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Added command to set bucket access policy #55

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Opening this to get feedback on adding bucket access policy support to s3cmd. Would like to also add delete and list commands, plus some built-in policies (eg. public-read) to make it easier to set them. Thoughts?


Hi, I submitted this a month ago. Any comments? Anything I can do to get it pulled in soon? Thanks!

@mludvig mludvig merged commit dd42774 into from
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Commits on Jun 9, 2012
  1. @joefiorini
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  1. +11 −0 S3/
  2. +13 −0 s3cmd
11 S3/
@@ -456,6 +456,17 @@ def set_acl(self, uri, acl):
response = self.send_request(request, body)
return response
+ def set_policy(self, uri, policy):
+ if uri.has_object():
+ request = self.create_request("OBJECT_PUT", uri = uri, extra = "?policy")
+ else:
+ request = self.create_request("BUCKET_CREATE", bucket = uri.bucket(), extra = "?policy")
+ body = str(policy)
+ debug(u"set_policy(%s): policy-json: %s" % (uri, body))
+ response = self.send_request(request, body)
+ return response
def get_accesslog(self, uri):
request = self.create_request("BUCKET_LIST", bucket = uri.bucket(), extra = "?logging")
response = self.send_request(request)
13 s3cmd
@@ -1051,6 +1051,18 @@ def cmd_setacl(args):
uri = S3Uri(remote_list[key]['object_uri_str'])
_update_acl(uri, seq_label)
+def cmd_setpolicy(args):
+ s3 = S3(cfg)
+ uri = args.pop(0)
+ bucket_uri = S3Uri(uri)
+ if bucket_uri.object():
+ raise ParameterError("Only bucket name is required for [setpolicy] command")
+ policy = args.pop()
+ info("Setting access policy for bucket %s to:\n\n%s" % (bucket_uri.uri(), policy))
+ response = s3.set_policy(bucket_uri, policy)
+ if response['status'] == 204:
+ output(u"%s: Policy updated" % uri)
def cmd_accesslog(args):
s3 = S3(cfg)
bucket_uri = S3Uri(args.pop())
@@ -1392,6 +1404,7 @@ def get_commands_list():
{"cmd":"cp", "label":"Copy object", "param":"s3://BUCKET1/OBJECT1 s3://BUCKET2[/OBJECT2]", "func":cmd_cp, "argc":2},
{"cmd":"mv", "label":"Move object", "param":"s3://BUCKET1/OBJECT1 s3://BUCKET2[/OBJECT2]", "func":cmd_mv, "argc":2},
{"cmd":"setacl", "label":"Modify Access control list for Bucket or Files", "param":"s3://BUCKET[/OBJECT]", "func":cmd_setacl, "argc":1},
+ {"cmd":"setpolicy", "label":"Set an access policy for a bucket", "param":"s3://BUCKET POLICY_STRING", "func":cmd_setpolicy, "argc":2},
{"cmd":"accesslog", "label":"Enable/disable bucket access logging", "param":"s3://BUCKET", "func":cmd_accesslog, "argc":1},
{"cmd":"sign", "label":"Sign arbitrary string using the secret key", "param":"STRING-TO-SIGN", "func":cmd_sign, "argc":1},
{"cmd":"fixbucket", "label":"Fix invalid file names in a bucket", "param":"s3://BUCKET[/PREFIX]", "func":cmd_fixbucket, "argc":1},
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