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Add --delay-updates to sync command #33

mdomsch opened this Issue February 29, 2012 · 4 comments

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Matt Domsch ryanlim daub815
Matt Domsch

Similar to --delete-after, --delay-updates pushes changed files into place after uploading new content, and before deleting removed content. In this way there is a minimal amount of time when a yum or deb repository is in an inconsistent state on disk.


I use my fork of s3cmd to sync my backups to S3. It requires the sync to complete or never at all. Does this my fork/commit work?


Matt Domsch

See pull request #34.

Matt Domsch

ryanlim: I like your approach too. rsync uses a upload-to-temp-file-and-rename scheme for all of its files. The trick in the combination of the two is to order the (many) renames such that updated files get renamed last. My patch affects the upload order only. Your patch, if it could take into account setting the rename order, would then be the best of both worlds.


This was merged with #34, so this can be closed.

Matt Domsch mdomsch closed this March 08, 2013
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