Getting Started

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When you start with a clean Hashtopolis install there are some steps which you need to start with to make it running without problems.

  • Configure Hashcat You need to add a Hashcat Release as Cracker which will then be automatically downloaded and used by the agents.
  • Configure Server Check if the configurations at Config -> Server applies to your needs.
  • Groups If you plan to manage multiple groups, create groups to be able to later assign users and agents to them.
  • Add files If you are planning to run tasks with wordlists/rules you need to add them in the Files section.
  • Add a hashlist You can upload your first hashlist to the Hashlist section.
  • Register an agent To register an agent, create a voucher, download the binary from the Agents -> New Agent page, run it on your computer and enter the URL to connect to the server, followed by a voucher to register the client.
  • Adjust Permissions When you added a new agent he is untrusted by default. If he should work on a task which contains files which are secret (which is default on files), you need to make the agent trusted first.
  • Start Cracking After you registered all your agents, let them run and lean back waiting for cracks ;)
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