Bulk delete available in AWS API #15

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Just pointing out that bulk delete is now in the AWS API, haven't had time to write the code yet :


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This seems not to be implemented in 1.5.0-alpha2 yet. Would be handy in the sync --delete case certainly. @tommeier are you interested in submitting a patch?



Hi @mdomsch , would love too, but I honestly have no time at the moment with switching jobs... :( Also not using S3cmd in latest project (which is a shame).



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Fixed in patches between:
commit e0dfb66
Author: Vasileios Mitrousis vamitrou@gmail.com
Date: Mon Mar 3 19:52:37 2014 +0100

batch_delete fixed, subcmd_batch_del() added and replaced _do_deletes()

commit addb152
Author: Matt Domsch matt@domsch.com
Date: Sun Apr 20 21:20:53 2014 -0500

batch_mode-ectomy to fix recursive bucket_list
@mdomsch mdomsch closed this Apr 25, 2014
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