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Upload file from stdin #38

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This adds the ability to put a file from stdin using the following command syntax:


Unfortunately, the only way that I could find to do this without major refactoring is to buffer the entire chunk from stdin, so it may be a good idea to override the configured chunk size to the minimum 5MB. This is the first time I've written any python, so if you have any suggestions to improve this, they're more than welcome.


Amazing stuff. This works in practice for me. :+1:

e2 commented

I started implementing until I found this. Fantastic. Thanks!


I've pulled this (econnell/master) branch into a merge branch in my tree. Hopefully that'll help with an official upstream merge down the line...


In my merge branch, self.chunk_size was getting set a little too late, leading to a traceback reading it. I've moved that up now.

@mludvig mludvig merged commit 3677935 into from
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Commits on Jun 11, 2012
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    Merge pull request #1 from tomwilkie/master

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    Make it work on python2.4 again
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