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Releases: s3tools/s3cmd


03 Oct 15:46
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  • Added "getnotification", "setnotification", and "delnotification" commands for notification policies (hrchu)
  • Added support for AWS_STS_REGIONAL_ENDPOINTS (#1218, #1228) (Johan Lanzrein)
  • Added ConnectionRefused [111] exit code to handle connection errors (Salar Nosrati-Ershad)
  • Added support for IMDSv2. Should work automatically on ec2 (Anthony Foiani)
  • Added --list-allow-unordered to list objects unordered. Only supported by Ceph based s3-compatible services (#1269) (Salar Nosrati-Ershad)
  • Fixed --exclude dir behavior for python >= 3.6 (Daniil Tararukhin)
  • Fixed Cloudfront invalidate retry issue (Yuan-Hsiang Lee)
  • Fixed 0 byte cache files crashing s3cmd (#1234) (Carlos Laviola)
  • Fixed --continue behavior for the "get" command (#1009) (Anton Ustyugov)
  • Fixed unicode issue with fixbucket (#1259)
  • Fixed CannotSendRequest and ConnectionRefusedError errors at startup (#1261)
  • Fixed error reporting for object info when the object does not exist
  • Fixed " test" to do nothing to avoid failure that could be problematic for distribution packaging (#996)
  • Improved expire command to use Rule/Filter/Prefix for LifecycleConfiguration (#1247)
  • Improved PASS/CHECK/INCLUDE/EXCLUDE debug log messages
  • Improved with python 3.9 and 3.10 support info(Ori Avtalion)
  • Many other bug fixes


27 Sep 02:24
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  • Added support for metadata modification of files bigger than 5 GiB
  • Added support for remote copy of files bigger than 5 GiB using MultiPart copy (Damian Martinez, Florent Viard)
  • Added progress info output for multipart copy and current-total info in output for cp, mv and modify
  • Added support for all special/foreign character names in object names to cp/mv/modify
  • Added support for SSL authentication (Aleksandr Chazov)
  • Added the http error 429 to the list of retryable errors (#1096)
  • Added support for listing and resuming of multipart uploads of more than 1000 parts (#346)
  • Added time based expiration for idle pool connections in order to avoid random broken pipe errors (#1114)
  • Added support for STS webidentity authentication (ie AssumeRole and AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity) (Samskeyti, Florent Viard)
  • Added support for custom headers to the mb command (#1197) (Sébastien Vajda)
  • Improved MultiPart copy to preserve acl and metadata of objects
  • Improved the server errors catching and reporting for cp/mv/modify commands
  • Improved resiliency against servers sending garbage responses (#1088, #1090, #1093)
  • Improved remote copy to have consistent copy of metadata in all cases: multipart or not, aws or not
  • Improved security by revoking public-write acl when private acl is set (#1151) (ruanzitao)
  • Improved speed when running on an EC2 instance (#1117) (Patrick Allain)
  • Reduced connection_max_age to 5s to avoid broken pipes as AWS closes https conns after around 6s (#1114)
  • Ensure that KeyboardInterrupt are always properly raised (#1089)
  • Changed sized of multipart copy chunks to 1 GiB
  • Fixed ValueError when using more than one ":" inside add_header in config file (#1087)
  • Fixed extra label issue when stdin used as source of a MultiPart upload
  • Fixed remote copy to allow changing the mime-type (ie content-type) of the new object
  • Fixed remote_copy to ensure that meta-s3cmd-attrs will be set based on the real source and not on the copy source
  • Fixed deprecation warnings due to invalid escape sequences (Karthikeyan Singaravelan)
  • Fixed getbucketinfo that was broken when the bucket lifecycle uses the filter element (Liu Lan)
  • Fixed RestoreRequest XML namespace URL (#1203) (Akete)
  • Fixed PARTIAL exit code that was not properly set when needed for object_get (#1190)
  • Fixed a possible infinite loop when a file is truncated during hashsum or upload (#1125) (Matthew Krokosz, Florent Viard)
  • Fixed report_exception wrong error when LANG env var was not set (#1113)
  • Fixed wrong wiki url in error messages (Alec Barrett)
  • Py3: Fixed an AttributeError when using the "files-from" option
  • Py3: Fixed compatibility issues due to the removal of getchildren() from ElementTree in python 3.9 (#1146, #1157, #1162, # 1182, #1210) (Ondřej Budai)
  • Py3: Fixed compatibility issues due to the removal of encodestring() in python 3.9 (#1161, #1174) (Kentaro Kaneki)
  • Fixed a crash when the AWS_ACCESS_KEY env var is set but not AWS_SECRET_KEY (#1201)
  • Cleanup of check_md5 (Riccardo Magliocchetti)
  • Removed legacy code for dreamhost that should be necessary anymore
  • Migrated CI tests to use github actions (Arnaud J)
  • Improved README with a link to (Sia Karamalegos)
  • Improved help content (Dmitrii Korostelev, Roland Van Laar)
  • Improvements for setup and build configurations
  • Many other bug fixes


07 Apr 22:34
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  • Changed size reporting using k instead of K as it a multiple of 1024 (#956)
  • Added "public_url_use_https" config to generate public url using https (#551, #666) (Jukka Nousiainen)
  • Added option to make connection pooling configurable and improvements (Arto Jantunen)
  • Added support for path-style bucket access to signurl (Zac Medico)
  • Added docker configuration and help to run test cases with multiple Python versions (Doug Crozier)
  • Relaxed limitation on special chars for --add-header key names (#1054)
  • Fixed all regions that were automatically converted to lower case (Harshavardhana)
  • Fixed size and alignment of DU and LS output reporting (#956)
  • Fixes for SignatureDoesNotMatch error when host port 80 or 443 is specified, due to stupid servers (#1059)
  • Fixed the useless retries of requests that fail because of ssl cert checks
  • Fixed a possible crash when a file disappears during cache generation (#377)
  • Fixed unicode issues with IAM (#987)
  • Fixed unicode errors with bucked Policy/CORS requests (#847) (Alex Offshore)
  • Fixed unicode issues when loading aws_credential_file (#989)
  • Fixed an issue with the tenant feature of CephRGW. Url encode bucket_name for path-style requests (#1080)
  • Fixed signature v2 always used when bucket_name had special chars (#1081)
  • Allow to use signature v4 only, even for commands without buckets specified (#1082)
  • Fixed small open file descriptor leaks.
  • Py3: Fixed hash-bang in headers to not force using python2 when setup/s3cmd/run-test scripts are executed directly.
  • Py3: Fixed unicode issues with Cloudfront (#1006)
  • Py3: Fixed http.client.RemoteDisconnected errors (#1014) (Ryan Huddleston)
  • Py3: Fixed 'dictionary changed size during iteration' error when using a cache-file (#945) (Doug Crozier)
  • Py3: Fixed the display of file sizes (Vlad Presnyak)
  • Py3: Python 3.8 compatibility fixes (Konstantin Shalygin)
  • Py2: Fixed unicode errors sometimes crashing remote2remote sync (#847)
  • Added s3cmd.egg-info to .gitignore (Philip Dubé)
  • Improved run-test script to not use hard-coded bucket names(#1066) (Doug Crozier)
  • Renamed INSTALL to and improvements (Nitro, Prabhakar Gupta)
  • Improved the restore command help (Hrchu)
  • Updated the storage-class command help with the recent aws s3 classes (#1020)
  • Fixed typo in the --continue-put help message (Pengyu Chen)
  • Fixed typo (#1062) (Tim Gates)
  • Improvements for setup and build configurations
  • Many other bug fixes


15 Jul 13:08
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  • Fixed unexpected timeouts encountered during requests or transfers due to AWS strange connection short timeouts (#941)
  • Fixed a throttle issue slowing down too much transfers in some cases (#913)
  • Added support for $AWS_PROFILE (#966) (Taras Postument)
  • Added clarification comment for the socket_timeout configuration value OS limit
  • Avoid distutils usage at runtime (Matthias Klose)
  • Python 2 compatibility: Fixed import error of which with fallback code (Gianfranco Costamagna)
  • Fixed Python 3 bytes string encoding when getting IAM credentials (Alexander Allakhverdiyev)
  • Fixed handling of config tri-state bool values (like acl_public) (Brian C. Lane)
  • Fixed V2 signature when restore command is used (Jan Kasiak)
  • Fixed setting full_control on objects with public read access (Matthew Vernon)
  • Fixed a bug when only one path is supplied with Cloudfront. (Mikael Svensson)
  • Fixed signature errors with 'modify' requests (Radek Simko)
  • Fixes #936 - Fix setacl command exception (Robert Moucha)
  • Fixes error reporting if deleting a source object failed after a move (#929)
  • Many other bug fixes (#525, #933, #940, #947, #957, #958, #960, #967)

Important info:
AWS S3 doesn't allow anymore uppercases and underscores in bucket names since march 1, 2018.


21 Oct 18:38
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  • Support for Python 3 is now stable
  • Fixed signature issues due to upper cases in hostname (#920)
  • Improved support for Minio Azure gateway (Julien Maitrehenry, Harshavardhana)
  • Added signurl_use_https option to use https prefix for signurl (Julien Recurt)
  • Fixed a lot of remaining issues and regressions for Python 3 (#922, #921, #908)
  • Fixed --configure option with Python 3
  • Fixed non string cmdline parameters being ignored
  • Windows support fixes (#922)
  • Don't force anymore to have a / on last parameter for the "modify" command (#886)
  • Removed the python3 support warning
  • Detect and report error 403 in getpolicy for info command (#894)
  • Added a specific error message when getting policy by non owner (#885)
  • Many other bug fixes (#905, #892, #890, #888, #889, #887)


26 Jun 22:26
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  • Added support for Python 3 (Shaform, Florent Viard)
  • Added getlifecycle command (Daniel Gryniewicz)
  • Added --cf-inval for invalidating multiple CF distributions (Joe Mifsud)
  • Added --limit to "ls" and "la" commands to return the specified number of objects (Masashi Ozawa)
  • Added --token-refresh and --no-token-refresh and get the access token from the environment (Marco Jakob)
  • Added --restore-priority and --restore-days for S3 Glacier (Robert Palmer)
  • Fixed requester pays header with HEAD requests (Christian Rodriguez)
  • Don't allow mv/cp of multiple files to single file (Guy Gur-Ari)
  • Generalize wildcard certificate forgiveness (Mark Titorenko)
  • Multiple fixes for SSL connections and proxies
  • Added support for HTTP 100-CONTINUE
  • Fixes for s3-like servers
  • Big cleanup and many unicode fixes
  • Many other bug fixes


20 Jan 18:17
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  • Added --host and --host-bucket
  • Added --stats
  • Fix for newer python 2.7.x SSL library updates
  • Many other bug fixes


18 Sep 04:57
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s3cmd-1.6.0 - 2015-09-18

  • Support signed URL content disposition type
  • Added 'ls -l' long listing including storage class
  • Added --limit-rate=RATE
  • Added --server-side-encryption-kms-id=KEY_ID
  • Added --storage-class=CLASS
  • Added --requester-pays, [payer] command
  • Added --[no-]check-hostname
  • Added --stop-on-error, removed --ignore-failed-copy
  • Added [setcors], [delcors] commands
  • Added support for cn-north-1 region hostname checks
  • Output strings may have changed. Scripts calling s3cmd expecting
    specific text may need to be updated.
  • HTTPS is now the default
  • Many unicode fixes
  • Many other bug fixes


18 Mar 02:17
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Tag v1.5.2