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Redmine Wiki Syntax For Vim

A Vim syntax-highlighting file for the Redmine wiki.


If you use pathogen, simply go into the bundle directory and clone the repository in there:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone

You can also install the plugin manually by copying the syntax/redminewiki.vim file to your ~/.vim/syntax directory. If that directory does not exist, create it.


When you edit a Redmine wiki page in Vim, execute :set ft=redminewiki to select the Redmine wiki highlighting (make sure that you have enabled syntax highlighting). Alternatively, you can put the following autocommand to your .vimrc:

" Consider all .redmine files as Redmine wiki files.
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.redmine set filetype=redminewiki

where redmine is the suffix of your Redmine wiki files.

If you use the It's All Text Firefox plugin to edit textareas in Vim, you can add something along these lines to your .vimrc:

let s:opened_file_path = expand('%:p')
if s:opened_file_path =~ '\.mozilla/firefox/.*redmine'
    au BufRead,BufNewFile *.txt set filetype=redminewiki

Then, when you launch Vim to edit a Redmine page (e.g. wiki or issue), a proper file type will be selected automatically. Of course, this can be set up also for other browser plugins, such as Vimperator. You just need to adjust the regular expression matching s:opened_file_path.


This syntax file is heavily based on the textile.vim syntax file by Kornelius Kalnbach, 2006.