A tool to monitor snapshots on the Wayback Machine
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Watchback Machine

A tool to monitor URLs on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine for new snapshots.


The goal of this tool is to allow anyone to enter URLs to their website(s) and/or social media profiles and query the Wayback Machine for snapshots. If a new snapshot of the URL is taken, this is reflected on the tool until the user acknowledges the change.

I imagine this is helpful in a scenario where an individual feels someone is collecting digital evidence or other digital information on them and wants to be aware when their content is archived.


git clone https://github.com/s3cpat/WatchbackMachine

cd WatchbackMachine

python runserver.py

open http://localhost:5555 in browser

Add URLs or Social Media accounts using the navbar at the top. Clear data will remove all saved entries. When a change is detected (refresh home page to check), it will be marked as a change until you click "Acknowledge"


Python 2/3 tested on Windows and Linux. May work on MacOS? (If there are any issues, please report them in the issues tab).

Remember to pip install -r requirements.txt.