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##577 Rhea You are your planet's last hope. Your corrupted planet explodes. You have to time-travel through blackholes with primordial essences to prevent the inevitable collapse of your home.

577 Rhea Keys
cursor keys or wasd to control ship

577 Rhea Credits

André Sier - coding, music, game design
Ferdinand Meier - 3d modeling, sound effects, game ideas
Maurício Martins - bitmaps, game ideas

a s373.net/x production in global game jam 2013 20130127


577 Rhea Download
download debut prototype at global game jam

download linux64, mac, win @ http://piantadelmondo.info/577-rhea

577 Rhea Source License
licensed under Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 version of the Creative Commons License. project source copyright (c) André Sier, 2013. All rights reserved.

how to compile 577 Rhea from the source:

- download openframeworks 0073 for your platform

- create a copy openframeworks empty example project

- replace src folder with 577 Rhea src

- compile openframeworks 577 Rhea project

http://s373.net astronaut @ s373.net