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t3rm1n4l commented Nov 6, 2011

I have developed parallel multipart upload and download support for s3cmd.

We can enable the parallel upload and download using the following configuration.
parallel_multipart_download = False
parallel_multipart_upload = False
parallel_multipart_download_threads = 5
parallel_multipart_upload_threads = 5
parallel_multipart_download_count = 5
parallel_multipart_upload_count = 5

Please merge my changes to the s3cmd

Looking into your review comments.

Sarath Lakshman

t3rm1n4l added some commits Oct 19, 2011

Adding changes to `recv_file` to support partial file download by spe…
…cifying start-position and end-position in bytes
Added `concat_files()` function
A function that takes destination file handle and list of source file handles, concatenate source files data and write into destination file
Added `object_multipart_get()` function
* object_multipart_get() - Download a file from s3 by parallel download of multiple split files using Worker thread pool, merge split files and perform md5 checksum verification
* Added new parameters in Config to specify worker thread numbers, file split count and to toggle parallel split download on and off
Cleanup handlers for temporary files and disk usage improvement to co…
…ncat_files() method to readily remove split files once data is read.
Added multipart upload support. Multipart upload can be enabled by a…
…dding parallel_multipart_upload = True in config file
Added exit_status for s3cmd program
s3cmd does not return valid exit status codes. Hence it is unable to identify whether the program succeeded or failed (with cause of failure)
This commit adds exit status for s3cmd sync upload, sync download, get and put operations
Added separate config parameters for thread limit and split count wrt…
… to download and upload

added download config parameters parallel_multipart_download_threads (thread count), parallel_multipart_download_count (split count)
added upload config parameters parallel_multipart_upload_threads (thread count), parallel_multipart_upload_count (split count)

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t3rm1n4l Nov 6, 2011

There is bug in the code for exit_status definition. I am closing this pull and sending another pull request

t3rm1n4l commented Nov 6, 2011

There is bug in the code for exit_status definition. I am closing this pull and sending another pull request

@t3rm1n4l t3rm1n4l closed this Nov 6, 2011

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