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DNS caching for humans
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Velocity is an elegant DNS caching library for Python. It intercepts all the DNS/Protocol resolution calls and caches them. That's it, everything that makes network connections gets a performance boost.

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The recommended way to install velocity is by using pip as follows:

pip install velocity

Getting started

Velocity just needs to be imported to be activated. For example, the following program will start using cached DNS responses after the first request.

import requests
import velocity

for i in range(10):

Important: If you are using threads, consider caching the hostnames manually to prevent the database getting affected from race conditions.

Managing local cache

The cache can be stored locally. None of the following methods return anything or take arguments, just call them at will.

import velocity

velocity.flush_db()  # deletes the local cache
velocity.save_db()   # saves the in-memory cache locally
velocity.load_db()   # loads the local cache into memory

Manually caching hostnames

A hostname can be cached manually as follows:

import velocity


Note: IPv6 address are mapped to IPv4 addresses by default, which shouldn't be a problem. To avoid this behaviour and use IPv6 address instead, add an reachable port number as velocity.cache(hostname, port)

Accessing database

In-memory cache databases can be accessed with their respective variable names.

  • velocity.dns_cache : Contains {hostname:ip} pairs
  • velocity.addr_cache : Contains {hostname:getaddrinfo_object} pairs

Contributions & License

Feel free to report any bugs you encounter, request features, give suggestions and fix bugs.

Pull requests that do not imrpove velocity as a program will not be accepted. Such as typo fixes, adding .gitignore file, pep8 styled code structure etc.

Licensed under the GPLv3, see LICENSE for more information.

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