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Star Citizen Discord Devtracker (SC-Devtracker) [DEPRECATED]


A simple RSS/Discord Webhook connector written in Python 3.

SC Devtracker Discord Embed Scpectrum SC Devtracker Discord Embed Reddit


The RSS Feed from Developer Tracker is feeding posts whenever a Star Citizen developer post anything on Spectrum or the Star Citizen Subreddit.

SC-Devtracker monitors that feed, parse the latest entry and then send it to the pre-configured Discord Webhook.


  • Python 3.7[1]

SC-Devtracker needs the following python packages to work properly:

  • configparser
  • feedparser
  • requests
  • beautifulsoup4
  • six
  • emoji
  • pytz
  • python-dateutil
  • tzlocale


Clone this repository wherever you like (e.g. /opt/).

git clone
  • Install the requirements if you haven't already satisfied them:
pip install -r requirements.txt


Any Platform

Once a proper config.ini is created, simply run:

python -m sc-devtracker

Once properly started, SC-Devtracker will fetch and send the most recent entry of the RSS Feed to ensure everything is working as expected.


Run in shell:


Run as a systemd service:

Considering your installation is in /opt/sc-devtracker and the user running this unit is discord.

create a symlink of sc-devtracker.service in /etc/systemd/system/

ln -s /opt/sc-devtracker/sc-devtracker.service /etc/systemd/system/

reload systemd:

systemctl daemon-reload

enable the service and start it:

systemctl enable sc-devtracker
systemctl start sc-devtracker


Execute start.bat


Complete config-exemple.ini and then rename it to config.ini. Here's a description of what you can put there:

  • feed_url: A valid RSS Feed, defaulted to the one from
  • webhook_url: A valid url pointing to a discord webhook. This is what you need to complete.
  • embed_title (Optionnal): Discord message title displayed each time an embed is sent.
  • embed_color (Optionnal): A decimal color for the embed border in discord. Defaults selects a color depending on the source website (Light Blue for Spectrum, Orange for Reddit).
  • embed_footer_icon_url: Icon displayed in the footer of the discord embeds.
  • show_timezone (Optionnal): If set to Yes, it will show the timezone in UTC Format (See below). Defaults to No. Without show_timezone With show_timezone
  • fetch_delay (Optionnal): The time in seconds between each refresh of the RSS Feed. Defaults to 600 as the RSS Feed is only updated every 10 minutes.
  • locale (Optionnal): The locale used to display the published time of each entry, use the one on the host by default. Must follow the xx_XX format and must be installed on the host machine.
  • timezone (Optionnal): Desired timezone for published dates. Must be a valid pytz Timezone.

This is the content of config-sample.ini:

feed_url =

webhook_url = YOUR_WEBHOOK_URL
embed_title = New post from a SC Dev !
embed_color =
embed_footer_icon_url =
show_timezone =

fetch_delay =
locale =
timezone =

Future Feature

  • Better parsing of the HTML content by getting it directly from the source websites

Known Bugs

  • DOM coming from the RSS source maybe incorrect (Especially with lists), resulting in excessive new line in some lists after parsing.
  • Code block are not supported by the RSS feed, therefore, they will not show in the discord embed.



GNU General Public License v3.0


  • [1] python-feedparser currently needs to be updated to properly support Python 3.8.
  • [2] The version used in SC-Devtracker is an unofficial version that includes a patch for handling blocquotes properly.