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Copy hardlinks #58

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mdomsch commented Jun 18, 2012

The top changes in this request add duplicate file / hardlink recognition, and avoids transfers when a file already exists at the destination we can use to perform copies upon. This branch also includes my previous pull requests adding --delay-updates, --delete-after, and Apply excludes/includes at local os.walk() time.

This is in production in Fedora Infrastructure, pushing content to several S3 mirrors (one per region).

mdomsch added some commits Feb 24, 2012
@mdomsch mdomsch Apply excludes/includes at local os.walk() time 2e4769e
@mdomsch mdomsch add --delete-after option for sync 3b3727d
@mdomsch mdomsch add more --delete-after to sync variations 5ca02bd
@mdomsch mdomsch Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into merge b40aa2a
@mdomsch mdomsch Merge branch 'delete-after' into merge 598402b
@mdomsch mdomsch add Config.delete_after b62ce58
@mdomsch mdomsch Merge branch 'delete-after' into merge e1fe732
@mdomsch mdomsch fix os.walk() exclusions for new upstream code 1eaad64
@mdomsch mdomsch Merge branch 'master' into merge ad1f8cc
@mdomsch mdomsch add --delay-updates option c42c3f2
@mdomsch mdomsch finish merge 2dfe4a6
@mdomsch mdomsch Handle hardlinks and duplicate files
Minimize uploads in sync local->remote by looking for existing same
files elsewhere in remote destination and do an S3 COPY command
instead of uploading the file again.

We now store the (locally generated) md5 of the file in the
x-amz-meta-s3cmd-attrs metadata, because we can't count on the ETag
being correct due to multipart uploads.  Use this value if it's

This also reduces the number of local stat() calls made by
recording more useful information during the inital
os.walk().  This cuts the number of stat()s in half.
@mdomsch mdomsch hardlink/copy fix
If remote doesn't have any copies of the file, we transfer one
instance first, then copy thereafter.  But we were dereferencing the
destination list improperly in this case, causing a crash.  This patch
fixes the crash cleanly.
@mdomsch mdomsch remote_copy() doesn't need to know dst_list anymore cdf25f9
@mdomsch mdomsch handle remote->local transfers with local hardlink/copy if possible
Reworked some of the hardlink / same file detection code to be a
little more general purpose.  Now it can be used to detect duplicate
files on either remote or local side.

When transferring remote->local, if we already have a copy (same
md5sum) of a file locally that we would otherwise transfer, don't
transfer, but hardlink it.  Should hardlink not be avaialble (e.g. on
Windows), use shutil.copy2() instead.  This lets us avoid the second
download completely.

_get_filelist_local() grew an initial list argument.  This lets us
avoid copying / merging / updating a bunch of different lists back
into one - it starts as one list and grows.  Much cleaner (and the
fact these were separate cost me several hours of debugging to track
down why something would get set, like the by_md5 hash, only to have
it be empty shortly thereafter.
@mdomsch mdomsch fix getting uid 6d44941
s3tools member
mdomsch commented Feb 19, 2013

This was merged into 1.5.0-alpha1.

@mdomsch mdomsch closed this Feb 19, 2013
s3tools member
mdomsch commented Mar 3, 2013

For historical reference, I uploaded the Fedora EPEL tree to the Amazon S3 ap-northeast-1 (Tokyo) region overnight last night. Nearly 22GB uploaded, with another 8.7GB not uploaded due to hardlink detection. :-)

Done. Uploaded 21866691003 bytes in 50302.0 seconds, 424.52 kB/s. Copied 10775 files saving 8657911447 bytes transfer.

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