Add command line options for AWS access key and secret key #54

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I'd like to be able to run s3cmd without having to configure the entire application, This pull adds the appropriate options.

Based on this suggestion:

@mludvig mludvig merged commit 5b432a5 into s3tools:master Feb 19, 2013

This feature doesn't seem to work. Using 1.5.0-alpha3, executing a the command similar to the example below resulted in an error due to the configuration file not being present. If these parameters are being passed on the command line, the file should not be required.

$ s3cmd --access_key=xxx --secret_key=yyy get s3://file-path.txt
ERROR: /home/ec2-user/.s3cfg: None
ERROR: Configuration file not available.
ERROR: Consider using --configure parameter to create one.

$ s3cmd --version
s3cmd version 1.5.0-alpha3

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