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Fake SNS

Fake Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) for testing. Supports:

  • Create/List/Delete topics
  • Subscribe endpoint
  • Publish message
  • Subscription persistence
  • Integrations with (Fake-)SQS, File, HTTP, RabbitMQ, Slack



Based on the official java:8-jre-alpine image. Run it with the command:

docker run -d -p 9911:9911 s12v/sns

If you would like to keep the topic/subscription database in the current host folder:

docker run -d -p 9911:9911 -v "$PWD":/etc/sns s12v/sns

Using aws-cli

The image has aws-cli preinstalled. For example, create a topic:

docker exec <CONTAINER_ID> sh -c 'aws sns --endpoint-url http://localhost:9911 create-topic --name test1'


Download the latest release from and run:

DB_PATH=/tmp/db.json java -jar sns-0.2.0.jar

Requires Java8.


Configuration can be set via environment variables:

  • DB_PATH - path to subscription database file, default: db.json
  • HTTP_INTERFACE - interface to bind to, default:
  • HTTP_PORT - tcp port, default: 9911

Supported integrations

  • Amazon SQS: aws-sqs://queueName?amazonSQSEndpoint=...&accessKey=&secretKey=
  • RabbitMQ: rabbitmq://hostname[:port]/exchangeName[?options]
  • HTTP: http:hostName[:port][/resourceUri][?options]
  • File: file://tmp?fileName=sns1.txt
  • Slack: slack:@username?webhookUrl=

See camel documentation for more details.

Note: Environment variables can be used to specify URIs via {{env:ENV_NAME}}.

Example: aws-sqs://{{env:QUEUE_NAME}}?amazonSQSEndpoint={{env:SQS_ENDPOINT}}&...

Example fake SQS integration:

Tested with elasticmq. See example/docker-compose.yml and example/config/db.json

docker run -d -p 9911:9911 -v "$PWD/example/config":/etc/sns s12v/sns


Unit tests

sbt test

Integration tests

It's tested with AWS Ruby and PHP SDKs. Start elasticmq for SQS integration tests with

docker run -d -p 9324:9324 s12v/elasticmq

Ruby SDK tests:

bundle install
ENDPOINT=http://localhost:9911 bundle exec cucumber

PHP SDK tests:

composer install
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