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Hashtopolis Wiki


In this manual and in Hashtopolis itself, we use several terms. So let's make them clear:

  • Agent: A computer running a Hashtopolis client and Hashcat doing the cracking itself.
  • Hashlist: A list of hashes saved in the database. Hashlist can be TEXT, HCCAPX or BINARY with most hashlists being the first category.
  • Task: A specific attack. Every task has a command line defining how Hashcat will be executed. Files can be assigned to a task (wordlists, rules, ...).
  • Supertask: A grouped number of subtasks. This task itself is not really a task, it just puts all the subtasks together so they can be viewed as one "whole" task.
  • Subtask: Is inside a supertask. It has the same properties like a normal task, except that it's priority is only relevant inside the supertask.
  • Keyspace: Every task has a predefined key space which says how big set of keys will be searched. Important note: They keyspace shown on the UI is NOT indicative of the ACTUAL keyspace for a particular attack. To find out more about how the keyspace value is derived please see the hashcat wiki.
  • Chunk: A chunk is a part of a keyspace assigned to a specific agent. If a chunk times out, it (or its part) will be reassigned to next free agent.
  • Group: User group which manages access to hashlists/tasks/agents. Used to apply a fine-grain access management.



If you want to migrate/upgrade from an old Hashtopolis installation, see here: Migration/Update


Note: Currently it is not recommended to use the C# client because it's not fully up-to-date with the newest features on the server.



Some specific topics or general help

Detailed Explanations

Some very detailed explanations about some parts of Hashtopolis , what the idea behind them was and how they work.

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