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S-Commerce: e-commerce platform

S-commerce is a web e-commerce platform based on PHP, MongoDB, JQuery and HTML5 localstorage
This is a nigthly version and could be buggy.

Live demo: S-Commerce Live Demo

Author contact:

S-Commerce: the project description

Project structure:

enter image description here

The main site:
index.php - The main site with product listing and search function (by title or description) .
account.php - There is processed the information about account: register, login, address, orders and order details.
cart.php - Contains the products added in shopping cart, with empty cart function, checkout functions and with informations about total cost of the products added .
db.php - Here is the connection to the database server

resources directory which contains the CSS and JavaScript files for a clean and logic structure
uploads folder which contains the products images

admin directory contains the index.php file which is responsable with adding products in database and manage_products.php a sistem which implement the CRUD functions for products.

Databse structure

enter image description here

The database contains collections as you could see.
Theese collections store the information about users, orders and products as JSON-like documents called BSON
A collection it’s like a SQL table, but because it’s on NoSQL engine it process and deliver the information faster than a SQL database.
The website database’s collections stores the following information:
users contains the username, password, e-mail address and phisical address of the user
products contains title, description, price and name of image associated with the product in order of build the image path
orders contains the user_id which has placed a order and the ids of the products separated by semicolon

All of these collections contain a unique identifier called _id in order of create the relations between them.