ==
Now open your terminal and type the following command
curl -H 'x: xc3lzdGVtKGxzKQ=='
Too much work? You can use the handler instead.


Everything Else

This is my first php thingy so if there's way to do what I did in a better way please let me know or open a pull request.
The nano project is licensed under MIT license which basically means you have to give me credit if you want to redistribute or modify it.

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