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// Your username on GitHub
"username": "",
// Your password on GitHub
"password": "",
// Your GitHub API token
// see:
"token": "",
// Show GitHub organizations
"include_orgs": true,
// "include_orgs": ["company1", "company2"],
// Show GitHub users
"include_users": false,
// "include_users": ["user1", "user2"],
// Show the authors of Gists
"show_authors": false,
// Proxy server
// Format: "http://user:pass@proxy:port"
"https_proxy": "",
// Enterprise support
"enterprise": false,
// Github URL
// Default: Leave empty if you want to use
// Example:
"url": "",
// Max Gists to show (max 100 allowed by GitHub API)
"max_gists": 100,
// Only use starred gists
"use_starred": false
// Limit to gists with specific prefix
//"gist_prefix": "Snippet:",
// Limit to gists with specific tag (#tag)
//"gist_tag": "snippet"
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