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NumberProgressBar for Windows Phone 8.1
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NumberProgressBar for Windows Phone 8.1

The NumberProgressBar is a bar, slim and sexy (every man wants! ).

Thanks to daimajia design this beautiful Bar.

daimajia already build it for Android and Ming-zhe build it for IOS. So as beginner of Windows Phone 8.1 I decide build it for wp8.1. Hope I could learn more about wp8.1 and share it for every one who want to use it.



  • You should use Visual Studio 2013 with Update 2 or later.

  • Use NuGet to add the NumberProgressBar to your Project

  • To install NumberProgressBar, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package NumberProgressBar 


  • Open Nuget from Visual Studio

  • Search "NumberProgressBar" and Install it

  • add to your project

  • Now You could find it in the "References"

  • add namespace "Song" to your code



In c#

using Song;
  • Use it and enjoy
  • Use 'Progress' not 'Value' if you want to set the Progress you should use 'Progress' property.
  • Use some Style

I also move some predesign style from daimajia. You can use them via ProgressBarStyle property.

like blow:

ProgressBarStyle="NumberProgressBar_Passing_Green" >

In the above picture, the style is :

NumberProgressBar_Default NumberProgressBar_Passing_Green NumberProgressBar_Relax_Blue NumberProgressBar_Grace_Yellow NumberProgressBar_Warning_Red NumberProgressBar_Funny_Orange NumberProgressBar_Beauty_Red NumberProgressBar_Twinkle_Night

And you could create your own Style for it.

like blow:

            <Style x:Key="NumberProgressBar_Default" TargetType="song:NumberProgressBar">
                <Setter Property="Max" Value="100" />
                <Setter Property="Progress" Value="0" />

                <Setter Property="ProgressUnreachedColor" Value="#CCCCCC"/>
                <Setter Property="ProgressReachedColor" Value="#3498DB"/>

                <Setter Property="ProgressTextSize" Value="10"/>
                <Setter Property="ProgressTextColor" Value="#3498DB" />

                <Setter Property="ProgressReachedBarHeight" Value="1.5"/>
                <Setter Property="ProgressUnreachedBarHeight" Value="0.75"/>


        <song:NumberProgressBar x:Name="song" Margin="0,60,0,0" Loaded="song_Loaded" Style="{StaticResource NumberProgressBar_Default}"></song:NumberProgressBar>

You can get more beautiful color from kular, and you can also contribute your color style to NumberProgressBar!


There are several attributes you can set:

The reached area and unreached area:

  • color
  • height

The text area:

  • color
  • text size

The bar:

  • max progress
  • current progress

About me:

A student in mainland China

Welcom to contact me.

Also welcom to offer me intership.Thanks in advances. ^_^

My blog:


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