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Temporarily disabled MultiPart for 's3cmd sync'

sync depends on ETag == MD5 sum of the remote object
in the bucket listings. Unfortunately for multipart
uploaded objects this is not true. We need to come up
with some other way to store the MD5 sum for sync to
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mludvig committed Jan 5, 2012
1 parent 82114c5 commit d05774847e037ef7b769e2508d9aa70e524aa16e
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4 s3cmd
@@ -837,6 +837,10 @@ def cmd_sync_local2remote(args):
s3 = S3(cfg)
+ ## FIXME
+ cfg.multipart_enabled = False
+ warning(u"MultiPart: disabled for 'sync' command. Don't panic, we'll fix it!")
if cfg.encrypt:
error(u"S3cmd 'sync' doesn't yet support GPG encryption, sorry.")
error(u"Either use unconditional 's3cmd put --recursive'")

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