Kotlin + TornadoFX + OpenCV = Fun
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Kotlin + TornadoFX + OpenCV = Fun


A few years ago I came up with a funny project idea which involves some GUI programming combined with some computer vision algorithms. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time back then to get started with the project and forgot about it.

Right now I'm learning Kotlin and some time ago I discovered TornadoFX, a JavaFX framework for Kotlin.

Since it's possible to write OpenCV applications which integrate with JavaFX, and Kotlin seamlessly integrates with Java, I've been eager to try to write some image processing code with Java OpenCV and TornadoFX.

While I made my first steps, I suddenly remembered my old project idea and decided to pick it up again.

Currently this is in a very, very early stage and basically just has been set up.


A mvn clean package will download all dependencies (including OpenCV JAR and native library for macOS). The native library will be unpacked to target/lib and the maven-assembly plugin will create a fat-JAR including the Kotlin standard library.


To run the standalone JAR you'll have to specify the path of the native library:

java -Djava.library.path=target/lib -jar target/tornadoCV-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar