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Semantic segmentations as the imo most interesting problem, but proper dataset is big pain in the ass, so you can use one from the listed below.

Will try to update regularly.

Semantic segmentation

Title Size About Source
Camseq2007 95MB 101 image pairs for semantic segmentation from the University of Cambridge Link
Bird's Eye View Data 3.73GB datasets are used for the computation of a semantically segmented bird's eye view (BEV) image given the images of multiple vehicle-mounted cameras Link
synthetic flood imagery for image segmentation 15.92GB 40,000 computer-generated RBG image and mask pairs of hypothetical floods in 100 areas around the globe. Link
Pixel Perfect Lips Segmentation 2.67GB 28К+ automatically annotated images. Link
Crack Segmentation Dataset 2.18GB This Dataset contains around 11.200 images that are merged from 12 available crack segmentation datasets. Link
Filtered Segmentation Person Dataset 4.76GB Dataset from Link
Plant segmentation 786.75MB A semantic segmentation dataset with several distinct plant species Link
Water Segmentation Dataset 5.35GB segmentation dataset contains water images and videos with annotations. Link
Plant semantic segmentation 1.5GB 144 images with precise plant segmentation masks Link
Fossil Segmentation Image Set 8.26GB The computational analysis applicability of paleontological images ranges from the study of animals, plants and microorganisms evolution to the simulations of the habitat that such specimens lived Link
Earth Terrain, Height, and Segmentation Map Images 3.55GB This is a dataset I compiled composed of 5000 image sets. Each set represents a random 512x512 pixel crop of the Earth and is composed of a Terrain map, a Height map, and a Segmentation map. Link
Lab2Wild apple rotting segmentation 2.5GB Apple spoiling segmentation problem in the wild without wild training data Link
Dichotomous Image Segmentation 5.75GB Highly Accurate Dichotomous Image Dataset Link
DeepGlobe Road Extraction Dataset 4.12GB In disaster zones, especially in developing countries, maps and accessibility information are crucial for crisis response. DeepGlobe Road Extraction Challenge poses the challenge of automatically extracting roads and street networks from satellite images. Link
Pretty Face 1.28GB
Cloud Cover Detection 27.76GB Cloud Segmentation, annotated from Sentinel-2 satellite data Link
Off-Road Terrain Attention Region Images 5.53GB This dataset contains 500+ images of off-road terrain and pixel-wise masks for path segmentation learning and 5000+ images with two variations of attention regions around the upcoming drivable terrain, applied using a semantic segmentation network. Link
Lab Pic Chemistry / LabPics Medical 3.63 Dataset for computer vision for autonomous chemistry labs and medical labs. Link


because I am tired of CamVid and ADE20K






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