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An Android dlmalloc visualization tool
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This is a gdb plugin which can be used to visualize the dlmalloc heap.

It has been tested on 32bit android processes.


Make sure that you have libc shared library loaded correctly in gdb.

Grab the libs from the device:

mkdir -p device_root/system
cd device_root/system
adb pull /system/lib .

Now set the solib search path in gdb:

gdb> set solib-search-path /path/to/device_root/system/lib

Now load shade:

gdb> source /path/to/shade/

You can now parse the heap using dlparse. You need to do this each time you land at a breakpoint etc. so that you have fresh data structures.

You can then use the dl* commands. Read the source to see what's available.

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