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{"_index":0,"id":12000000,"location":"gettysburg, pa, us","speaker":"abraham lincoln","time":1242799200000}
{"_index":1,"id":12000001,"speechId":12000000,"text":"Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.","time":1242799205000}
{"_index":1,"id":12000002,"speechId":12000000,"text":"Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure.","time":1242799220000}
{"_index":1,"id":12000003,"speechId":12000000,"text":"We are met on a great battlefield of that war.","time":1242799232000}
{"_index":1,"id":12000004,"speechId":12000000,"text":"We have come to dedicate a portion of that field as a final resting-place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live.","time":1242799237000}
{"_index":1,"id":12000005,"speechId":12000000,"text":"It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.","time":1242799250000}
{"_index":1,"id":12000006,"speechId":12000000,"text":"But in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this ground.","time":1242799255500}
{"_index":1,"id":12000007,"speechId":12000000,"text":"The brave men, living and dead who struggled here have consecrated it far above our poor power to add or detract.","time":1242799263500}
{"_index":1,"id":12000008,"speechId":12000000,"text":"The world will little note nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.","time":1242799274000}
{"_index":1,"id":12000009,"speechId":12000000,"text":"It is for us the living rather to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced.","time":1242799284500}
{"_index":1,"id":12000010,"speechId":12000000,"text":"It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us--that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion--that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain, that this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.","time":1242799297500}
{"_index":0,"id":14000000,"location":"washington, dc, us","speaker":"franklin delano roosevelt","time":1242799500000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000001,"speechId":14000000,"text":"President Hoover, Mr.","time":1242799505000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000002,"speechId":14000000,"text":"Chief Justice, my friends: This is a day of national consecration.","time":1242799506500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000003,"speechId":14000000,"text":"And I am certain that on this day my fellow Americans expect that on my induction into the Presidency, I will address them with a candor and a decision which the present situation of our people impels.","time":1242799512500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000004,"speechId":14000000,"text":"This is preeminently the time to speak the truth, the whole truth, frankly and boldly.","time":1242799531000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000005,"speechId":14000000,"text":"Nor need we shrink from honestly facing conditions in our country today.","time":1242799538500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000006,"speechId":14000000,"text":"This great Nation will endure, as it has endured, will revive and will prosper.","time":1242799544500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000007,"speechId":14000000,"text":"So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself -- nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.","time":1242799551500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000008,"speechId":14000000,"text":"In every dark hour of our national life, a leadership of frankness and of vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory.","time":1242799569000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000009,"speechId":14000000,"text":"And I am convinced that you will again give that support to leadership in these critical days.","time":1242799584500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000010,"speechId":14000000,"text":"In such a spirit on my part and on yours we face our common difficulties.","time":1242799593000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000011,"speechId":14000000,"text":"They concern, thank God, only material things.","time":1242799600500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000012,"speechId":14000000,"text":"Values have shrunk to fantastic levels; taxes have risen; our ability to pay has fallen; government of all kinds is faced by serious curtailment of income; the means of exchange are frozen in the currents of trade; the withered leaves of industrial enterprise lie on every side; farmers find no markets for their produce; and the savings of many years in thousands of families are gone.","time":1242799604000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000013,"speechId":14000000,"text":"More important, a host of unemployed citizens face the grim problem of existence, and an equally great number toil with little return.","time":1242799637000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000014,"speechId":14000000,"text":"Only a foolish optimist can deny the dark realities of the moment.","time":1242799648000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000015,"speechId":14000000,"text":"And yet our distress comes from no failure of substance.","time":1242799654000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000016,"speechId":14000000,"text":"We are stricken by no plague of locusts.","time":1242799659000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000017,"speechId":14000000,"text":"Compared with the perils which our forefathers conquered, because they believed and were not afraid, we have still much to be thankful for.","time":1242799663000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000018,"speechId":14000000,"text":"Nature still offers her bounty and human efforts have multiplied it.","time":1242799674500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000019,"speechId":14000000,"text":"Plenty is at our doorstep, but a generous use of it languishes in the very sight of the supply.","time":1242799680000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000020,"speechId":14000000,"text":"Primarily, this is because the rulers of the exchange of mankind's goods have failed, through their own stubbornness and their own incompetence, have admitted their failure, and have abdicated.","time":1242799689500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000021,"speechId":14000000,"text":"Practices of the unscrupulous money changers stand indicted in the court of public opinion, rejected by the hearts and minds of men.","time":1242799704000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000022,"speechId":14000000,"text":"True, they have tried.","time":1242799715000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000023,"speechId":14000000,"text":"But their efforts have been cast in the pattern of an outworn tradition.","time":1242799717000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000024,"speechId":14000000,"text":"Faced by failure of credit, they have proposed only the lending of more money.","time":1242799723500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000025,"speechId":14000000,"text":"Stripped of the lure of profit by which to induce our people to follow their false leadership, they have resorted to exhortations, pleading tearfully for restored confidence.","time":1242799730500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000026,"speechId":14000000,"text":"They only know the rules of a generation of self-seekers.","time":1242799744000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000027,"speechId":14000000,"text":"They have no vision, and when there is no vision the people perish.","time":1242799749000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000028,"speechId":14000000,"text":"Yes, the money changers have fled from their high seats in the temple of our civilization.","time":1242799755500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000029,"speechId":14000000,"text":"We may now restore that temple to the ancient truths.","time":1242799763500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000030,"speechId":14000000,"text":"The measure of that restoration lies in the extent to which we apply social values more noble than mere monetary profit.","time":1242799768500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000031,"speechId":14000000,"text":"Happiness lies not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.","time":1242799779000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000032,"speechId":14000000,"text":"The joy, the moral stimulation of work no longer must be forgotten in the mad chase of evanescent profits.","time":1242799790000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000033,"speechId":14000000,"text":"These dark days, my friends, will be worth all they cost us if they teach us that our true destiny is not to be ministered unto but to minister to ourselves, to our fellow men.","time":1242799799500}
{"_index":0,"id":16000000,"location":"washington, dc, us","speaker":"franklin delano roosevelt","time":1242799800000}
{"_index":1,"id":16000002,"speechId":16000000,"text":"Vice President, Mr.","time":1242799805500}
{"_index":1,"id":16000003,"speechId":16000000,"text":"Speaker, Members of the Senate, and of the House of Representatives: Yesterday, December 7th, 1941 -- a date which will live in infamy -- the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.","time":1242799807000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000034,"speechId":14000000,"text":"Recognition of that falsity of material wealth as the standard of success goes hand in hand with the abandonment of the false belief that public office and high political position are to be valued only by the standards of pride of place and personal profit; and there must be an end to a conduct in banking and in business which too often has given to a sacred trust the likeness of callous and selfish wrongdoing.","time":1242799817000}
{"_index":1,"id":16000004,"speechId":16000000,"text":"The United States was at peace with that nation and, at the solicitation of Japan, was still in conversation with its government and its emperor looking toward the maintenance of peace in the Pacific.","time":1242799829000}
{"_index":1,"id":16000005,"speechId":16000000,"text":"Indeed, one hour after Japanese air squadrons had commenced bombing in the American island of Oahu, the Japanese ambassador to the United States and his colleague delivered to our Secretary of State a formal reply to a recent American message.","time":1242799846000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000035,"speechId":14000000,"text":"Small wonder that confidence languishes, for it thrives only on honesty, on honor, on the sacredness of obligations, on faithful protection, and on unselfish performance; without them it cannot live.","time":1242799854500}
{"_index":1,"id":16000006,"speechId":16000000,"text":"And while this reply stated that it seemed useless to continue the existing diplomatic negotiations, it contained no threat or hint of war or of armed attack.","time":1242799866000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000036,"speechId":14000000,"text":"Restoration calls, however, not for changes in ethics alone.","time":1242799869500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000037,"speechId":14000000,"text":"This Nation is asking for action, and action now.","time":1242799874000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000038,"speechId":14000000,"text":"Our greatest primary task is to put people to work.","time":1242799878500}
{"_index":1,"id":16000007,"speechId":16000000,"text":"It will be recorded that the distance of Hawaii from Japan makes it obvious that the attack was deliberately planned many days or even weeks ago.","time":1242799879500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000039,"speechId":14000000,"text":"This is no unsolvable problem if we face it wisely and courageously.","time":1242799883500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000040,"speechId":14000000,"text":"It can be accomplished in part by direct recruiting by the Government itself, treating the task as we would treat the emergency of a war, but at the same time, through this employment, accomplishing great -- greatly needed projects to stimulate and reorganize the use of our great natural resources.","time":1242799889500}
{"_index":1,"id":16000008,"speechId":16000000,"text":"During the intervening time, the Japanese government has deliberately sought to deceive the United States by false statements and expressions of hope for continued peace.","time":1242799892500}
{"_index":1,"id":16000009,"speechId":16000000,"text":"The attack yesterday on the Hawaiian islands has caused severe damage to American naval and military forces.","time":1242799905000}
{"_index":1,"id":16000010,"speechId":16000000,"text":"I regret to tell you that very many American lives have been lost.","time":1242799913500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000041,"speechId":14000000,"text":"Hand in hand with that we must frankly recognize the overbalance of population in our industrial centers and, by engaging on a national scale in a redistribution, endeavor to provide a better use of the land for those best fitted for the land.","time":1242799914500}
{"_index":1,"id":16000011,"speechId":16000000,"text":"In addition, American ships have been reported torpedoed on the high seas between San Francisco and Honolulu.","time":1242799920000}
{"_index":1,"id":16000012,"speechId":16000000,"text":"Yesterday, the Japanese government also launched an attack against Malaya.","time":1242799928500}
{"_index":1,"id":16000013,"speechId":16000000,"text":"Last night, Japanese forces attacked Hong Kong.","time":1242799933500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000042,"speechId":14000000,"text":"Yes, the task can be helped by definite efforts to raise the values of agricultural products, and with this the power to purchase the output of our cities.","time":1242799936000}
{"_index":1,"id":16000014,"speechId":16000000,"text":"Last night, Japanese forces attacked Guam.","time":1242799937000}
{"_index":1,"id":16000015,"speechId":16000000,"text":"Last night, Japanese forces attacked the Philippine Islands.","time":1242799940000}
{"_index":1,"id":16000016,"speechId":16000000,"text":"Last night, the Japanese attacked Wake Island.","time":1242799944000}
{"_index":1,"id":16000017,"speechId":16000000,"text":"And this morning, the Japanese attacked Midway Island.","time":1242799947500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000043,"speechId":14000000,"text":"It can be helped by preventing realistically the tragedy of the growing loss through foreclosure of our small homes and our farms.","time":1242799950000}
{"_index":1,"id":16000018,"speechId":16000000,"text":"Japan has, therefore, undertaken a surprise offensive extending throughout the Pacific area.","time":1242799951500}
{"_index":1,"id":16000019,"speechId":16000000,"text":"The facts of yesterday and today speak for themselves.","time":1242799957500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000044,"speechId":14000000,"text":"It can be helped by insistence that the Federal, the State, and the local governments act forthwith on the demand that their cost be drastically reduced.","time":1242799961000}
{"_index":1,"id":16000020,"speechId":16000000,"text":"The people of the United States have already formed their opinions and well understand the implications to the very life and safety of our nation.","time":1242799962000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000045,"speechId":14000000,"text":"It can be helped by the unifying of relief activities which today are often scattered, uneconomical, unequal.","time":1242799974000}
{"_index":1,"id":16000021,"speechId":16000000,"text":"As commander in chief of the Army and Navy, I have directed that all measures be taken for our defense.","time":1242799974500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000046,"speechId":14000000,"text":"It can be helped by national planning for and supervision of all forms of transportation and of communications and other utilities that have a definitely public character.","time":1242799982500}
{"_index":1,"id":16000022,"speechId":16000000,"text":"But always will our whole nation remember the character of the onslaught against us.","time":1242799984500}
{"_index":1,"id":16000023,"speechId":16000000,"text":"No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory.","time":1242799991500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000047,"speechId":14000000,"text":"There are many ways in which it can be helped, but it can never be helped by merely talking about it.","time":1242799996000}
{"_index":1,"id":16000024,"speechId":16000000,"text":"I believe that I interpret the will of the Congress and of the people when I assert that we will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost, but will make it very certain that this form of treachery shall never again endanger us.","time":1242800004500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000048,"speechId":14000000,"text":"We must act.","time":1242800006500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000049,"speechId":14000000,"text":"We must act quickly.","time":1242800008000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000050,"speechId":14000000,"text":"And finally, in our progress towards a resumption of work, we require two safeguards against a return of the evils of the old order.","time":1242800010000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000051,"speechId":14000000,"text":"There must be a strict supervision of all banking and credits and investments.","time":1242800022000}
{"_index":1,"id":16000025,"speechId":16000000,"text":"Hostilities exist.","time":1242800026000}
{"_index":1,"id":16000026,"speechId":16000000,"text":"There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our territory, and our interests are in grave danger.","time":1242800027000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000052,"speechId":14000000,"text":"There must be an end to speculation with other people's money.","time":1242800028500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000053,"speechId":14000000,"text":"And there must be provision for an adequate but sound currency.","time":1242800034000}
{"_index":1,"id":16000027,"speechId":16000000,"text":"With confidence in our armed forces, with the unbounding determination of our people, we will gain the inevitable triumph -- so help us God.","time":1242800036500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000054,"speechId":14000000,"text":"These, my friends, are the lines of attack.","time":1242800039500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000055,"speechId":14000000,"text":"I shall presently urge upon a new Congress in special session detailed measures for their fulfillment, and I shall seek the immediate assistance of the 48 States.","time":1242800043500}
{"_index":1,"id":16000028,"speechId":16000000,"text":"I ask that the Congress declare that since the unprovoked and dastardly attack by Japan on Sunday, December 7th, 1941, a state of war has existed between the United States and the Japanese empire.","time":1242800048500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000056,"speechId":14000000,"text":"Through this program of action we address ourselves to putting our own national house in order and making income balance outgo.","time":1242800057000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000057,"speechId":14000000,"text":"Our international trade relations, though vastly important, are in point of time, and necessity, secondary to the establishment of a sound national economy.","time":1242800067500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000058,"speechId":14000000,"text":"I favor, as a practical policy, the putting of first things first.","time":1242800079000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000059,"speechId":14000000,"text":"I shall spare no effort to restore world trade by international economic readjustment; but the emergency at home cannot wait on that accomplishment.","time":1242800085000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000060,"speechId":14000000,"text":"The basic thought that guides these specific means of national recovery is not nationally -- narrowly nationalistic.","time":1242800096500}
{"_index":0,"id":18000000,"location":"houston, tx","speaker":"john f kennedy","time":1242800100000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000061,"speechId":14000000,"text":"It is the insistence, as a first consideration, upon the interdependence of the various elements in and parts of the United Statefestation of the American spirit of the pioneer.","time":1242800105000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000001,"speechId":18000000,"text":"Reverend Meza, Reverend Reck, I'm grateful for your generous invitation to state my views.","time":1242800105000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000002,"speechId":18000000,"text":"While the so-called religious issue is necessarily and properly the chief topic here tonight, I want to emphasize from the outset that I believe that we have far more critical issues in the 1960 campaign; the spread of Communist influence, until it now festers only 90 miles from the coast of Florida -- the humiliating treatment of our President and Vice President by those who no longer respect our power -- the hungry children I saw in West Virginia, the old people who cannot pay their doctors bills, the families forced to give up their farms -- an America with too many slums, with too few schools, and too late to the moon and outer space.","time":1242800112000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000062,"speechId":14000000,"text":"It is the way to recovery.","time":1242800119500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000063,"speechId":14000000,"text":"It is the immediate way.","time":1242800122500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000064,"speechId":14000000,"text":"It is the strongest assurance that recovery will endure.","time":1242800125000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000065,"speechId":14000000,"text":"In the field of world policy, I would dedicate this Nation to the policy of the good neighbor: the neighbor who resolutely respects himself and, because he does so, respects the rights of others; the neighbor who respects his obligations and respects the sanctity of his agreements in and with a world of neighbors.","time":1242800129500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000066,"speechId":14000000,"text":"If I read the temper of our people correctly, we now realize, as we have never realized before, our interdependence on each other; that we can not merely take, but we must give as well; that if we are to go forward, we must move as a trained and loyal army willing to sacrifice for the good of a common discipline, because without such discipline no progress can be made, no leadership becomes effective.","time":1242800156500}
{"_index":1,"id":18000003,"speechId":18000000,"text":"These are the real issues which should decide this campaign.","time":1242800170000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000004,"speechId":18000000,"text":"And they are not religious issues -- for war and hunger and ignorance and despair know no religious barrier.","time":1242800175000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000005,"speechId":18000000,"text":"But because I am a Catholic, and no Catholic has ever been elected President, the real issues in this campaign have been obscured -- perhaps deliberately, in some quarters less responsible than this.","time":1242800184500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000067,"speechId":14000000,"text":"We are, I know, ready and willing to submit our lives and our property to such discipline, because it makes possible a leadership which aims at the larger good.","time":1242800193500}
{"_index":1,"id":18000006,"speechId":18000000,"text":"So it is apparently necessary for me to state once again -- not what kind of church I believe in, for that should be important only to me -- but what kind of America I believe in.","time":1242800201000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000068,"speechId":14000000,"text":"This, I propose to offer, pledging that the larger purposes will bind upon us, bind upon us all as a sacred obligation with a unity of duty hitherto evoked only in times of armed strife.","time":1242800208000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000007,"speechId":18000000,"text":"I believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute; where no Catholic prelate would tell the President -- should he be Catholic -- how to act, and no Protestant minister would tell his parishioners for whom to vote; where no church or church school is granted any public funds or political preference, and where no man is denied public office merely because his religion differs from the President who might appoint him, or the people who might elect him.","time":1242800219500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000069,"speechId":14000000,"text":"With this pledge taken, I assume unhesitatingly the leadership of this great army of our people dedicated to a disciplined attack upon our common problems.","time":1242800225500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000070,"speechId":14000000,"text":"Action in this image, action to this end is feasible under the form of government which we have inherited from our ancestors.","time":1242800238000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000071,"speechId":14000000,"text":"Our Constitution is so simple, so practical that it is possible always to meet extraordinary needs by changes in emphasis and arrangement without loss of essential form.","time":1242800249000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000008,"speechId":18000000,"text":"I believe in an America that is officially neither Catholic, Protestant nor Jewish; where no public official either requests or accept instructions on public policy from the Pope, the National Council of Churches or any other ecclesiastical source; where no religious body seeks to impose its will directly or indirectly upon the general populace or the public acts of its officials, and where religious liberty is so indivisible that an act against one church is treated as an act against all.","time":1242800261500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000072,"speechId":14000000,"text":"That is why our constitutional system has proved itself the most superbly enduring political mechanism the modern world has ever seen.","time":1242800262500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000073,"speechId":14000000,"text":"It has met every stress of vast expansion of territory, of foreign wars, of bitter internal strife, of world relations.","time":1242800273000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000074,"speechId":14000000,"text":"And it is to be hoped that the normal balance of executive and legislative authority may be wholly equal, wholly adequate to meet the unprecedented task before us.","time":1242800283000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000075,"speechId":14000000,"text":"But iadership.","time":1242800297000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000076,"speechId":14000000,"text":"They have made me the present instrument of their wishes.","time":1242800298000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000009,"speechId":18000000,"text":"For while this year it may be a Catholic against whom the finger of suspicion is pointed, in other years it has been -- and may someday be again -- a Jew, or a Quaker, or a Unitarian, or a Baptist.","time":1242800302000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000077,"speechId":14000000,"text":"In the spirit of the gift I take it.","time":1242800303000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000078,"speechId":14000000,"text":"In this dedication -- In this dedication of a Nation, we humbly ask the blessing of God.","time":1242800307500}
{"_index":1,"id":14000079,"speechId":14000000,"text":"May He protect each and every one of us.","time":1242800316000}
{"_index":1,"id":14000080,"speechId":14000000,"text":"May He guide me in the days to come.","time":1242800320500}
{"_index":1,"id":18000010,"speechId":18000000,"text":"It was Virginia's harassment of Baptist preachers, for example, that led to Jefferson's statute of religious freedom.","time":1242800322500}
{"_index":1,"id":18000011,"speechId":18000000,"text":"Today, I may be the victim, but tomorrow it may be you -- until the whole fabric of our harmonious society is ripped apart at a time of great national peril.","time":1242800331000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000012,"speechId":18000000,"text":"Finally, I believe in an America where religious intolerance will someday end, where all men and all churches are treated as equals, where every man has the same right to attend or not to attend the church of his choice, where there is no Catholic vote, no anti-Catholic vote, no bloc voting of any kind, and where Catholics, Protestants, and Jews, at both the lay and the pastoral levels, will refrain from those attitudes of disdain and division which have so often marred their works in the past, and promote instead the American ideal of brotherhood.","time":1242800346500}
{"_index":1,"id":18000013,"speechId":18000000,"text":"That is the kind of America in which I believe.","time":1242800394500}
{"_index":1,"id":18000014,"speechId":18000000,"text":"And it represents the kind of Presidency in which I believe, a great office that must be neither humbled by making it the instrument of any religious group nor tarnished by arbitrarily withholding it -- its occupancy from the members of any one religious group.","time":1242800399500}
{"_index":0,"id":20000000,"location":"berlin, de","speaker":"john f kennedy","time":1242800400000}
{"_index":1,"id":20000001,"speechId":20000000,"text":"I am proud to come to this city as the guest of your distinguished Mayor, who has symbolized throughout the world the fighting spirit of West Berlin.","time":1242800405000}
{"_index":1,"id":20000002,"speechId":20000000,"text":"And I am proud -- And I am proud to visit the Federal Republic with your distinguished Chancellor who for so many years has committed Germany to democracy and freedom and progress, and to come here in the company of my fellow American, General Clay, who -- -- who has been in this city during its great moments of crisis and will come again if ever needed.","time":1242800418500}
{"_index":1,"id":18000015,"speechId":18000000,"text":"I believe in a President whose views on religion are his own private affair, neither imposed upon him by the nation, nor imposed by the nation upon him as a condition to holding that office.","time":1242800422000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000016,"speechId":18000000,"text":"I would not look with favor upon a President working to subvert the first amendment's guarantees of religious liberty; nor would our system of checks and balances permit him to do so.","time":1242800439500}
{"_index":1,"id":20000003,"speechId":20000000,"text":"Two thousand years ago -- Two thousand years ago, the proudest boast was \"civis Romanus sum.\"","time":1242800454000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000017,"speechId":18000000,"text":"And neither do I look with favor upon those who would work to subvert Article VI of the Constitution by requiring a religious test, even by indirection.","time":1242800455500}
{"_index":1,"id":20000004,"speechId":20000000,"text":"Today, in the world of freedom, the proudest boast is \"Ich bin ein Berliner.\"","time":1242800462000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000018,"speechId":18000000,"text":"For if they disagree with that safeguard, they should be openly working to repeal it.","time":1242800469000}
{"_index":1,"id":20000005,"speechId":20000000,"text":"I appreciate my interpreter translating my German.","time":1242800469000}
{"_index":1,"id":20000006,"speechId":20000000,"text":"There are many people in the world who really don't understand, or say they don't, what is the great issue between the free world and the Communist world.","time":1242800472500}
{"_index":1,"id":18000019,"speechId":18000000,"text":"I want a Chief Executive whose public acts are responsible to all and obligated to none, who can attend any ceremony, service, or dinner his office may appropriately require of him to fulfill; and whose fulfillment of his Presidential office is not limited or conditioned by any religious oath, ritual, or obligation.","time":1242800476500}
{"_index":1,"id":20000007,"speechId":20000000,"text":"Let them come to Berlin.","time":1242800486500}
{"_index":1,"id":20000008,"speechId":20000000,"text":"There are some who say -- There are some who say that communism is the wave of the future.","time":1242800489000}
{"_index":1,"id":20000009,"speechId":20000000,"text":"Let them come to Berlin.","time":1242800498500}
{"_index":1,"id":20000010,"speechId":20000000,"text":"And there are some who say, in Europe and elsewhere, we can work with the Communists.","time":1242800501000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000020,"speechId":18000000,"text":"This is the kind of America I believe in -- and this is the kind of America I fought for in the South Pacific, and the kind my brother died for in Europe.","time":1242800502500}
{"_index":1,"id":20000011,"speechId":20000000,"text":"Let them come to Berlin.","time":1242800509000}
{"_index":1,"id":20000012,"speechId":20000000,"text":"And there are even a few who say that it is true that communism is an evil system, but it permits us to make economic progress.","time":1242800511500}
{"_index":1,"id":18000021,"speechId":18000000,"text":"No one suggested then that we might have a divided loyalty, that we did not believe in liberty, or that we belonged to a disloyal group that threatened -- I quote -- \"the freedoms for which our forefathers died.\"","time":1242800519000}
{"_index":1,"id":20000013,"speechId":20000000,"text":"Lass' sie nach Berlin kommen.","time":1242800524500}
{"_index":1,"id":20000014,"speechId":20000000,"text":"Let them come to Berlin.","time":1242800527000}
{"_index":1,"id":20000015,"speechId":20000000,"text":"Freedom has many difficulties and democracy is not perfect.","time":1242800529500}
{"_index":1,"id":20000016,"speechId":20000000,"text":"But we have never had to put a wall up to keep our people in -- to prevent them from leaving us.","time":1242800534000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000022,"speechId":18000000,"text":"And in fact this is the kind of America for which our forefathers did die when they fled here to escape religious test oaths that denied office to members of less favored churches -- when they fought for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom -- and when they fought at the shrine I visited today, the Alamo.","time":1242800538500}
{"_index":1,"id":20000017,"speechId":20000000,"text":"I want to say on behalf of my countrymen who live many miles away on the other side of the Atlantic, who are far distant from you, that they take the greatest pride, that they have been able to share with you, even from a distance, the story of the last 18 years.","time":1242800545000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000023,"speechId":18000000,"text":"For side by side with Bowie and Crockett died Fuentes, and McCafferty, and Bailey, and Badillo, and Carey -- but no one knows whether they were Catholics or not.","time":1242800570000}
{"_index":1,"id":20000018,"speechId":20000000,"text":"I know of no town, no city, that has been besieged for 18 years that still lives with the vitality and the force, and the hope, and the determination of the city of West Berlin.","time":1242800571500}
{"_index":1,"id":18000024,"speechId":18000000,"text":"For there was no religious test there.","time":1242800584500}
{"_index":1,"id":18000025,"speechId":18000000,"text":"I ask you tonight to follow in that tradition -- to judge me on the basis of 14 years in the Congress, on my declared stands against an Ambassador to the Vatican, against unconstitutional aid to parochial schools, and against any boycott of the public schools -- which I attended myself.","time":1242800588000}
{"_index":1,"id":20000019,"speechId":20000000,"text":"While the wall is the most obvious and vivid demonstration of the failures of the Communist system -- for all the world to see -- we take no satisfaction in it; for it is, as your Mayor has said, an offense not only against history but an offense against humanity, separating families, dividing husbands and wives and brothers and sisters, and dividing a people who wish to be joined together.","time":1242800589000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000026,"speechId":18000000,"text":"And instead of doing this, do not judge me on the basis of these pamphlets and publications we all have seen that carefully select quotations out of context from the statements of Catholic church leaders, usually in other countries, frequently in other centuries, and rarely relevant to any situation here.","time":1242800613500}
{"_index":1,"id":20000020,"speechId":20000000,"text":"What is -- What is true of this city is true of Germany: Real, lasting peace in Europe can never be assured as long as one German out of four is denied the elementary right of free men, and that is to make a free choice.","time":1242800624000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000027,"speechId":18000000,"text":"And always omitting, of course, the statement of the American Bishops in 1948 which strongly endorsed Church-State separation, and which more nearly reflects the views of almost every American Catholic.","time":1242800638500}
{"_index":1,"id":20000021,"speechId":20000000,"text":"In 18 years of peace and good faith, this generation of Germans has earned the right to be free, including the right to unite their families and their nation in lasting peace, with good will to all people.","time":1242800647000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000028,"speechId":18000000,"text":"I do not consider these other quotations binding upon my public acts.","time":1242800653500}
{"_index":1,"id":18000029,"speechId":18000000,"text":"Why should you?","time":1242800659500}
{"_index":1,"id":18000030,"speechId":18000000,"text":"But let me say, with respect to other countries, that I am wholly opposed to the State being used by any religious group, Catholic or Protestant, to compel, prohibit, or prosecute the free exercise of any other religion.","time":1242800661000}
{"_index":1,"id":20000022,"speechId":20000000,"text":"You live in a defended island of freedom, but your life is part of the main.","time":1242800666000}
{"_index":1,"id":20000023,"speechId":20000000,"text":"So let me ask you, as I close, to lift your eyes beyond the dangers of today, to the hopes of tomorrow, beyond the freedom merely of this city of Berlin, or your country of Germany, to the advance of freedom everywhere, beyond the wall to the day of peace with justice, beyond yourselves and ourselves to all mankind.","time":1242800674000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000031,"speechId":18000000,"text":"And that goes for any persecution, at any time, by anyone, in any country.","time":1242800680000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000032,"speechId":18000000,"text":"And I hope that you and I condemn with equal fervor those nations which deny their Presidency to Protestants, and those which deny it to Catholics.","time":1242800687000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000033,"speechId":18000000,"text":"And rather than cite the misdeeds of those who differ, I would also cite the record of the Catholic Church in such nations as France and Ireland, and the independence of such statesmen as De Gaulle and Adenauer.","time":1242800700000}
{"_index":0,"id":22000000,"location":"washington, dc, us","speaker":"john f kennedy","time":1242800700000}
{"_index":1,"id":20000024,"speechId":20000000,"text":"Freedom is indivisible, and when one man is enslaved, all are not free.","time":1242800703500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000001,"speechId":22000000,"text":"Vice President Johnson, Mr.","time":1242800705000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000002,"speechId":22000000,"text":"Speaker, Mr.","time":1242800707000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000003,"speechId":22000000,"text":"Chief Justice, President Eisenhower, Vice President Nixon, President Truman, reverend clergy, fellow citizens: We observe today not a victory of party, but a celebration of freedom -- symbolizing an end, as well as a beginning -- signifying renewal, as well as change.","time":1242800708000}
{"_index":1,"id":20000025,"speechId":20000000,"text":"When all are free, then we look -- can look forward to that day when this city will be joined as one and this country and this great Continent of Europe in a peaceful and hopeful globe.","time":1242800710000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000034,"speechId":18000000,"text":"But let me stress again that these are my views.","time":1242800719000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000035,"speechId":18000000,"text":"For contrary to common newspaper usage, I am not the Catholic candidate for President.","time":1242800724000}
{"_index":1,"id":20000026,"speechId":20000000,"text":"When that day finally comes, as it will, the people of West Berlin can take sober satisfaction in the fact that they were in the front lines for almost two decades.","time":1242800728500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000004,"speechId":22000000,"text":"For I have sworn before you and Almighty God the same solemn oath our forebears prescribed nearly a century and three-quarters ago.","time":1242800729500}
{"_index":1,"id":18000036,"speechId":18000000,"text":"I am the Democratic Party's candidate for President who happens also to be a Catholic.","time":1242800731000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000037,"speechId":18000000,"text":"I do not speak for my church on public matters; and the church does not speak for me.","time":1242800738500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000005,"speechId":22000000,"text":"The world is very different now.","time":1242800740500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000006,"speechId":22000000,"text":"For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life.","time":1242800743500}
{"_index":1,"id":20000027,"speechId":20000000,"text":"All -- All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin.","time":1242800744000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000038,"speechId":18000000,"text":"Whatever issue may come before me as President, if I should be elected, on birth control, divorce, censorship, gambling or any other subject, I will make my decision in accordance with these views -- in accordance with what my conscience tells me to be in the national interest, and without regard to outside religious pressure or dictates.","time":1242800747500}
{"_index":1,"id":20000028,"speechId":20000000,"text":"And, therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words \"Ich bin ein Berliner.\"","time":1242800750500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000007,"speechId":22000000,"text":"And yet the same revolutionary beliefs for which our forebears fought are still at issue around the globe -- the belief that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God.","time":1242800754500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000008,"speechId":22000000,"text":"We dare not forget today that we are the heirs of that first revolution.","time":1242800774500}
{"_index":1,"id":18000039,"speechId":18000000,"text":"And no power or threat of punishment could cause me to decide otherwise.","time":1242800776000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000009,"speechId":22000000,"text":"Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans -- born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace, proud of our ancient heritage, and unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this nation has always been committed, and to which we are committed today at home and around the world.","time":1242800781500}
{"_index":1,"id":18000040,"speechId":18000000,"text":"But if the time should ever come -- and I do not concede any conflict to be remotely possible -- when my office would require me to either violate my conscience or violate the national interest, then I would resign the office; and I hope any conscientious public servant would do likewise.","time":1242800782500}
{"_index":1,"id":18000041,"speechId":18000000,"text":"But I do not intend to apologize for these views to my critics of either Catholic or Protestant faith; nor do I intend to disavow either my views or my church in order to win this election.","time":1242800808500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000010,"speechId":22000000,"text":"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty.","time":1242800822000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000042,"speechId":18000000,"text":"If I should lose on the real issues, I shall return to my seat in the Senate, satisfied that I'd tried my best and was fairly judged.","time":1242800827000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000043,"speechId":18000000,"text":"But if this election is decided on the basis that 40 million Americans lost their chance of being President on the day they were baptized, then it is the whole nation that will be the loser, in the eyes of Catholics and non-Catholics around the world, in the eyes of history, and in the eyes of our own people.","time":1242800840500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000011,"speechId":22000000,"text":"This much we pledge -- and more.","time":1242800841000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000012,"speechId":22000000,"text":"To those old allies whose cultural and spiritual origins we share, we pledge the loyalty of faithful friends.","time":1242800844500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000013,"speechId":22000000,"text":"United there is little we cannot do in a host of cooperative ventures.","time":1242800853500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000014,"speechId":22000000,"text":"Divided there is little we can do -- for we dare not meet a powerful challenge at odds and split asunder.","time":1242800860000}
{"_index":1,"id":18000044,"speechId":18000000,"text":"But if, on the other hand, I should win this election, then I shall devote every effort of mind and spirit to fulfilling the oath of the Presidency -- practically identical, I might add, with the oath I have taken for 14 years in the Congress.","time":1242800870000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000015,"speechId":22000000,"text":"To those new states whom we welcome to the ranks of the free, we pledge our word that one form of colonial control shall not have passed away merely to be replaced by a far more iron tyranny.","time":1242800870500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000016,"speechId":22000000,"text":"We shall not always expect to find them supporting our view.","time":1242800889500}
{"_index":1,"id":18000045,"speechId":18000000,"text":"For without reservation, I can, \"solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution -- so help me God. ","time":1242800893000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000017,"speechId":22000000,"text":"But we shall always hope to find them strongly supporting their own freedom -- and to remember that, in the past, those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside.","time":1242800895000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000018,"speechId":22000000,"text":"To those people in the huts and villages of half the globe struggling to break the bonds of mass misery, we pledge our best efforts to help them help themselves, for whatever period is required -- not because the Communists may be doing it, not because we seek their votes, but because it is right.","time":1242800913000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000019,"speechId":22000000,"text":"If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.","time":1242800940500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000020,"speechId":22000000,"text":"To our sister republics south of our border, we offer a special pledge: to convert our good words into good deeds, in a new alliance for progress, to assist free men and free governments in casting off the chains of poverty.","time":1242800950000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000021,"speechId":22000000,"text":"But this peaceful revolution of hope cannot become the prey of hostile powers.","time":1242800970500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000022,"speechId":22000000,"text":"Let all our neighbors know that we shall join with them to oppose aggression or subversion anywhere in the Americas.","time":1242800977000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000023,"speechId":22000000,"text":"And let every other power know that this hemisphere intends to remain the master of its own house.","time":1242800987000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000024,"speechId":22000000,"text":"To that world assembly of sovereign states, the United Nations, our last best hope in an age where the instruments of war have far outpaced the instruments of peace, we renew our pledge of support -- to prevent it from becoming merely a forum for invective, to strengthen its shield of the new and the weak, and to enlarge the area in which its writ may run.","time":1242800996000}
{"_index":0,"id":24000000,"location":"cleveland, oh, us","speaker":"malcolm x","time":1242801000000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000002,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Moderator, Brother Lomax, brothers and sisters, friends and enemies: I just can't believe everyone in here is a friend, and I don't want to leave anybody out.","time":1242801005500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000003,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The question tonight, as I understand it, is \"The Negro Revolt, and Where Do We Go From Here?\"","time":1242801019000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000004,"speechId":24000000,"text":"or What Next?","time":1242801028000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000025,"speechId":22000000,"text":"Finally, to those nations who would make themselves our adversary, we offer not a pledge but a request: that both sides begin anew the quest for peace, before the dark powers of destruction unleashed by science engulf all humanity in planned or accidental self-destruction.","time":1242801029500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000005,"speechId":24000000,"text":"In my little humble way of understanding it, it points toward either the ballot or the bullet.","time":1242801029500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000006,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Before we try and explain what is meant by the ballot or the bullet, I would like to clarify something concerning myself.","time":1242801038000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000007,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I'm still a Muslim; my religion is still Islam.","time":1242801049000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000026,"speechId":22000000,"text":"We dare not tempt them with weakness.","time":1242801051500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000008,"speechId":24000000,"text":"That's my personal belief.","time":1242801053500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000027,"speechId":22000000,"text":"For only when our arms are sufficient beyond doubt can we be certain beyond doubt that they will never be employed.","time":1242801055000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000009,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Just as Adam Clayton Powell is a Christian minister who heads the Abyssinian Baptist Church in New York, but at the same time takes part in the political struggles to try and bring about rights to the black people in this country; and Dr.","time":1242801055500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000028,"speechId":22000000,"text":"But neither can two great and powerful groups of nations take comfort from our present course -- both sides overburdened by the cost of modern weapons, both rightly alarmed by the steady spread of the deadly atom, yet both racing to alter that uncertain balance of terror that stays the hand of mankind's final war.","time":1242801065500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000010,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Martin Luther King is a Christian minister down in Atlanta, Georgia, who heads another organization fighting for the civil rights of black people in this country; and Reverend Galamison, I guess you've heard of him, is another Christian minister in New York who has been deeply involved in the school boycotts to eliminate segregated education; well, I myself am a minister, not a Christian minister, but a Muslim minister; and I believe in action on all fronts by whatever means necessary.","time":1242801077500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000029,"speechId":22000000,"text":"So let us begin anew -- remembering on both sides that civility is not a sign of weakness, and sincerity is always subject to proof.","time":1242801093000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000030,"speechId":22000000,"text":"Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate.","time":1242801105500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000031,"speechId":22000000,"text":"Let both sides explore what problems unite us instead of belaboring those problems which divide us.","time":1242801112500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000011,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Although I'm still a Muslim, I'm not here tonight to discuss my religion.","time":1242801118000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000032,"speechId":22000000,"text":"Let both sides, for the first time, formulate serious and precise proposals for the inspection and control of arms, and bring the absolute power to destroy other nations under the absolute control of all nations.","time":1242801120500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000012,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I'm not here to try and change your religion.","time":1242801124500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000013,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I'm not here to argue or discuss anything that we differ about, because it's time for us to submerge our differences and realize that it is best for us to first see that we have the same problem, a common problem, a problem that will make you catch hell whether you're a Baptist, or a Methodist, or a Muslim, or a nationalist.","time":1242801129000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000033,"speechId":22000000,"text":"Let both sides seek to invoke the wonders of science instead of its terrors.","time":1242801138000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000034,"speechId":22000000,"text":"Together let us explore the stars, conquer the deserts, eradicate disease, tap the ocean depths, and encourage the arts and commerce.","time":1242801145000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000035,"speechId":22000000,"text":"Let both sides unite to heed, in all corners of the earth, the command of Isaiah -- to \"undo the heavy burdens, and [to] let the oppressed go free.\"","time":1242801155500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000014,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Whether you're educated or illiterate, whether you live on the boulevard or in the alley, you're going to catch hell just like I am.","time":1242801160000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000036,"speechId":22000000,"text":"And, if a beachhead of cooperation may push back the jungle of suspicion, let both sides join in creating a new endeavor -- not a new balance of power, but a new world of law -- where the strong are just, and the weak secure, and the peace preserved.","time":1242801170000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000015,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We're all in the same boat and we all are going to catch the same hell from the same man.","time":1242801172000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000016,"speechId":24000000,"text":"He just happens to be a white man.","time":1242801182000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000017,"speechId":24000000,"text":"All of us have suffered here, in this country, political oppression at the hands of the white man, economic exploitation at the hands of the white man, and social degradation at the hands of the white man.","time":1242801186000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000037,"speechId":22000000,"text":"All this will not be finished in the first one hundred days.","time":1242801194500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000038,"speechId":22000000,"text":"Nor will it be finished in the first one thousand days; nor in the life of this Administration; nor even perhaps in our lifetime on this planet.","time":1242801200500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000018,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Now in speaking like this, it doesn't mean that we're anti-white, but it does mean we're anti-exploitation, we're anti-degradation, we're anti-oppression.","time":1242801204500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000039,"speechId":22000000,"text":"But let us begin.","time":1242801214000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000019,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And if the white man doesn't want us to be anti-him, let him stop oppressing and exploiting and degrading us.","time":1242801215000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000040,"speechId":22000000,"text":"In your hands, my fellow citizens, more than mine, will rest the final success or failure of our course.","time":1242801216000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000020,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Whether we are Christians or Muslims or nationalists or agnostics or atheists, we must first learn to forget our differences.","time":1242801225000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000041,"speechId":22000000,"text":"Since this country was founded, each generation of Americans has been summoned to give testimony to its national loyalty.","time":1242801225500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000042,"speechId":22000000,"text":"The graves of young Americans who answered the call to service surround the globe.","time":1242801235000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000021,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If we have differences, let us differ in the closet; when we come out in front, let us not have anything to argue about until we get finished arguing with the man.","time":1242801235000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000043,"speechId":22000000,"text":"Now the trumpet summons us again -- not as a call to bear arms, though arms we need -- not as a call to battle, though embattled we are -- but a call to bear the burden of a long twilight struggle, year in and year out, \"rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation,\" a struggle against the common enemies of man: tyranny, poverty, disease, and war itself.","time":1242801242000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000022,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If the late President Kennedy could get together with Khrushchev and exchange some wheat, we certainly have more in common with each other than Kennedy and Khrushchev had with each other.","time":1242801251000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000023,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If we don't do something real soon, I think you'll have to agree that we're going to be forced either to use the ballot or the bullet.","time":1242801266500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000044,"speechId":22000000,"text":"Can we forge against these enemies a grand and global alliance, North and South, East and West, that can assure a more fruitful life for all mankind?","time":1242801275500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000024,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It's one or the other in 1964.","time":1242801280000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000025,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It isn't that time is running out -- time has run out!","time":1242801283500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000045,"speechId":22000000,"text":"Will you join in that historic effort?","time":1242801289000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000026,"speechId":24000000,"text":"1964 threatens to be the most explosive year America has ever witnessed.","time":1242801289500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000046,"speechId":22000000,"text":"In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger.","time":1242801292500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000027,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The most explosive year.","time":1242801295500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000029,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It's also a political year.","time":1242801298000}
{"_index":0,"id":26000000,"location":"washington, dc, us","speaker":"martin luther king","time":1242801300000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000030,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It's the year when all of the white politicians will be back in the so-called Negro community jiving you and me for some votes.","time":1242801300500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000047,"speechId":22000000,"text":"I do not shrink from this responsibility -- I welcome it.","time":1242801305000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000001,"speechId":26000000,"text":"I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation.","time":1242801305000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000048,"speechId":22000000,"text":"I do not believe that any of us would exchange places with any other people or any other generation.","time":1242801310500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000031,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The year when all of the white political crooks will be right back in your and my community with their false promises, building up our hopes for a letdown, with their trickery and their treachery, with their false promises which they don't intend to keep.","time":1242801312500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000002,"speechId":26000000,"text":"Five score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, signed the Emancipation Proclamation.","time":1242801318500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000049,"speechId":22000000,"text":"The energy, the faith, the devotion which we bring to this endeavor will light our country and all who serve it.","time":1242801320000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000003,"speechId":26000000,"text":"This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions of Negro slaves who had been seared in the flames of withering injustice.","time":1242801327500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000050,"speechId":22000000,"text":"And the glow from that fire can truly light the world.","time":1242801330500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000032,"speechId":24000000,"text":"As they nourish these dissatisfactions, it can only lead to one thing, an explosion; and now we have the type of black man on the scene in America today -- I'm sorry, Brother Lomax -- who just doesn't intend to turn the other cheek any longer.","time":1242801335000}
{"_index":1,"id":22000051,"speechId":22000000,"text":"And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.","time":1242801336000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000004,"speechId":26000000,"text":"It came as a joyous daybreak to end the long night of their captivity.","time":1242801340500}
{"_index":1,"id":22000052,"speechId":22000000,"text":"My fellow citizens of the world, ask not what America wessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth God's work must truly be our own.","time":1242801347000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000005,"speechId":26000000,"text":"But one hundred years later, the Negro still is not free.","time":1242801347500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000006,"speechId":26000000,"text":"One hundred years later, the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination.","time":1242801353000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000033,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Don't let anybody tell you anything about the odds are against you.","time":1242801358000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000034,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If they draft you, they send you to Korea and make you face 800 million Chinese.","time":1242801364000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000007,"speechId":26000000,"text":"One hundred years later, the Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity.","time":1242801364500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000035,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If you can be brave over there, you can be brave right here.","time":1242801372000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000008,"speechId":26000000,"text":"One hundred years later, the Negro is still languished in the corners of American society and finds himself an exile in his own land.","time":1242801376000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000036,"speechId":24000000,"text":"These odds aren't as great as those odds.","time":1242801378500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000037,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And if you fight here, you will at least know what you're fighting for.","time":1242801382500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000009,"speechId":26000000,"text":"And so we've come here today to dramatize a shameful condition.","time":1242801388000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000038,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I'm not a politician, not even a student of politics; in fact, I'm not a student of much of anything.","time":1242801389500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000010,"speechId":26000000,"text":"In a sense we've come to our nation's capital to cash a check.","time":1242801393500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000039,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I'm not a Democrat.","time":1242801399500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000011,"speechId":26000000,"text":"When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir.","time":1242801400000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000040,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I'm not a Republican, and I don't even consider myself an American.","time":1242801401500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000041,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If you and I were Americans, there'd be no problem.","time":1242801407500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000042,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Those Honkies that just got off the boat, they're already Americans; Polacks are already Americans; the Italian refugees are already Americans.","time":1242801412500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000012,"speechId":26000000,"text":"This note was a promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men, would be guaranteed the \"unalienable Rights\" of \"Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.\"","time":1242801416000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000043,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Everything that came out of Europe, every blue-eyed thing, is already an American.","time":1242801423000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000044,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And as long as you and I have been over here, we aren't Americans yet.","time":1242801429500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000013,"speechId":26000000,"text":"It is obvious today that America has defaulted on this promissory note, insofar as her citizens of color are concerned.","time":1242801431000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000045,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Well, I am one who doesn't believe in deluding myself.","time":1242801437000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000014,"speechId":26000000,"text":"Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, America has given the Negro people a bad check, a check which has come back marked \"insufficient funds.\"","time":1242801441000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000046,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I'm not going to sit at your table and watch you eat, with nothing on my plate, and call myself a diner.","time":1242801442000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000047,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Sitting at the table doesn't make you a diner, unless you eat some of what's on that plate.","time":1242801453000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000015,"speechId":26000000,"text":"But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt.","time":1242801453000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000016,"speechId":26000000,"text":"We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this nation.","time":1242801459000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000048,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Being here in America doesn't make you an American.","time":1242801462000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000049,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Being born here in America doesn't make you an American.","time":1242801466500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000017,"speechId":26000000,"text":"And so, we've come to cash this check, a check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice.","time":1242801468000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000050,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Why, if birth made you American, you wouldn't need any legislation; you wouldn't need any amendments to the Constitution; you wouldn't be faced with civil-rights filibustering in Washington, D.","time":1242801471500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000018,"speechId":26000000,"text":"We have also come to this hallowed spot to remind America of the fierce urgency of Now.","time":1242801480500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000052,"speechId":24000000,"text":"right now.","time":1242801486500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000053,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They don't have to pass civil-rights legislation to make a Polack an American.","time":1242801487500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000019,"speechId":26000000,"text":"This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism.","time":1242801489000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000054,"speechId":24000000,"text":"No, I'm not an American.","time":1242801494000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000055,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I'm one of the 22 million black people who are the victims of Americanism.","time":1242801496500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000020,"speechId":26000000,"text":"Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy.","time":1242801499000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000056,"speechId":24000000,"text":"One of the 22 million black people who are the victims of democracy, nothing but disguised hypocrisy.","time":1242801503500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000021,"speechId":26000000,"text":"Now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate valley of segregation to the sunlit path of racial justice.","time":1242801504500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000057,"speechId":24000000,"text":"So, I'm not standing here speaking to you as an American, or a patriot, or a flag-saluter, or a flag-waver -- no, not I.","time":1242801512000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000022,"speechId":26000000,"text":"Now is the time to lift our nation from the quicksands of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood.","time":1242801515000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000058,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I'm speaking as a victim of this American system.","time":1242801524000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000023,"speechId":26000000,"text":"Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God's children.","time":1242801525000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000059,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And I see America through the eyes of the victim.","time":1242801528500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000024,"speechId":26000000,"text":"It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the moment.","time":1242801532000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000060,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I don't see any American dream; I see an American nightmare.","time":1242801533500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000061,"speechId":24000000,"text":"These 22 million victims are waking up.","time":1242801539000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000025,"speechId":26000000,"text":"This sweltering summer of the Negro's legitimate discontent will not pass until there is an invigorating autumn of freedom and equality.","time":1242801539000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000062,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Their eyes are coming open.","time":1242801542500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000063,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They're beginning to see what they used to only look at.","time":1242801545000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000026,"speechId":26000000,"text":"Nineteen sixty-three is not an end, but a beginning.","time":1242801549500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000064,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They're becoming politically mature.","time":1242801550500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000065,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They are realizing that there are new political trends from coast to coast.","time":1242801552500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000027,"speechId":26000000,"text":"And those who hope that the Negro needed to blow off steam and will now be content will have a rude awakening if the nation returns to business as usual.","time":1242801554000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000066,"speechId":24000000,"text":"As they see these new political trends, it's possible for them to see that every time there's an election the races are so close that they have to have a recount.","time":1242801559000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000028,"speechId":26000000,"text":"And there will be neither rest nor tranquility in America until the Negro is granted his citizenship rights.","time":1242801569000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000067,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They had to recount in Massachusetts to see who was going to be governor, it was so close.","time":1242801574500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000029,"speechId":26000000,"text":"The whirlwinds of revolt will continue to shake the foundations of our nation until the bright day of justice emerges.","time":1242801578000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000068,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It was the same way in Rhode Island, in Minnesota, and in many other parts of the country.","time":1242801583500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000030,"speechId":26000000,"text":"But there is something that I must say to my people, who stand on the warm threshold which leads into the palace of justice: In the process of gaining our rightful place, we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds.","time":1242801588000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000069,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And the same with Kennedy and Nixon when they ran for president.","time":1242801592500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000070,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It was so close they had to count all over again.","time":1242801598500}
{"_index":0,"id":28000000,"location":"los angeles, ca, us","speaker":"richard m nixon","time":1242801600000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000071,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Well, what does this mean?","time":1242801604000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000001,"speechId":28000000,"text":"My Fellow Americans, I come before you tonight as a candidate for the Vice Presidency and as a man whose honesty and -- and integrity has been questioned.","time":1242801605000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000072,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It means that when white people are evenly divided, and black people have a bloc of votes of their own, it is left up to them to determine who's going to sit in the White House and who's going to be in the dog house.","time":1242801606500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000031,"speechId":26000000,"text":"Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.","time":1242801608000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000032,"speechId":26000000,"text":"We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline.","time":1242801617500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000002,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Now, the usual political thing to do when charges are made against you is to either ignore them or to deny them without giving details.","time":1242801619500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000033,"speechId":26000000,"text":"We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence.","time":1242801624500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000074,"speechId":24000000,"text":"was the black man's vote that put the present administration in Washington, D.","time":1242801629500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000034,"speechId":26000000,"text":"Again and again, we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force.","time":1242801630500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000003,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I believe we've had enough of that in the United States, particularly with the present Administration in Washington, D.","time":1242801632000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000076,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Your vote, your dumb vote, your ignorant vote, your wasted vote put in an administration in Washington, D.","time":1242801636500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000035,"speechId":26000000,"text":"The marvelous new militancy which has engulfed the Negro community must not lead us to a distrust of all white people, for many of our white brothers, as evidenced by their presence here today, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny.","time":1242801639000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000005,"speechId":28000000,"text":"To me the office of the Vice Presidency of the United States is a great office, and I feel that the people have got to have confidence in the integrity of the men who run for that office and who might obtain it.","time":1242801642000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000078,"speechId":24000000,"text":"that has seen fit to pass every kind of legislation imaginable, saving you until last, then filibustering on top of that.","time":1242801646000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000079,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And your and my leaders have the audacity to run around clapping their hands and talk about how much progress we're making.","time":1242801656500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000036,"speechId":26000000,"text":"And they have come to realize that their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom.","time":1242801662500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000006,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I have a theory, too, that the best and only answer to a smear or to an honest misunderstanding of the facts is to tell the truth.","time":1242801663500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000080,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And what a good president we have.","time":1242801667500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000037,"speechId":26000000,"text":"We cannot walk alone.","time":1242801670000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000081,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If he wasn't good in Texas, he sure can't be good in Washington, D.","time":1242801671000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000038,"speechId":26000000,"text":"And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead.","time":1242801672000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000007,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And that's why I'm here tonight.","time":1242801677000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000083,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Because Texas is a lynch state.","time":1242801678500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000039,"speechId":26000000,"text":"We cannot turn back.","time":1242801679500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000008,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I want to tell you my side of the case.","time":1242801680000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000084,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It is in the same breath as Mississippi, no different; only they lynch you in Texas with a Texas accent and lynch you in Mississippi with a Mississippi accent.","time":1242801681500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000040,"speechId":26000000,"text":"There are those who are asking the devotees of civil rights, \"When will you be satisfied?\"","time":1242801681500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000009,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I'm sure that you have read the charge, and you've heard it, that I, Senator Nixon, took 18,000 dollars from a group of my supporters.","time":1242801685000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000041,"speechId":26000000,"text":"We can never be satisfied as long as the Negro is the victim of the unspeakable horrors of police brutality.","time":1242801689500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000085,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And these Negro leaders have the audacity to go and have some coffee in the White House with a Texan, a Southern cracker -- that's all he is -- and then come out and tell you and me that he's going to be better for us because, since he's from the South, he knows how to deal with the Southerners.","time":1242801696000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000010,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Now, was that wrong?","time":1242801697500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000042,"speechId":26000000,"text":"We can never be satisfied as long as our bodies, heavy with the fatigue of travel, cannot gain lodging in the motels of the highways and the hotels of the cities.","time":1242801699500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000011,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And let me say that it was wrong.","time":1242801699500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000012,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I'm saying, incidentally, that it was wrong, not just illegal, because it isn't a question of whether it was legal or illegal, that isn't enough.","time":1242801703500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000043,"speechId":26000000,"text":"We cannot be satisfied as long as the negro's basic mobility is from a smaller ghetto to a larger one.","time":1242801715000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000013,"speechId":28000000,"text":"The question is, was it morally wrong?","time":1242801716000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000014,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I say that it was morally wrong -- if any of that 18,000 dollars went to Senator Nixon, for my personal use.","time":1242801719500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000044,"speechId":26000000,"text":"We can never be satisfied as long as our children are stripped of their self-hood and robbed of their dignity by signs stating: \"For Whites Only.\"","time":1242801725000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000086,"speechId":24000000,"text":"What kind of logic is that?","time":1242801726000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000087,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Let Eastland be president, he's from the South too.","time":1242801729000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000015,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I say that it was morally wrong if it was secretly given and secretly handled.","time":1242801730500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000088,"speechId":24000000,"text":"He should be better able to deal with them than Johnson.","time":1242801733500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000045,"speechId":26000000,"text":"We cannot be satisfied as long as a Negro in Mississippi cannot vote and a Negro in New York believes he has nothing for which to vote.","time":1242801738000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000016,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And I say that it was morally wrong if any of the contributors got special favors for the contributions that they made.","time":1242801738000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000089,"speechId":24000000,"text":"In this present administration they have in the House of Representatives 257 Democrats to only 177 Republicans.","time":1242801739000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000090,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They control two-thirds of the House vote.","time":1242801747500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000017,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And now to answer those questions let me say this: Not one cent of the 18,000 dollars or any other money of that type ever went to me for my personal use.","time":1242801749000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000091,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Why can't they pass something that will help you and me?","time":1242801751000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000046,"speechId":26000000,"text":"No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until \"justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream.\"","time":1242801751500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000092,"speechId":24000000,"text":"In the Senate, there are 67 senators who are of the Democratic Party.","time":1242801756500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000093,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Only 33 of them are Republicans.","time":1242801763000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000047,"speechId":26000000,"text":"I am not unmindful that some of you have come here out of great trials and tribulations.","time":1242801763500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000018,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Every penny of it was used to pay for political expenses that I did not think should be charged to the taxpayers of the United States.","time":1242801765000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000094,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Why, the Democrats have got the government sewed up, and you're the one who sewed it up for them.","time":1242801766000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000048,"speechId":26000000,"text":"Some of you have come fresh from narrow jail cells.","time":1242801772000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000095,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And what have they given you for it?","time":1242801775500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000049,"speechId":26000000,"text":"And some of you have come from areas where your quest -- quest for freedom left you battered by the storms of persecution and staggered by the winds of police brutality.","time":1242801777000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000019,"speechId":28000000,"text":"It was not a secret fund.","time":1242801778000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000096,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Four years in office, and just now getting around to some civil-rights legislation.","time":1242801779500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000020,"speechId":28000000,"text":"As a matter of fact, when I was on \"Meet the Press\" -- some of you may have seen it last Sunday -- Peter Edson came up to me after the program, and he said, \"Dick, what about this \"fund\" we hear about?\"","time":1242801781000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000097,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Just now, after everything else is gone, out of the way, they're going to sit down now and play with you all summer long -- the same old giant con game that they call filibuster.","time":1242801786000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000050,"speechId":26000000,"text":"You have been the veterans of creative suffering.","time":1242801792500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000051,"speechId":26000000,"text":"Continue to work with the faith that unearned suffering is redemptive.","time":1242801796500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000052,"speechId":26000000,"text":"Go back to Mississippi, go back to Alabama, go back to South Carolina, go back to Georgia, go back to Louisiana, go back to the slums and ghettos of our northern cities, knowing that somehow this situation can and will be changed.","time":1242801802000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000021,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And I said, \"Well, there's no secret about it. Go out and see Dana Smith who was the administrator of the fund.\"","time":1242801803000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000098,"speechId":24000000,"text":"All those are in cahoots together.","time":1242801803500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000099,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Don't you ever think they're not in cahoots together, for the man that is heading the civil-rights filibuster is a man from Georgia named Richard Russell.","time":1242801806500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000022,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And I gave him [Edson] his [Smith's] address.","time":1242801814000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000023,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And I said you will find that the purpose of the fund simply was to defray political expenses that I did not feel should be charged to the Government.","time":1242801818000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000100,"speechId":24000000,"text":"When Johnson became president, the first man he asked for when he got back to Washington, D.","time":1242801819500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000053,"speechId":26000000,"text":"Let us not wallow in the valley of despair, I say to you today, my friends.","time":1242801823000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000102,"speechId":24000000,"text":"was \"Dicky\" -- that's how tight they are.","time":1242801828500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000054,"speechId":26000000,"text":"And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream.","time":1242801831000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000103,"speechId":24000000,"text":"That's his boy, that's his pal, that's his buddy.","time":1242801832500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000024,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And third, let me point out -- and I want to make this particularly clear -- that no contributor to this fund, no contributor to any of my campaigns, has ever received any consideration that he would not have received as an ordinary constituent.","time":1242801832500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000104,"speechId":24000000,"text":"But they're playing that old con game.","time":1242801837000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000055,"speechId":26000000,"text":"It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.","time":1242801839500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000105,"speechId":24000000,"text":"One of them makes believe he's for you, and he's got it fixed where the other one is so tight against you, he never has to keep his promise.","time":1242801840500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000056,"speechId":26000000,"text":"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: \"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.\"","time":1242801844500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000025,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I just don't believe in that, and I can say that never, while I have been in the Senate of the United States, as far as the people that contributed to this fund are concerned, have I made a telephone call for them to an agency, or have I gone down to an agency in their behalf.","time":1242801854500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000106,"speechId":24000000,"text":"So it's time in 1964 to wake up.","time":1242801855000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000107,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And when you see them coming up with that kind of conspiracy, let them know your eyes are open.","time":1242801859000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000057,"speechId":26000000,"text":"I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.","time":1242801861500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000108,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And let them know you -- something else that's wide open too.","time":1242801868500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000109,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It's got to be the ballot or the bullet.","time":1242801874500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000110,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The ballot or the bullet.","time":1242801879000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000058,"speechId":26000000,"text":"I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.","time":1242801880000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000111,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If you're afraid to use an expression like that, you should get on out of the country; you should get back in the cotton patch; you should get back in the alley.","time":1242801881500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000026,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And the records will show that, the records which are in the hands of the administration.","time":1242801883000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000027,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Well, then, some of you will say, and rightly, \"Well, what did you use the fund for, Senator?\"","time":1242801891000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000112,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They get all the Negro vote, and after they get it, the Negro gets nothing in return.","time":1242801897500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000059,"speechId":26000000,"text":"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.","time":1242801898000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000028,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Why did you have to have it?","time":1242801900000}
{"_index":0,"id":30000000,"location":"washington, dc, us","speaker":"richard m nixon","time":1242801900000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000029,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Let me tell you in just a word how a Senate office operates.","time":1242801903500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000001,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Good evening, my fellow Americans.","time":1242801905000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000113,"speechId":24000000,"text":"All they did when they got to Washington was give a few big Negroes big jobs.","time":1242801906000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000002,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Tonight I want to talk to you on a subject of deep concern to all Americans and to many people in all parts of the world, the war in Vietnam.","time":1242801907500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000030,"speechId":28000000,"text":"First of all, a Senator gets 15,000 dollars a year in salary.","time":1242801910000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000114,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Those big Negroes didn't need big jobs, they already had jobs.","time":1242801914000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000060,"speechId":26000000,"text":"I have a dream today!","time":1242801915500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000031,"speechId":28000000,"text":"He gets enough money to pay for one trip a year -- a round trip, that is -- for himself and his family between his home and Washington, D.","time":1242801916000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000061,"speechId":26000000,"text":"I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with its vicious racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of \"interposition\" and \"nullification\" -- one day right there in Alabama little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.","time":1242801918000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000115,"speechId":24000000,"text":"That's camouflage, that's trickery, that's treachery, window-dressing.","time":1242801919500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000003,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I believe that one of the reasons for the deep division about Vietnam is that many Americans have lost confidence in what their Government has told them about our policy.","time":1242801922500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000116,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I'm not trying to knock out the Democrats for the Republicans.","time":1242801923000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000117,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We'll get to them in a minute.","time":1242801928500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000033,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And then he gets an allowance to handle the people that work in his office to handle his mail.","time":1242801931000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000118,"speechId":24000000,"text":"But it is true; you put the Democrats first and the Democrats put you last.","time":1242801932000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000004,"speechId":30000000,"text":"The American people cannot and should not be asked to support a policy which involves the overriding issues of war and peace unless they know the truth about that policy.","time":1242801937500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000119,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Look at it the way it is.","time":1242801939500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000034,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And the allowance for my State of California is enough to hire 13 people.","time":1242801940500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000120,"speechId":24000000,"text":"What alibis do they use, since they control Congress and the Senate?","time":1242801943000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000062,"speechId":26000000,"text":"I have a dream today!","time":1242801947000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000035,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And let me say, incidentally, that that allowance is not paid to the Senator.","time":1242801947500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000121,"speechId":24000000,"text":"What alibi do they use when you and I ask, \"Well, when are you going to keep your promise?\"","time":1242801949000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000063,"speechId":26000000,"text":"I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, and every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight; \"and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together.\"","time":1242801949500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000005,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Tonight, therefore, I would like to answer some of the questions that I know are on the minds of many of you listening to me.","time":1242801952500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000036,"speechId":28000000,"text":"It's paid directly to the individuals that the Senator puts on his pay roll.","time":1242801954500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000122,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They blame the Dixiecrats.","time":1242801958500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000123,"speechId":24000000,"text":"What is a Dixiecrat?","time":1242801960500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000037,"speechId":28000000,"text":"But all of these people and all of these allowances are for strictly official business; business, for example, when a constituent writes in and wants you to go down to the Veteran's Administration and get some information about his GI policy -- items of that type, for example.","time":1242801961500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000124,"speechId":24000000,"text":"A Democrat.","time":1242801962500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000125,"speechId":24000000,"text":"A Dixiecrat is nothing but a Democrat in disguise.","time":1242801963500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000006,"speechId":30000000,"text":"How and why did America get involved in Vietnam in the first place?","time":1242801965000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000126,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The titular head of the Democrats is also the head of the Dixiecrats, because the Dixiecrats are a part of the Democratic Party.","time":1242801968000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000007,"speechId":30000000,"text":"How has this administration changed the policy of the previous Administration?","time":1242801971500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000064,"speechId":26000000,"text":"2 This is our hope, and this is the faith that I go back to the South with.","time":1242801975500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000008,"speechId":30000000,"text":"What has really happened in the negotiations in Paris and on the battlefront in Vietnam?","time":1242801977000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000127,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The Democrats have never kicked the Dixiecrats out of the party.","time":1242801979500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000009,"speechId":30000000,"text":"What choices do we have if we are to end the war?","time":1242801984500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000128,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The Dixiecrats bolted themselves once, but the Democrats didn't put them out.","time":1242801985000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000065,"speechId":26000000,"text":"With this faith, we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope.","time":1242801985000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000038,"speechId":28000000,"text":"But there are other expenses which are not covered by the Government.","time":1242801985500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000010,"speechId":30000000,"text":"What are the prospects for peace?","time":1242801990500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000129,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Imagine, these lowdown Southern segregationists put the Northern Democrats down.","time":1242801991000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000039,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And I think I can best discuss those expenses by asking you some questions.","time":1242801991500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000011,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Now let me begin by describing the situation I found when I was inaugurated on January 20: The war had been going on for four years.","time":1242801993500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000066,"speechId":26000000,"text":"With this faith, we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood.","time":1242801994500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000130,"speechId":24000000,"text":"But the Northern Democrats have never put the Dixiecrats down.","time":1242801996000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000040,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Do you think that when I or any other Senator makes a political speech, has it printed, should charge the printing of that speech and the mailing of that speech to the taxpayers?","time":1242801998500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000131,"speechId":24000000,"text":"No, look at that thing the way it is.","time":1242802001000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000067,"speechId":26000000,"text":"With this faith, we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, to go to jail together, to stand up for freedom together, knowing that we will be free one day.","time":1242802005000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000132,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They have got a con game going on, a political con game, and you and I are in the middle.","time":1242802005500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000012,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Thirty-one thousand Americans had been killed in action.","time":1242802006500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000013,"speechId":30000000,"text":"The training program for the South Vietnamese was beyond [behind] schedule.","time":1242802010500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000041,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Do you think, for example, when I or any other Senator makes a trip to his home State to make a purely political speech that the cost of that trip should be charged to the taxpayers?","time":1242802015000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000133,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It's time for you and me to wake up and start looking at it like it is, and trying to understand it like it is; and then we can deal with it like it is.","time":1242802015500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000014,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Five hundred and forty-thousand Americans were in Vietnam with no plans to reduce the number.","time":1242802016000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000068,"speechId":26000000,"text":"And this will be the day -- this will be the day when all of God's children will be able to sing with new meaning: My country 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing.","time":1242802022500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000015,"speechId":30000000,"text":"No progress had been made at the negotiations in Paris and the United States had not put forth a comprehensive peace proposal.","time":1242802023500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000134,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The Dixiecrats in Washington, D.","time":1242802033000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000042,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Do you think when a Senator makes political broadcasts or political television broadcasts, radio or television, that the expense of those broadcasts should be charged to the taxpayers?","time":1242802033000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000016,"speechId":30000000,"text":"The war was causing deep division at home and criticism from many of our friends, as well as our enemies, abroad.","time":1242802034500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000136,"speechId":24000000,"text":"control the key committees that run the government.","time":1242802036000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000137,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The only reason the Dixiecrats control these committees is because they have seniority.","time":1242802040000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000069,"speechId":26000000,"text":"Land where my fathers died, land of the Pilgrim's pride, From every mountainside, let freedom ring!","time":1242802044000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000017,"speechId":30000000,"text":"In view of these circumstances, there were some who urged that I end the war at once by ordering the immediate withdrawal of all American forces.","time":1242802045000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000138,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The only reason they have seniority is because they come from states where Negroes can't vote.","time":1242802046500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000043,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Well I know what your answer is.","time":1242802047000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000044,"speechId":28000000,"text":"It's the same answer that audiences give me whenever I discuss this particular problem: The answer is no.","time":1242802050500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000139,"speechId":24000000,"text":"This is not even a government that's based on democracy.","time":1242802054500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000070,"speechId":26000000,"text":"And if America is to be a great nation, this must become true.","time":1242802054500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000018,"speechId":30000000,"text":"From a political standpoint, this would have been a popular and easy course to follow.","time":1242802058000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000045,"speechId":28000000,"text":"The taxpayers shouldn't be required to finance items which are not official business but which are primarily political business.","time":1242802059500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000141,"speechId":24000000,"text":"is not a government that is made up of representatives of the people.","time":1242802060000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000071,"speechId":26000000,"text":"And so let freedom ring from the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire.","time":1242802061000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000019,"speechId":30000000,"text":"After all, we became involved in the war while my predecessor was in office.","time":1242802065500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000142,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Half of the people in the South can't even vote.","time":1242802066500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000072,"speechId":26000000,"text":"Let freedom ring from the mighty mountains of New York.","time":1242802067000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000046,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Well, then the question arises, you say, \"Well, how do you pay for these and how can you do it legally?\"","time":1242802069000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000143,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Eastland is not even supposed to be in Washington.","time":1242802071500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000073,"speechId":26000000,"text":"Let freedom ring from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania.","time":1242802072000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000020,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I could blame the defeat, which would be the result of my action, on him -- and come out as the peacemaker.","time":1242802072500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000144,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Half of the senators and congressmen who occupy these key positions in Washington, D.","time":1242802076000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000074,"speechId":26000000,"text":"Let freedom ring from the snow-capped Rockies of Colorado.","time":1242802076500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000047,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And there are several ways that it can be done, incidentally, and that it is done legally in the United States Senate and in the Congress.","time":1242802079500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000075,"speechId":26000000,"text":"Let freedom ring from the curvaceous slopes of California.","time":1242802081000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000146,"speechId":24000000,"text":"are there illegally, are there unconstitutionally.","time":1242802083500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000021,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Some put it to me quite bluntly: This was the only way to avoid allowing Johnson's war to become Nixon's war.","time":1242802083500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000076,"speechId":26000000,"text":"But not only that: Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia.","time":1242802085500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000147,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I was in Washington, D.","time":1242802086500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000149,"speechId":24000000,"text":"a week ago Thursday, when they were debating whether or not they should let the bill come onto the floor.","time":1242802089500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000048,"speechId":28000000,"text":"The first way is to be a rich man.","time":1242802092500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000077,"speechId":26000000,"text":"Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee.","time":1242802094000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000022,"speechId":30000000,"text":"But I had a greater obligation than to think only of the years of my Administration, and of the next election.","time":1242802094000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000049,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I don't happen to be a rich man, so I couldn't use that one.","time":1242802097000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000078,"speechId":26000000,"text":"Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi.","time":1242802098000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000150,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And in the back of the room where the Senate meets, there's a huge map of the United States, and on that map it shows the location of Negroes throughout the country.","time":1242802099500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000079,"speechId":26000000,"text":"From every mountainside, let freedom ring.","time":1242802103000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000050,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Another way that is used is to put your wife on the pay roll.","time":1242802104000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000023,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I had to think of the effect of my decision on the next generation, and on the future of peace and freedom in America, and in the world.","time":1242802104500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000080,"speechId":26000000,"text":"And when this happens, when we allow freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual: Free at last!","time":1242802106000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000051,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Let me say, incidentally, that my opponent, my opposite number for the Vice Presidency on the Democratic ticket, does have his wife on the pay roll and has had it -- her on his pay roll for the ten years -- for the past ten years.","time":1242802111000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000151,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And it shows that the Southern section of the country, the states that are most heavily concentrated with Negroes, are the ones that have senators and congressmen standing up filibustering and doing all other kinds of trickery to keep the Negro from being able to vote.","time":1242802115500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000024,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Let us all understand that the question before us is not whether some Americans are for peace and some Americans are against peace.","time":1242802118500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000025,"speechId":30000000,"text":"The question at issue is not whether Johnson's war becomes Nixon's war.","time":1242802130000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000052,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Now just let me say this: That's his business, and I'm not critical of him for doing that.","time":1242802134000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000026,"speechId":30000000,"text":"The great question is: How can we win America's peace?","time":1242802136000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000152,"speechId":24000000,"text":"This is pitiful.","time":1242802138500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000153,"speechId":24000000,"text":"But it's not pitiful for us any longer; it's actually pitiful for the white man, because soon now, as the Negro awakens a little more and sees the vise that he's in, sees the bag that he's in, sees the real game that he's in, then the Negro's going to develop a new tactic.","time":1242802140000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000027,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Well, let us turn now to the fundamental issue: Why and how did the United States become involved in Vietnam in the first place?","time":1242802141000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000053,"speechId":28000000,"text":"You will have to pass judgment on that particular point.","time":1242802143000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000054,"speechId":28000000,"text":"But I have never done that for this reason: I have found that there are so many deserving stenographers and secretaries in Washington that needed the work that I just didn't feel it was right to put my wife on the pay roll.","time":1242802148000}
{"_index":1,"id":26000081,"speechId":26000000,"text":"Free at last!","time":1242802149500}
{"_index":1,"id":26000082,"speechId":26000000,"text":"Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!","time":1242802151000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000028,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Fifteen years ago North Vietnam, with the logistical support of Communist China and the Soviet Union, launched a campaign to impose a Communist government on South Vietnam by instigating and supporting a revolution.","time":1242802153000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000154,"speechId":24000000,"text":"These senators and congressmen actually violate the constitutional amendments that guarantee the people of that particular state or county the right to vote.","time":1242802167000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000055,"speechId":28000000,"text":"My wife's sitting over here.","time":1242802169500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000029,"speechId":30000000,"text":"In response to the request of the Government of South Vietnam, President Eisenhower sent economic aid and military equipment to assist the people of South Vietnam in their efforts to prevent a Communist takeover.","time":1242802169500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000056,"speechId":28000000,"text":"She's a wonderful stenographer.","time":1242802172000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000057,"speechId":28000000,"text":"She used to teach stenography and she used to teach shorthand in high school.","time":1242802174000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000155,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And the Constitution itself has within it the machinery to expel any representative from a state where the voting rights of the people are violated.","time":1242802178500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000058,"speechId":28000000,"text":"That was when I met her.","time":1242802181000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000059,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And I can tell you folks that she's worked many hours at night and many hours on Saturdays and Sundays in my office, and she's done a fine job, and I am proud to say tonight that in the six years I've been in the House and the Senate of the United States, Pat Nixon has never been on the Government pay roll.","time":1242802184000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000030,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Seven years ago, President Kennedy sent 16,000 military personnel to Vietnam as combat advisers.","time":1242802186500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000156,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You don't even need new legislation.","time":1242802191000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000031,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Four years ago, President Johnson sent American combat forces to South Vietnam.","time":1242802193500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000157,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Any person in Congress right now, who is there from a state or a district where the voting rights of the people are violated, that particular person should be expelled from Congress.","time":1242802194000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000032,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Now many believe that President Johnson's decision to send American combat forces to South Vietnam was wrong.","time":1242802199500}
{"_index":0,"id":32000000,"location":"washington, dc, us","speaker":"ronald reagan","time":1242802200000}
{"_index":1,"id":32000001,"speechId":32000000,"text":"Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd planned to speak to you tonight to report on the state of the Union, but the events of earlier today have led me to change those plans.","time":1242802205000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000033,"speechId":30000000,"text":"And many others, I among them, have been strongly critical of the way the war has been conducted.","time":1242802208000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000158,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And when you expel him, you've removed one of the obstacles in the path of any real meaningful legislation in this country.","time":1242802210000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000060,"speechId":28000000,"text":"What are other ways that these finances can be taken care of?","time":1242802215500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000034,"speechId":30000000,"text":"But the question facing us today is: Now that we are in the war, what is the best way to end it?","time":1242802217000}
{"_index":1,"id":32000002,"speechId":32000000,"text":"Today is a day for mourning and remembering.","time":1242802220500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000159,"speechId":24000000,"text":"In fact, when you expel them, you don't need new legislation, because they will be replaced by black representatives from counties and districts where the black man is in the majority, not in the minority.","time":1242802221000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000061,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Some who are lawyers, and I happen to be a lawyer, continue to practice law, but I haven't been able to do that.","time":1242802221500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000003,"speechId":32000000,"text":"Nancy and I are pained to the core by the tragedy of the shuttle Challenger.","time":1242802224500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000035,"speechId":30000000,"text":"In January I could only conclude that the precipitate withdrawal of all American forces from Vietnam would be a disaster not only for South Vietnam but for the United States and for the cause of peace.","time":1242802228000}
{"_index":1,"id":32000004,"speechId":32000000,"text":"We know we share this pain with all of the people of our country.","time":1242802232000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000062,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I'm so far away from California that I've been so busy with my senatorial work that I have not engaged in any legal practice.","time":1242802233000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000160,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If the black man in these Southern states had his full voting rights, the key Dixiecrats in Washington, D.","time":1242802238500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000005,"speechId":32000000,"text":"This is truly a national loss.","time":1242802239000}
{"_index":1,"id":32000006,"speechId":32000000,"text":"Nineteen years ago, almost to the day, we lost three astronauts in a terrible accident on the ground.","time":1242802242000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000063,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And, also, as far as law practice is concerned, it seemed to me that the relationship between an attorney and the client was so personal that you couldn't possibly represent a man as an attorney and then have an unbiased view when he presented his case to you in the event that he had one before Government.","time":1242802245000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000036,"speechId":30000000,"text":"For the South Vietnamese, our precipitate withdrawal would inevitably allow the Communists to repeat the massacres which followed their takeover in the North 15 years before.","time":1242802246000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000162,"speechId":24000000,"text":"which means the key Democrats in Washington, D.","time":1242802248500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000007,"speechId":32000000,"text":"But we've never lost an astronaut in flight.","time":1242802251000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000164,"speechId":24000000,"text":"would lose their seats.","time":1242802253000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000165,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The Democratic Party itself would lose its power.","time":1242802255000}
{"_index":1,"id":32000008,"speechId":32000000,"text":"We've never had a tragedy like this.","time":1242802255000}
{"_index":1,"id":32000009,"speechId":32000000,"text":"And perhaps we've forgotten the courage it took for the crew of the shuttle.","time":1242802258500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000166,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It would cease to be powerful as a party.","time":1242802259000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000037,"speechId":30000000,"text":"They then murdered more than 50,000 people and hundreds of thousands more died in slave labor camps.","time":1242802259000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000167,"speechId":24000000,"text":"When you see the amount of power that would be lost by the Democratic Party if it were to lose the Dixiecrat wing, or branch, or element, you can see where it's against the interests of the Democrats to give voting rights to Negroes in states where the Democrats have been in complete power and authority ever since the Civil War.","time":1242802263500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000010,"speechId":32000000,"text":"But they, the Challenger Seven, were aware of the dangers, but overcame them and did their jobs brilliantly.","time":1242802265500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000038,"speechId":30000000,"text":"We saw a prelude of what would happen in South Vietnam when the Communists entered the city of Hue last year.","time":1242802267500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000064,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And so I felt that the best way to handle these necessary political expenses of getting my message to the American people and the speeches I made -- the speeches that I had printed for the most part concerned this one message of exposing this Administration, the Communism in it, the corruption in it -- the only way that I could do that was to accept the aid which people in my home State of California, who contributed to my campaign and who continued to make these contributions after I was elected, were glad to make.","time":1242802273500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000011,"speechId":32000000,"text":"We mourn seven heroes: Michael Smith, Dick Scobee, Judith Resnik, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Gregory Jarvis, and Christa McAuliffe.","time":1242802274500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000039,"speechId":30000000,"text":"During their brief rule there, there was a bloody reign of terror in which 3,000 civilians were clubbed, shot to death, and buried in mass graves.","time":1242802278000}
{"_index":1,"id":32000012,"speechId":32000000,"text":"We mourn their loss as a nation together.","time":1242802284000}
{"_index":1,"id":32000013,"speechId":32000000,"text":"For the families of the seven, we cannot bear, as you do, the full impact of this tragedy.","time":1242802288000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000040,"speechId":30000000,"text":"With the sudden collapse of our support, these atrocities at Hue would become the nightmare of the entire nation and particularly for the million-and-a half Catholic refugees who fled to South Vietnam when the Communists took over in the North.","time":1242802291000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000168,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You just can't belong to that Party without analyzing it.","time":1242802294000}
{"_index":1,"id":32000014,"speechId":32000000,"text":"But we feel the loss, and we're thinking about you so very much.","time":1242802297000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000169,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I say again, I'm not anti-Democrat, I'm not anti-Republican, I'm not anti-anything.","time":1242802299000}
{"_index":1,"id":32000015,"speechId":32000000,"text":"Your loved ones were daring and brave, and they had that special grace, that special spirit that says, \"Give me a challenge, and I'll meet it with joy.\"","time":1242802303500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000170,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I'm just questioning their sincerity, and some of the strategy that they've been using on our people by promising them promises that they don't intend to keep.","time":1242802305000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000041,"speechId":30000000,"text":"For the United States this first defeat in our nation's history would result in a collapse of confidence in American leadership not only in Asia but throughout the world.","time":1242802311000}
{"_index":1,"id":32000016,"speechId":32000000,"text":"They had a hunger to explore the universe and discover its truths.","time":1242802317500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000171,"speechId":24000000,"text":"When you keep the Democrats in power, you're keeping the Dixiecrats in power.","time":1242802318500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000065,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And let me say I'm proud of the fact that not one of them has ever asked me for a special favor.","time":1242802321500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000017,"speechId":32000000,"text":"They wished to serve, and they did.","time":1242802323500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000172,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I doubt that my good Brother Lomax will deny that.","time":1242802325000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000042,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Three American Presidents have recognized the great stakes involved in Vietnam and understood what had to be done.","time":1242802325500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000018,"speechId":32000000,"text":"They served all of us.","time":1242802327000}
{"_index":1,"id":32000019,"speechId":32000000,"text":"We've grown used to wonders in this century.","time":1242802329500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000173,"speechId":24000000,"text":"A vote for a Democrat is a vote for a Dixiecrat.","time":1242802330000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000066,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I'm proud of the fact that not one of them has ever asked me to vote on a bill other than of my own conscience would dictate.","time":1242802332500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000020,"speechId":32000000,"text":"It's hard to dazzle us.","time":1242802333500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000043,"speechId":30000000,"text":"In 1963 President Kennedy with his characteristic eloquence and clarity said, \"We want to see a stable Government there,\" carrying on the [a] struggle to maintain its national independence.","time":1242802334500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000174,"speechId":24000000,"text":"That's why, in 1964, it's time now for you and me to become more politically mature and realize what the ballot is for; what we're supposed to get when we cast a ballot; and that if we don't cast a ballot, it's going to end up in a situation where we're going to have to cast a bullet.","time":1242802335500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000021,"speechId":32000000,"text":"But for twenty-five years the United States space program has been doing just that.","time":1242802336000}
{"_index":1,"id":32000022,"speechId":32000000,"text":"We've grown used to the idea of space, and, perhaps we forget that we've only just begun.","time":1242802343000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000067,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And I am proud of the fact that the taxpayers, by subterfuge or otherwise, have never paid one dime for expenses which I thought were political and shouldn't be charged to the taxpayers.","time":1242802346000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000044,"speechId":30000000,"text":"We believe strongly in that.","time":1242802351500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000023,"speechId":32000000,"text":"We're still pioneers.","time":1242802351500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000024,"speechId":32000000,"text":"They, the members of the Challenger crew, were pioneers.","time":1242802353000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000045,"speechId":30000000,"text":"We are not going to withdraw from that effort.","time":1242802354000}
{"_index":1,"id":32000025,"speechId":32000000,"text":"And I want to say something to the schoolchildren of America who were watching the live coverage of the shuttle's take-off.","time":1242802357500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000046,"speechId":30000000,"text":"In my opinion, for us to withdraw from that effort would mean a collapse not only of South Vietnam but Southeast Asia.","time":1242802358500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000068,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Let me say, incidentally, that some of you may say, \"Well, that's all right, Senator, that's your explanation, but have you got any proof?\"","time":1242802362500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000175,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It's either a ballot or a bullet.","time":1242802364500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000176,"speechId":24000000,"text":"In the North, they do it a different way.","time":1242802368000}
{"_index":1,"id":32000026,"speechId":32000000,"text":"I know it's hard to understand, but sometimes painful things like this happen.","time":1242802368000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000047,"speechId":30000000,"text":"So we're going to stay there.","time":1242802369500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000177,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They have a system that's known as gerrymandering, whatever that means.","time":1242802372500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000048,"speechId":30000000,"text":"President Eisenhower and President Johnson expressed the same conclusion during their terms of office.","time":1242802372500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000069,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And I'd like to tell you this evening that just an hour ago we received an independent audit of this entire fund.","time":1242802374500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000027,"speechId":32000000,"text":"It's all part of the process of exploration and discovery.","time":1242802374500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000178,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It means when Negroes become too heavily concentrated in a certain area, and begin to gain too much political power, the white man comes along and changes the district lines.","time":1242802378000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000049,"speechId":30000000,"text":"For the future of peace, precipitate withdrawal would be a disaster of immense magnitude.","time":1242802379500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000028,"speechId":32000000,"text":"It's all part of taking a chance and expanding man's horizons.","time":1242802379500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000029,"speechId":32000000,"text":"The future doesn't belong to the fainthearted; it belongs to the brave.","time":1242802385000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000070,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I suggested to Governor Sherman Adams, who is the Chief of Staff of the Dwight Eisenhower campaign, that an independent audit and legal report be obtained, and I have that audit here in my hands.","time":1242802385500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000050,"speechId":30000000,"text":"A nation cannot remain great if it betrays its allies and lets down its friends.","time":1242802386500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000030,"speechId":32000000,"text":"The Challenger crew was pulling us into the future, and we'll continue to follow them.","time":1242802391000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000179,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You may say, \"Why do you keep saying white man?\"","time":1242802393000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000051,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Our defeat and humiliation in South Vietnam without question would promote recklessness in the councils of those great powers who have not yet abandoned their goals of worlds conquest.","time":1242802394000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000180,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Because it's the white man who does it.","time":1242802398000}
{"_index":1,"id":32000031,"speechId":32000000,"text":"I've always had great faith in and respect for our space program.","time":1242802398500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000181,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I haven't ever seen any Negro changing any lines.","time":1242802402000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000071,"speechId":28000000,"text":"It's an audit made by the Price Waterhouse & Company firm, and the legal opinion by Gibson, Dunn, & Crutcher, lawyers in Los Angeles, the biggest law firm, and incidentally, one of the best ones in Los Angeles.","time":1242802403000}
{"_index":1,"id":32000032,"speechId":32000000,"text":"And what happened today does nothing to diminish it.","time":1242802404500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000182,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They don't let him get near the line.","time":1242802406500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000052,"speechId":30000000,"text":"This would spark violence wherever our commitments help maintain the peace -- in the Middle East, in Berlin, eventually even in the Western Hemisphere.","time":1242802408500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000033,"speechId":32000000,"text":"We don't hide our space program.","time":1242802409000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000183,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It's the white man who does this.","time":1242802410500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000034,"speechId":32000000,"text":"We don't keep secrets and cover things up.","time":1242802412000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000184,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And usually, it's the white man who grins at you the most, and pats you on the back, and is supposed to be your friend.","time":1242802414000}
{"_index":1,"id":32000035,"speechId":32000000,"text":"We do it all up front and in public.","time":1242802416000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000053,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Ultimately, this would cost more lives.","time":1242802420500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000036,"speechId":32000000,"text":"That's the way freedom is, and we wouldn't change it for a minute.","time":1242802420500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000072,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I am proud to be able to report to you tonight that this audit and this legal opinion is being forwarded to General Eisenhower.","time":1242802422000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000054,"speechId":30000000,"text":"It would not bring peace.","time":1242802423500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000055,"speechId":30000000,"text":"It would bring more war.","time":1242802426000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000185,"speechId":24000000,"text":"He may be friendly, but he's not your friend.","time":1242802426500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000037,"speechId":32000000,"text":"We'll continue our quest in space.","time":1242802427000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000056,"speechId":30000000,"text":"For these reasons I rejected the recommendation that I should end the war by immediately withdrawing all of our forces.","time":1242802428500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000038,"speechId":32000000,"text":"There will be more shuttle flights and more shuttle crews and, yes, more volunteers, more civilians, more teachers in space.","time":1242802430000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000186,"speechId":24000000,"text":"So, what I'm trying to impress upon you, in essence, is this: You and I in America are faced not with a segregationist conspiracy, we're faced with a government conspiracy.","time":1242802431000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000073,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And I'd like to read to you the opinion that was prepared by Gibson, Dunn, & Crutcher, and based on all the pertinent laws and statutes, together with the audit report prepared by the certified public accountants.","time":1242802434000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000057,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I chose instead to change American policy on both the negotiating front and the battle front in order to end the war fought on many fronts.","time":1242802438500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000039,"speechId":32000000,"text":"Nothing ends here; our hopes and our journeys continue.","time":1242802440000}
{"_index":1,"id":32000040,"speechId":32000000,"text":"I want to add that I wish I could talk to every man and woman who works for NASA, or who worked on this mission and tell them: \"Your dedication and professionalism have moved and impressed us for decades. And we know of your anguish. We share it.\"","time":1242802444500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000187,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Everyone who's filibustering is a senator -- that's the government.","time":1242802446000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000188,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Everyone who's finagling in Washington, D.","time":1242802451000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000058,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I initiated a pursuit for peace on many fronts.","time":1242802451500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000074,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Quote: It is our conclusion that Senator Nixon did not obtain any financial gain from the collection and disbursement of the fund by Dana Smith; that Senator Nixon did not violate any federal or state law by reason of the operation of the fund; and that neither the portion of the fund paid by Dana Smith directly to third persons, nor the portion paid to Senator Nixon, to reimburse him for designated office expenses, constituted income to the Senator which was either reportable or taxable as income under applicable tax laws.","time":1242802452500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000190,"speechId":24000000,"text":"is a congressman -- that's the government.","time":1242802454500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000059,"speechId":30000000,"text":"In a television speech on May 14, in a speech before the United Nations, on a number of other occasions, I set forth our peace proposals in great detail.","time":1242802456000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000191,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You don't have anybody putting blocks in your path but people who are a part of the government.","time":1242802458000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000192,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The same government that you go abroad to fight for and die for is the government that is in a conspiracy to deprive you of your voting rights, deprive you of your economic opportunities, deprive you of decent housing, deprive you of decent education.","time":1242802467000}
{"_index":1,"id":32000041,"speechId":32000000,"text":"There's a coincidence today.","time":1242802468500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000060,"speechId":30000000,"text":"We have offered the complete withdrawal of all outside forces within one year.","time":1242802470500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000042,"speechId":32000000,"text":"On this day three hundred and ninety years ago, the great explorer Sir Francis Drake died aboard ship off the coast of Panama.","time":1242802470500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000061,"speechId":30000000,"text":"We have proposed a cease fire under international supervision.","time":1242802477000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000062,"speechId":30000000,"text":"We have offered free elections under international supervision with the Communists participating in the organization and conduct of the elections as an organized political force.","time":1242802481500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000043,"speechId":32000000,"text":"In his lifetime the great frontiers were the oceans, and a historian later said, \"He lived by the sea, died on it, and was buried in it.\"","time":1242802482000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000193,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You don't need to go to the employer alone, it is the government itself, the government of America, that is responsible for the oppression and exploitation and degradation of black people in this country.","time":1242802489000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000063,"speechId":30000000,"text":"And the Saigon government has pledged to accept the result of the election.","time":1242802494000}
{"_index":1,"id":32000044,"speechId":32000000,"text":"Well, today, we can say of the Challenger crew: Their dedication was, like Drake's, complete.","time":1242802495500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000075,"speechId":28000000,"text":"signed) Gibson, Dunn, & Crutcher, by Elmo H.","time":1242802500500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000064,"speechId":30000000,"text":"We have not put forth our proposals on a take-it-or-leave-it basis.","time":1242802500500}
{"_index":1,"id":32000045,"speechId":32000000,"text":"The crew of the space shuttle Challenger honored us by the manner in which they lived their lives.","time":1242802503000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000194,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And you should drop it in their lap.","time":1242802506000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000065,"speechId":30000000,"text":"We have indicated that we're willing to discuss the proposals that have been put forth by the other side.","time":1242802506000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000195,"speechId":24000000,"text":"This government has failed the Negro.","time":1242802510000}
{"_index":1,"id":32000046,"speechId":32000000,"text":"We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw them, this morning, as they prepared for their journey and waved goodbye and \"slipped the surly bonds of earth\" to \"touch the face of God.\"","time":1242802512000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000196,"speechId":24000000,"text":"This so-called democracy has failed the Negro.","time":1242802513000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000066,"speechId":30000000,"text":"We have declared that anything is negotiable, except the right of the people of South Vietnam to determine their own future.","time":1242802515500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000197,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And all these white liberals have definitely failed the Negro.","time":1242802516500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000076,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Conley Now that, my friends, is not Nixon speaking, but that's an independent audit which was requested, because I want the American people to know all the facts, and I am not afraid of having independent people go in and check the facts, and that is exactly what they did.","time":1242802519500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000198,"speechId":24000000,"text":"So, where do we go from here?","time":1242802521500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000199,"speechId":24000000,"text":"First, we need some friends.","time":1242802525000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000067,"speechId":30000000,"text":"At the Paris peace conference Ambassador Lodge has demonstrated our flexibility and good faith in 40 public meetings.","time":1242802526000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000200,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We need some new allies.","time":1242802527500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000201,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The entire civil-rights struggle needs a new interpretation, a broader interpretation.","time":1242802530000}
{"_index":1,"id":32000047,"speechId":32000000,"text":"Thank you.","time":1242802530000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000068,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Hanoi has refused even to discuss our proposals.","time":1242802535000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000202,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We need to look at this civil-rights thing from another angle -- from the inside as well as from the outside.","time":1242802535500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000069,"speechId":30000000,"text":"They demand our unconditional acceptance of their terms which are that we withdraw all American forces immediately and unconditionally and that we overthrow the government of South Vietnam as we leave.","time":1242802539000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000077,"speechId":28000000,"text":"But then I realized that there are still some who may say, and rightfully so -- and let me say that I recognize that some will continue to smear regardless of what the truth may be -- but that there has been, understandably, some honest misunderstanding on this matter, and there are some that will say, \"Well, maybe you were able, Senator, to fake this thing. How can we believe what you say? After all, is there a possibility that maybe you got some sums in cash? Is there a possibility that you may have feathered your own nest?\"","time":1242802545000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000203,"speechId":24000000,"text":"To those of us whose philosophy is black nationalism, the only way you can get involved in the civil-rights struggle is give it a new interpretation.","time":1242802546000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000070,"speechId":30000000,"text":"We have not limited our peace initiatives to public forums and public statements.","time":1242802554500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000204,"speechId":24000000,"text":"That old interpretation excluded us.","time":1242802559000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000071,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I recognized in January that a long and bitter war like this usually cannot be settled in a public forum.","time":1242802561000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000205,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It kept us out.","time":1242802561500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000206,"speechId":24000000,"text":"So, we're giving a new interpretation to the civil-rights struggle, an interpretation that will enable us to come into it, take part in it.","time":1242802563500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000072,"speechId":30000000,"text":"That is why in addition to the public statements and negotiations, I have explored every possible private avenue that might lead to a settlement.","time":1242802571000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000207,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And these handkerchief-heads who have been dillydallying and pussy footing and compromising -- we don't intend to let them pussyfoot and dillydally and compromise any longer.","time":1242802575500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000073,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Tonight, I am taking the unprecedented step of disclosing to you some of our other initiatives for peace, initiatives we undertook privately and secretly because we thought we thereby might open a door which publicly would be closed.","time":1242802583000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000208,"speechId":24000000,"text":"How can you thank a man for giving you what's already yours?","time":1242802588500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000209,"speechId":24000000,"text":"How then can you thank him for giving you only part of what's already yours?","time":1242802594500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000078,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And so now, what I am going to do -- and incidentally this is unprecedented in the history of American politics -- I am going at this time to give to this television and radio audio -- audience, a complete financial history, everything I've earned, everything I've spent, everything I own.","time":1242802594500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000210,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You haven't even made progress, if what's being given to you, you should have had already.","time":1242802602000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000074,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I did not wait for my inauguration to begin my quest for peace.","time":1242802602000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000075,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Soon after my election, through an individual who was directly in contact on a personal basis with the leaders of North Vietnam, I made two private offers for a rapid, comprehensive settlement.","time":1242802608500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000211,"speechId":24000000,"text":"That's not progress.","time":1242802610000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000212,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And I love my Brother Lomax, the way he pointed out we're right back where we were in 1954.","time":1242802611500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000079,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And I want you to know the facts.","time":1242802620000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000213,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We're not even as far up as we were in 1954.","time":1242802621000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000080,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I'll have to start early.","time":1242802624000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000076,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Hanoi's replies called in effect for our surrender before negotiations.","time":1242802624500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000214,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We're behind where we were in 1954.","time":1242802626500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000081,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I was born in 1913.","time":1242802626500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000082,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Our family was one of modest circumstances, and most of my early life was spent in a store out in East Whittier.","time":1242802629000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000077,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Since the Soviet Union furnishes most of the military equipment for North Vietnam, Secretary of State Rogers, my assistant for national security affairs, Dr.","time":1242802629500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000215,"speechId":24000000,"text":"There's more segregation now than there was in 1954.","time":1242802630000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000216,"speechId":24000000,"text":"There's more racial animosity, more racial hatred, more racial violence today in 1964, than there was in 1954.","time":1242802634500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000083,"speechId":28000000,"text":"It was a grocery store, one of those family enterprises.","time":1242802640000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000078,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Kissinger, Ambassador Lodge and I personally have met on a number of occasions with representatives of the Soviet Government to enlist their assistance in getting meaningful negotiations started.","time":1242802641500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000217,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Where is the progress?","time":1242802643500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000084,"speechId":28000000,"text":"The only reason we were able to make it go was because my mother and dad had five boys, and we all worked in the store.","time":1242802645000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000218,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And now you're facing a situation where the young Negro's coming up.","time":1242802645500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000219,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They don't want to hear that \"turn the-other-cheek\" stuff, no.","time":1242802651500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000079,"speechId":30000000,"text":"In addition, we have had extended discussions directed toward that same end with representatives of other governments which have diplomatic relations with North Vietnam.","time":1242802655500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000220,"speechId":24000000,"text":"In Jacksonville, those were teenagers, they were throwing Molotov cocktails.","time":1242802656500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000085,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I worked my way through college, and, to a great extent, through law school.","time":1242802658000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000221,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Negroes have never done that before.","time":1242802661500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000222,"speechId":24000000,"text":"But it shows you there's a new deal coming in.","time":1242802664500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000086,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And then in 1940, probably the best thing that ever happened to me happened.","time":1242802665000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000080,"speechId":30000000,"text":"None of these initiatives have to date produced results.","time":1242802667500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000223,"speechId":24000000,"text":"There's new thinking coming in.","time":1242802669500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000224,"speechId":24000000,"text":"There's new strategy coming in.","time":1242802672000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000087,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I married Pat who's sitting over here.","time":1242802672000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000081,"speechId":30000000,"text":"In mid-July I became convinced that it was necessary to make a major move to break the deadlock in the Paris talks.","time":1242802672000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000225,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It'll be Molotov cocktails this month, hand grenades next month, and something else next month.","time":1242802674500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000088,"speechId":28000000,"text":"We had a rather difficult time after we were married, like so many of the young couples who may be listening to us.","time":1242802675500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000226,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It'll be ballots, or it'll be bullets.","time":1242802682000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000082,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I spoke directly in this office, where I'm now sitting, with an individual who had known Ho Chi Minh on a personal basis for 25 years.","time":1242802683000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000227,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It'll be liberty, or it will be death.","time":1242802685500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000089,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I practiced law.","time":1242802687000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000090,"speechId":28000000,"text":"She continued to teach school.","time":1242802688500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000228,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The only difference about this kind of death -- it'll be reciprocal.","time":1242802689500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000091,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Then, in 1942, I went into the service.","time":1242802691000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000092,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Let me say that my service record was not a particularly unusual one.","time":1242802695000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000229,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You know what is meant by \"reciprocal\"?","time":1242802695500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000083,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Through him I sent a letter to Ho Chi Minh.","time":1242802696000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000230,"speechId":24000000,"text":"That's one of Brother Lomax's words.","time":1242802699000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000084,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I did this outside of the usual diplomatic channels with the hope that with the necessity of making statements for propaganda removed, there might be constructive progress toward bringing the war to an end.","time":1242802701000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000093,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I went to the South Pacific.","time":1242802701500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000231,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I stole it from him.","time":1242802702000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000232,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I don't usually deal with those big words because I don't usually deal with big people.","time":1242802704500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000094,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I guess I'm entitled to a couple of battle stars.","time":1242802704500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000095,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I got a couple of letters of commendation.","time":1242802709500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000233,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I deal with small people.","time":1242802712500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000096,"speechId":28000000,"text":"But I was just there when the bombs were falling.","time":1242802713500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000234,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I find you can get a whole lot of small people and whip hell out of a whole lot of big people.","time":1242802715000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000085,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Let me read from that letter to you now: \"Dear Mr. President: I realize that it is difficult to communicate meaningfully across the gulf of four years of war. But precisely because of this gulf I wanted to take this opportunity to reaffirm in all solemnity my desire to work for a just peace. I deeply believe that the war in Vietnam has gone on too long and delay in bringing it to an end can benefit no one, least of all the people of Vietnam. The time has come to move forward at the conference table toward an early resolution of this tragic war. You will find us forthcoming and open-minded in a common effort to bring the blessings of peace to the brave people of Vietnam. Let history record that at this critical juncture both sides turned their face toward peace rather than toward conflict and war.\"","time":1242802718000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000097,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And then I returned -- returned to the United States, and in 1946, I ran for the Congress.","time":1242802718500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000235,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They haven't got anything to lose, and they've got every thing to gain.","time":1242802726000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000098,"speechId":28000000,"text":"When we came out of the war -- Pat and I -- Pat during the war had worked as a stenographer, and in a bank, and as an economist for a Government agency -- and when we came out, the total of our savings, from both my law practice, her teaching and all the time that I was in the war, the total for that entire period was just a little less than 10,000 dollars.","time":1242802727500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000236,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And they'll let you know in a minute: \"It takes two to tango; when I go, you go.\"","time":1242802732500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000237,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The black nationalists, those whose philosophy is black nationalism, in bringing about this new interpretation of the entire meaning of civil rights, look upon it as meaning, as Brother Lomax has pointed out, equality of opportunity.","time":1242802741500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000238,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Well, we're justified in seeking civil rights, if it means equality of opportunity, because all we're doing there is trying to collect for our investment.","time":1242802759500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000099,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Every cent of that, incidentally, was in Government bonds.","time":1242802765000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000100,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Well that's where we start, when I go into politics.","time":1242802769500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000239,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Our mothers and fathers invested sweat and blood.","time":1242802772000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000101,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Now, what have I earned since I went into politics?","time":1242802774500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000240,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Three hundred and ten years we worked in this country without a dime in return -- I mean without a dime in return.","time":1242802776000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000102,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Well, here it is.","time":1242802779500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000103,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I've jotted it down.","time":1242802781500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000104,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Let me read the notes.","time":1242802783500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000105,"speechId":28000000,"text":"First of all, I've had my salary as a Congressman and as a Senator.","time":1242802786000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000241,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You let the white man walk around here talking about how rich this country is, but you never stop to think how it got rich so quick.","time":1242802787500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000106,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Second, I have received a total in this past six years of 1600 dollars from estates which were in my law firm at the time that I severed my connection with it.","time":1242802793000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000086,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I received Ho Chi Minh's reply on August 30, three days before his death.","time":1242802800000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000242,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It got rich because you made it rich.","time":1242802801000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000243,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You take the people who are in this audience right now.","time":1242802805000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000087,"speechId":30000000,"text":"It simply reiterated the public position North Vietnam had taken at Paris and flatly rejected my initiative.","time":1242802807000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000107,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And, incidentally, as I said before, I have not engaged in any legal practice and have not accepted any fees from business that came into the firm after I went into politics.","time":1242802809000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000244,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They're poor.","time":1242802810500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000245,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We're all poor as individuals.","time":1242802811500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000246,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Our weekly salary individually amounts to hardly anything.","time":1242802814000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000088,"speechId":30000000,"text":"The full text of both letters is being released to the press.","time":1242802815500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000247,"speechId":24000000,"text":"But if you take the salary of everyone in here collectively, it'll fill up a whole lot of baskets.","time":1242802818000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000089,"speechId":30000000,"text":"In addition to the public meetings that I have referred to, Ambassador Lodge has met with Vietnam's chief negotiator in Paris in 11 private sessions.","time":1242802821500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000108,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I have made an average of approximately 1500 dollars a year from nonpolitical speaking engagements and lectures.","time":1242802825000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000248,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It's a lot of wealth.","time":1242802827500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000249,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If you can collect the wages of just these people right here for a year, you'll be rich -- richer than rich.","time":1242802830000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000109,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And then, fortunately, we've inherited a little money.","time":1242802833500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000090,"speechId":30000000,"text":"And we have taken other significant initiatives which must remain secret to keep open some channels of communications which may still prove to be productive.","time":1242802834000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000110,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Pat sold her interest in her father's estate for 3,000 dollars, and I inherited 1500 dollars from my grandfather.","time":1242802837500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000250,"speechId":24000000,"text":"When you look at it like that, think how rich Uncle Sam had to become, not with this handful, but millions of black people.","time":1242802841000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000091,"speechId":30000000,"text":"But the effect of all the public, private, and secret negotiations which have been undertaken since the bombing halt a year ago, and since this Administration came into office on January 20th, can be summed up in one sentence: No progress whatever has been made except agreement on the shape of the bargaining table.","time":1242802846500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000111,"speechId":28000000,"text":"We lived rather modestly.","time":1242802847000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000112,"speechId":28000000,"text":"For four years we lived in an apartment in Parkfairfax, in Alexandria, Virginia.","time":1242802849000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000251,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Your and my mother and father, who didn't work an eight-hour shift, but worked from \"can't see\" in the morning until \"can't see\" at night, and worked for nothing, making the white man rich, making Uncle Sam rich.","time":1242802853000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000113,"speechId":28000000,"text":"The rent was 80 dollars a month.","time":1242802855500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000114,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And we saved for the time that we could buy a house.","time":1242802859000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000115,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Now, that was what we took in.","time":1242802865000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000116,"speechId":28000000,"text":"What did we do with this money?","time":1242802868500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000252,"speechId":24000000,"text":"This is our investment.","time":1242802872000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000117,"speechId":28000000,"text":"What do we have today to show for it?","time":1242802872000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000092,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Well, now, who's at fault?","time":1242802873500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000253,"speechId":24000000,"text":"This is our contribution, our blood.","time":1242802874000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000093,"speechId":30000000,"text":"It's become clear that the obstacle in negotiating an end to the war is not the President of the United States.","time":1242802876000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000118,"speechId":28000000,"text":"This will surprise you because it is so little, I suppose, as standards generally go of people in public life.","time":1242802876500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000254,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Not only did we give of our free labor, we gave of our blood.","time":1242802877000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000255,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Every time he had a call to arms, we were the first ones in uniform.","time":1242802884000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000119,"speechId":28000000,"text":"First of all, we've got a house in Washington, which cost 41,000 dollars and on which we owe 20,000 dollars.","time":1242802886500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000094,"speechId":30000000,"text":"It is not the South Vietnamese Government.","time":1242802886500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000095,"speechId":30000000,"text":"The obstacle is the other side's absolute refusal to show the least willingness to join us in seeking a just peace.","time":1242802890000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000256,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We died on every battlefield the white man had.","time":1242802891500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000257,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We have made a greater sacrifice than anybody who's standing up in America today.","time":1242802896000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000120,"speechId":28000000,"text":"We have a house in Whittier, California which cost 13,000 dollars and on which we owe 3000 dollars.","time":1242802896500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000096,"speechId":30000000,"text":"And it will not do so while it is convinced that all it has to do is to wait for our next concession, and our next concession after that one, until it gets everything it wants.","time":1242802900500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000258,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We have made a greater contribution and have collected less.","time":1242802903000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000121,"speechId":28000000,"text":"My folks are living there at the present time.","time":1242802905500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000259,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Civil rights, for those of us whose philosophy is black nationalism, means: \"Give it to us now. Don't wait for next year. Give it to us yesterday, and that's not fast enough.\"","time":1242802908000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000122,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I have just 4000 dollars in life insurance, plus my GI policy which I've never been able to convert, and which will run out in two years.","time":1242802910000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000097,"speechId":30000000,"text":"There can now be no longer any question that progress in negotiation depends only on Hanoi 's deciding to negotiate -- to negotiate seriously.","time":1242802918500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000123,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I have no life insurance whatever on Pat.","time":1242802923500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000260,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I might stop right here to point out one thing.","time":1242802924000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000124,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I have no life insurance on our two youngsters, Tricia and Julie.","time":1242802927500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000261,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Whenever you're going after something that belongs to you, anyone who's depriving you of the right to have it is a criminal.","time":1242802929000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000098,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I realize that this report on our efforts on the diplomatic front is discouraging to the American people, but the American people are entitled to know the truth -- the bad news as well as the good news -- where the lives of our young men are involved.","time":1242802930500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000125,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I own a 1950 Oldsmobile car.","time":1242802933500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000126,"speechId":28000000,"text":"We have our furniture.","time":1242802936500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000127,"speechId":28000000,"text":"We have no stocks and bonds of any type.","time":1242802938500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000262,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Understand that.","time":1242802940000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000263,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Whenever you are going after something that is yours, you are within your legal rights to lay claim to it.","time":1242802941000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000128,"speechId":28000000,"text":"We have no interest of any kind, direct or indirect, in any business.","time":1242802943000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000129,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Now, that's what we have.","time":1242802949500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000264,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And anyone who puts forth any effort to deprive you of that which is yours, is breaking the law, is a criminal.","time":1242802951000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000130,"speechId":28000000,"text":"What do we owe?","time":1242802952000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000131,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Well in addition to the mortgage, the 20,000 dollar mortgage on the house in Washington, the 10,000 dollar one on the house in Whittier, I owe 4500 dollars to the Riggs Bank in Washington, D.","time":1242802954000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000099,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Now let me turn, however, to a more encouraging report on another front.","time":1242802954500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000100,"speechId":30000000,"text":"At the time we launched our search for peace, I recognized we might not succeed in bringing an end to the war through negotiations.","time":1242802961000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000265,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And this was pointed out by the Supreme Court decision.","time":1242802962000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000266,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It outlawed segregation.","time":1242802967000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000267,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Which means segregation is against the law.","time":1242802968500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000268,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Which means a segregationist is breaking the law.","time":1242802972000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000133,"speechId":28000000,"text":"with interest 4 and 1/2 percent.","time":1242802972000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000101,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I therefore put into effect another plan to bring peace -- a plan which will bring the war to an end regardless of what happens on the negotiating front.","time":1242802973000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000134,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I owe 3500 dollars to my parents, and the interest on that loan, which I pay regularly, because it's the part of the savings they made through the years they were working so hard -- I pay regularly 4 percent interest.","time":1242802975000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000269,"speechId":24000000,"text":"A segregationist is a criminal.","time":1242802976000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000270,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You can't label him as anything other than that.","time":1242802978500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000271,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And when you demonstrate against segregation, the law is on your side.","time":1242802983000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000102,"speechId":30000000,"text":"It is in line with the major shift in U.","time":1242802987500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000272,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The Supreme Court is on your side.","time":1242802989000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000273,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Now, who is it that opposes you in carrying out the law?","time":1242802992500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000104,"speechId":30000000,"text":"foreign policy which I described in my press conference at Guam on July 25.","time":1242802993000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000135,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And then I have a 500 dollar loan, which I have on my life insurance.","time":1242802995500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000274,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The police department itself.","time":1242802998500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000105,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Let me briefly explain what has been described as the Nixon Doctrine -- a policy which not only will help end the war in Vietnam but which is an essential element of our program to prevent future Vietnams.","time":1242803000000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000275,"speechId":24000000,"text":"With police dogs and clubs.","time":1242803000500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000276,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Whenever you demonstrate against segregation, whether it is segregated education, segregated housing, or anything else, the law is on your side, and anyone who stands in the way is not the law any longer.","time":1242803003000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000136,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Well, that's about it.","time":1242803003000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000137,"speechId":28000000,"text":"That's what we have.","time":1242803005000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000138,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And that's what we owe.","time":1242803007000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000139,"speechId":28000000,"text":"It isn't very much.","time":1242803009500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000140,"speechId":28000000,"text":"But Pat and I have the satisfaction that every dime that we've got is honestly ours.","time":1242803011500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000106,"speechId":30000000,"text":"We Americans are a do-it-yourself people -- we're an impatient people.","time":1242803019000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000141,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I should say this, that Pat doesn't have a mink coat.","time":1242803019500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000277,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They are breaking the law; they are not representatives of the law.","time":1242803020000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000107,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Instead of teaching someone else to do a job, we like to do it ourselves.","time":1242803024500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000142,"speechId":28000000,"text":"But she does have a respectable Republican cloth coat, and I always tell her she'd look good in anything.","time":1242803025000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000278,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Any time you demonstrate against segregation and a man has the audacity to put a police dog on you, kill that dog, kill him, I'm telling you, kill that dog.","time":1242803026000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000108,"speechId":30000000,"text":"And this trait has been carried over into our foreign policy.","time":1242803032000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000143,"speechId":28000000,"text":"One other thing I probably should tell you, because if I don't they'll probably be saying this about me, too.","time":1242803034500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000109,"speechId":30000000,"text":"In Korea, and again in Vietnam, the United States furnished most of the money, most of the arms, and most of the men to help the people of those countries defend their freedom against Communist aggression.","time":1242803037500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000279,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I say it, if they put me in jail tomorrow, kill that dog.","time":1242803041000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000144,"speechId":28000000,"text":"We did get something, a gift, after the election.","time":1242803044500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000280,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Then you'll put a stop to it.","time":1242803047500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000145,"speechId":28000000,"text":"A man down in Texas heard Pat on the radio mention the fact that our two youngsters would like to have a dog.","time":1242803049000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000281,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Now, if these white people in here don't want to see that kind of action, get down and tell the mayor to tell the police department to pull the dogs in.","time":1242803051000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000110,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Before any American troops were committed to Vietnam, a leader of another Asian country expressed this opinion to me when I was traveling in Asia as a private citizen.","time":1242803055500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000146,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And believe it or not, the day before we left on this campaign trip we got a message from Union Station in Baltimore, saying they had a package for us.","time":1242803060500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000282,"speechId":24000000,"text":"That's all you have to do.","time":1242803066500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000283,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If you don't do it, someone else will.","time":1242803069500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000111,"speechId":30000000,"text":"He said: \"When you are trying to assist another nation defend its freedom, U.S. policy should be to help them fight the war, but not to fight the war for them.\"","time":1242803070000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000284,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If you don't take this kind of stand, your little children will grow up and look at you and think \"shame.\"","time":1242803073500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000147,"speechId":28000000,"text":"We went down to get it.","time":1242803075500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000148,"speechId":28000000,"text":"You know what it was?","time":1242803078500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000149,"speechId":28000000,"text":"It was a little cocker spaniel dog in a crate that he'd sent all the way from Texas, black and white, spotted.","time":1242803081000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000285,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If you don't take an uncompromising stand, I don't mean go out and get violent; but at the same time you should never be nonviolent unless you run into some nonviolence.","time":1242803084000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000112,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Well in accordance with this wise counsel, I laid down in Guam three principles as guidelines for future American policy toward Asia.","time":1242803085500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000150,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And our little girl Tricia, the six year old, named it \"Checkers.\"","time":1242803092000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000113,"speechId":30000000,"text":"First, the United States will keep all of its treaty commitments.","time":1242803096500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000151,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And you know, the kids, like all kids, love the dog, and I just want to say this, right now, that regardless of what they say about it, we're gonna keep it.","time":1242803098000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000286,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I'm nonviolent with those who are nonviolent with me.","time":1242803099500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000114,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Second, we shall provide a shield if a nuclear power threatens the freedom of a nation allied with us, or of a nation whose survival we consider vital to our security.","time":1242803102000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000287,"speechId":24000000,"text":"But when you drop that violence on me, then you've made me go insane, and I'm not responsible for what I do.","time":1242803104000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000152,"speechId":28000000,"text":"It isn't easy to come before a nationwide audience and bare your life, as I've done.","time":1242803114000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000288,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And that's the way every Negro should get.","time":1242803115000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000115,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Third, in cases involving other types of aggression we shall furnish military and economic assistance when requested in accordance with our treaty commitments.","time":1242803117500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000289,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Any time you know you're within the law, within your legal rights, within your moral rights, in accord with justice, then die for what you believe in.","time":1242803119000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000153,"speechId":28000000,"text":"But I want to say some things before I conclude that I think most of you will agree on.","time":1242803122000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000116,"speechId":30000000,"text":"But we shall look to the nation directly threatened to assume the primary responsibility of providing the manpower for its defense.","time":1242803129000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000155,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Mitchell, the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, made this statement -- that if a man couldn't afford to be in the United States Senate, he shouldn't run for the Senate.","time":1242803132000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000290,"speechId":24000000,"text":"But don't die alone.","time":1242803132500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000291,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Let your dying be reciprocal.","time":1242803134500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000292,"speechId":24000000,"text":"This is what is meant by equality.","time":1242803137000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000117,"speechId":30000000,"text":"After I announced this policy, I found that the leaders of the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, other nations which might be threatened by Communist aggression, welcomed this new direction in American foreign policy.","time":1242803139500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000293,"speechId":24000000,"text":"What's good for the goose is good for the gander.","time":1242803140500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000294,"speechId":24000000,"text":"When we begin to get in this area, we need new friends, we need new allies.","time":1242803145500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000156,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And I just want to make my position clear.","time":1242803147500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000157,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I don't agree with Mr.","time":1242803152000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000295,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We need to expand the civil-rights struggle to a higher level -- to the level of human rights.","time":1242803153500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000158,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Mitchell when he says that only a rich man should serve his Government in the United States Senate or in the Congress.","time":1242803154500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000118,"speechId":30000000,"text":"The defense of freedom is everybody's business -- not just America's business.","time":1242803156500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000296,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Whenever you are in a civil-rights struggle, whether you know it or not, you are confining yourself to the jurisdiction of Uncle Sam.","time":1242803162500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000119,"speechId":30000000,"text":"And it is particularly the responsibility of the people whose freedom is threatened.","time":1242803162500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000159,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I don't believe that represents the thinking of the Democratic Party, and I know that it doesn't represent the thinking of the Republican Party.","time":1242803165500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000120,"speechId":30000000,"text":"In the previous Administration, we Americanized the war in Vietnam.","time":1242803169000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000297,"speechId":24000000,"text":"No one from the outside world can speak out in your behalf as long as your struggle is a civil-rights struggle.","time":1242803174000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000121,"speechId":30000000,"text":"In this Administration, we are Vietnamizing the search for peace.","time":1242803174000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000160,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I believe that it's fine that a man like Governor Stevenson, who inherited a fortune from his father, can run for President.","time":1242803177500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000122,"speechId":30000000,"text":"The policy of the previous Administration not only resulted in our assuming the primary responsibility for fighting the war, but even more significant did not adequately stress the goal of strengthening the South Vietnamese so that they could defend themselves when we left.","time":1242803179000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000298,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Civil rights comes within the domestic affairs of this country.","time":1242803184500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000161,"speechId":28000000,"text":"But I also feel that it's essential in this country of ours that a man of modest means can also run for President, because, you know, remember Abraham Lincoln, you remember what he said: \"God must have loved the common people -- he made so many of them.\"","time":1242803188500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000299,"speechId":24000000,"text":"All of our African brothers and our Asian brothers and our Latin-American brothers cannot open their mouths and interfere in the domestic affairs of the United States.","time":1242803189500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000123,"speechId":30000000,"text":"The Vietnamization plan was launched following Secretary Laird's visit to Vietnam in March.","time":1242803200500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000300,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And as long as it's civil rights, this comes under the jurisdiction of Uncle Sam.","time":1242803203000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000124,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Under the plan, I ordered first a substantial increase in the training and equipment of South Vietnamese forces.","time":1242803207000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000301,"speechId":24000000,"text":"But the United Nations has what's known as the charter of human rights; it has a committee that deals in human rights.","time":1242803210500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000162,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And now I'm going to suggest some courses of conduct.","time":1242803212500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000125,"speechId":30000000,"text":"In July, on my visit to Vietnam, I changed General Abrams's orders, so that they were consistent with the objectives of our new policies.","time":1242803216000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000163,"speechId":28000000,"text":"First of all, you have read in the papers about other funds, now.","time":1242803217500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000302,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You may wonder why all of the atrocities that have been committed in Africa and in Hungary and in Asia, and in Latin America are brought before the UN, and the Negro problem is never brought before the UN.","time":1242803221500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000165,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Stevenson apparently had a couple -- one of them in which a group of business people paid and helped to supplement the salaries of State employees.","time":1242803224500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000126,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Under the new orders, the primary mission of our troops is to enable the South Vietnamese forces to assume the full responsibility for the security of South Vietnam.","time":1242803228000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000166,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Here is where the money went directly into their pockets, and I think that what Mr.","time":1242803237500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000303,"speechId":24000000,"text":"This is part of the conspiracy.","time":1242803241000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000127,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Our air operations have been reduced by over 20 per cent.","time":1242803242000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000304,"speechId":24000000,"text":"This old, tricky blue eyed liberal who is supposed to be your and my friend, supposed to be in our corner, supposed to be subsidizing our struggle, and supposed to be acting in the capacity of an adviser, never tells you anything about human rights.","time":1242803244000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000167,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Stevenson should do should be to come before the American people, as I have, give the names of the people that contributed to that fund, give the names of the people who put this money into their pockets at the same time that they were receiving money from their State government and see what favors, if any, they gave out for that.","time":1242803245500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000128,"speechId":30000000,"text":"And now we have begun to see the results of this long-overdue change in American policy in Vietnam.","time":1242803247500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000129,"speechId":30000000,"text":"After five years of Americans going into Vietnam we are finally bringing American men home.","time":1242803256500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000130,"speechId":30000000,"text":"By December 15 over 60,000 men will have been withdrawn from South Vietnam, including 20 percent of all of our combat forces.","time":1242803264000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000305,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They keep you wrapped up in civil rights.","time":1242803266500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000306,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And you spend so much time barking up the civil-rights tree, you don't even know there's a human-rights tree on the same floor.","time":1242803270500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000131,"speechId":30000000,"text":"The South Vietnamese have continued to gain in strength.","time":1242803275000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000168,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I don't condemn Mr.","time":1242803276500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000169,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Stevenson for what he did, but until the facts are in there is a doubt that will be raised.","time":1242803278500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000132,"speechId":30000000,"text":"As a result, they've been able to take over combat responsibilities from our American troops.","time":1242803279500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000307,"speechId":24000000,"text":"When you expand the civil-rights struggle to the level of human rights, you can then take the case of the black man in this country before the nations in the UN.","time":1242803282000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000133,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Two other significant developments have occurred since this Administration took office.","time":1242803287000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000170,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And as far as Mr.","time":1242803288000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000171,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Sparkman is concerned, I would suggest the same thing.","time":1242803290500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000134,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Enemy infiltration, infiltration which is essential if they are to launch a major attack over the last three months, is less than 20 percent of what it was over the same period last year.","time":1242803292500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000172,"speechId":28000000,"text":"He's had his wife on the payroll.","time":1242803295000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000308,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You can take it before the General Assembly.","time":1242803297500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000173,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I don't condemn him for that, but I think that he should come before the American people and indicate what outside sources of income he has had.","time":1242803298500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000309,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You can take Uncle Sam before a world court.","time":1242803301500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000310,"speechId":24000000,"text":"But the only level you can do it on is the level of human rights.","time":1242803306000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000135,"speechId":30000000,"text":"And most important, United States casualties have declined during the last two months to the lowest point in three years.","time":1242803309500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000174,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I would suggest that under the circumstances both Mr.","time":1242803312000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000311,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Civil rights keeps you under his restrictions, under his jurisdiction.","time":1242803313500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000175,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Sparkman and Mr.","time":1242803316500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000176,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Stevenson should come before the American people, as I have, and make a complete financial statement as to their financial history, and if they don't it will be an admission that they have something to hide.","time":1242803318000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000312,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Civil rights keeps you in his pocket.","time":1242803318500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000136,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Let me now turn to our program for the future.","time":1242803319500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000313,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Civil rights means you're asking Uncle Sam to treat you right.","time":1242803322000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000137,"speechId":30000000,"text":"We have adopted a plan which we have worked out in cooperation with the South Vietnamese for the complete withdrawal of all U.","time":1242803324500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000314,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Human rights are something you were born with.","time":1242803327500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000315,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Human rights are your God-given rights.","time":1242803331500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000316,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Human rights are the rights that are recognized by all nations of this earth.","time":1242803334500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000177,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And I think you will agree with me -- because, folks, remember, a man that's to be President of the United States, a man that's to be Vice President of the United States, must have the confidence of all the people.","time":1242803336000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000139,"speechId":30000000,"text":"combat ground forces and their replacement by South Vietnamese forces on an orderly scheduled timetable.","time":1242803336500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000317,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And any time any one violates your human rights, you can take them to the world court.","time":1242803341500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000140,"speechId":30000000,"text":"This withdrawal will be made from strength and not from weakness.","time":1242803344000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000141,"speechId":30000000,"text":"As South Vietnamese forces become stronger, the rate of American withdrawal can become greater.","time":1242803349500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000318,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Uncle Sam's hands are dripping with blood, dripping with the blood of the black man in this country.","time":1242803350000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000178,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And that's why I'm doing what I'm doing.","time":1242803356500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000142,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I have not, and do not, intend to announce the timetable for our program, and there are obvious reasons for this decision which I'm sure you will understand.","time":1242803356500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000319,"speechId":24000000,"text":"He's the earth's number-one hypocrite.","time":1242803359000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000179,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And that's why I suggest that Mr.","time":1242803360500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000320,"speechId":24000000,"text":"He has the audacity -- yes, he has -- imagine him posing as the leader of the free world.","time":1242803361500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000180,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Stevenson and Mr.","time":1242803364000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000181,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Sparkman, since they are under attack, should do what they're doing.","time":1242803365500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000143,"speechId":30000000,"text":"As I've indicated on several occasions, the rate of withdrawal will depend on developments on three fronts.","time":1242803370500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000321,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The free world!","time":1242803371000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000182,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Now let me say this: I know that this is not the last of the smears.","time":1242803371000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000322,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And you over here singing \"We Shall Overcome.\"","time":1242803372500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000323,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Expand the civil-rights struggle to the level of human rights.","time":1242803376500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000183,"speechId":28000000,"text":"In spite of my explanation tonight, other smears will be made.","time":1242803379000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000144,"speechId":30000000,"text":"One of these is the progress which can be, or might be, made in the Paris talks.","time":1242803379000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000324,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Take it into the United Nations, where our African brothers can throw their weight on our side, where our Asian brothers can throw their weight on our side, where our Latin-American brothers can throw their weight on our side, and where 800 million Chinamen are sitting there waiting to throw their weight on our side.","time":1242803381500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000184,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Others have been made in the past.","time":1242803384500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000145,"speechId":30000000,"text":"An announcement of a fixed timetable for our withdrawal would completely remove any incentive for the enemy to negotiate an agreement.","time":1242803387500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000185,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And the purpose of the smears, I know, is this: to silence me; to make me let up.","time":1242803388000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000186,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Well, they just don't know who they're dealing with.","time":1242803397000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000146,"speechId":30000000,"text":"They would simply wait until our forces had withdrawn and then move in.","time":1242803398000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000187,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I'm going to tell you this: I remember in the dark days of the Hiss case some of the same columnists, some of the same radio commentators who are attacking me now and misrepresenting my position, were violently opposing me at the time I was after Alger Hiss.","time":1242803401500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000147,"speechId":30000000,"text":"The other two factors on which we will base our withdrawal decisions are the level of enemy activity and the progress of the training programs of the South Vietnamese forces.","time":1242803404500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000325,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Let the world know how bloody his hands are.","time":1242803409000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000326,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Let the world know the hypocrisy that's practiced over here.","time":1242803413500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000327,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Let it be the ballot or the bullet.","time":1242803418500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000148,"speechId":30000000,"text":"And I am glad to be able to report tonight progress on both of these fronts has been greater than we anticipated when we started the program in June for withdrawal.","time":1242803419500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000328,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Let him know that it must be the ballot or the bullet.","time":1242803422500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000188,"speechId":28000000,"text":"But I continued to fight because I knew I was right, and I can say to this great television and radio audience that I have no apologies to the American people for my part in putting Alger Hiss where he is today.","time":1242803425500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000329,"speechId":24000000,"text":"When you take your case to Washington, D.","time":1242803428500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000331,"speechId":24000000,"text":"you're taking it to the criminal who's responsible; it's like running from the wolf to the fox.","time":1242803433000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000149,"speechId":30000000,"text":"As a result, our timetable for withdrawal is more optimistic now than when we made our first estimates in June.","time":1242803435000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000332,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They're all in cahoots together.","time":1242803441500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000333,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They all work political chicanery and make you look like a chump before the eyes of the world.","time":1242803444000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000150,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Now this clearly demonstrates why it is not wise to be frozen in on a fixed timetable.","time":1242803445000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000189,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And as far as this is concerned, I intend to continue to fight.","time":1242803446500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000334,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Here you are walking around in America, getting ready to be drafted and sent abroad, like a tin soldier, and when you get over there, people ask you what are you fighting for, and you have to stick your tongue in your cheek.","time":1242803453000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000190,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Why do I feel so deeply?","time":1242803453000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000151,"speechId":30000000,"text":"We must retain the flexibility to base each withdrawal decision on the situation as it is at that time, rather than on estimates that are no longer valid.","time":1242803453500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000191,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Why do I feel that in spite of the smears, the misunderstanding, the necessity for a man to come up here and bare his soul as I have -- why is it necessary for me to continue this fight?","time":1242803456000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000152,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Along with this optimistic estimate, I must in all candor leave one note of caution.","time":1242803467500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000335,"speechId":24000000,"text":"No, take Uncle Sam to court, take him before the world.","time":1242803474500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000153,"speechId":30000000,"text":"If the level of enemy activity significantly increases, we might have to adjust our timetable accordingly.","time":1242803475000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000192,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And I want to tell you why.","time":1242803475500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000193,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Because, you see, I love my country.","time":1242803479000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000336,"speechId":24000000,"text":"By ballot I only mean freedom.","time":1242803480000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000194,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And I think my country is in danger.","time":1242803482500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000337,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Don't you know -- I disagree with Lomax on this issue -- that the ballot is more important than the dollar?","time":1242803483000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000154,"speechId":30000000,"text":"However, I want the record to be completely clear on one point.","time":1242803483000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000195,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And I think the only man that can save America at this time is the man that's running for President, on my ticket -- Dwight Eisenhower.","time":1242803486500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000155,"speechId":30000000,"text":"At the time of the bombing halt just a year ago there was some confusion as to whether there was an understanding on the part of the enemy that if we stopped the bombing of North Vietnam, they would stop the shelling of cities in South Vietnam.","time":1242803489000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000338,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Can I prove it?","time":1242803493500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000340,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Look in the UN.","time":1242803496000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000341,"speechId":24000000,"text":"There are poor nations in the UN; yet those poor nations can get together with their voting power and keep the rich nations from making a move.","time":1242803498000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000196,"speechId":28000000,"text":"You say, \"Why do I think it is in danger?\"","time":1242803499500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000197,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And I say, look at the record.","time":1242803504500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000198,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Seven years of the Truman-Acheson Administration, and what's happened?","time":1242803508000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000342,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They have one nation -- one vote, everyone has an equal vote.","time":1242803511500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000199,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Six hundred million people lost to the Communists.","time":1242803512500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000156,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I want to be sure that there is no misunderstanding on the part of the enemy with regard to our withdrawal program.","time":1242803512500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000200,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And a war in Korea in which we have lost 117,000 American casualties, and I say to all of you that a policy that results in the loss of 600 million people to the Communists, and a war which cost us 117,000 American casualties isn't good enough for America.","time":1242803516500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000343,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And when those brothers from Asia, and Africa and the darker parts of this earth get together, their voting power is sufficient to hold Sam in check.","time":1242803517500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000157,"speechId":30000000,"text":"We have noted the reduced level of infiltration, the reduction of our casualties and are basing our withdrawal decisions partially on those factors.","time":1242803523500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000344,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Or Russia in check.","time":1242803531000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000345,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Or some other section of the earth in check.","time":1242803533000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000158,"speechId":30000000,"text":"If the level of infiltration or our casualties increase while we are trying to scale down the fighting, it will be the result of a conscious decision by the enemy.","time":1242803535000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000346,"speechId":24000000,"text":"So, the ballot is most important.","time":1242803537500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000347,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Right now, in this country, if you and I, 22 million African-Americans -- that's what we are -- Africans who are in America.","time":1242803540500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000201,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And I say that those in the State Department that made the mistakes which caused that war and which resulted in those losses should be kicked out of the State Department just as fast as we get them out of there.","time":1242803541000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000159,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Hanoi could make no greater mistake than to assume that an increase in violence will be to its advantage.","time":1242803550000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000348,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You're nothing but Africans.","time":1242803552000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000349,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Nothing but Africans.","time":1242803554000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000350,"speechId":24000000,"text":"In fact, you'd get farther calling yourself African instead of Negro.","time":1242803555500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000160,"speechId":30000000,"text":"If I conclude that increased enemy action jeopardizes our remaining forces in Vietnam, I shall not hesitate to take strong and effective measures to deal with that situation.","time":1242803559500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000351,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Africans don't catch hell.","time":1242803561000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000202,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And let me say that I know Mr.","time":1242803561500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000352,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You're the only one catching hell.","time":1242803563000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000203,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Stevenson won't do that because he defends the Truman policy, and I know that Dwight Eisenhower will do that, and that he will give America the leadership that it needs.","time":1242803565500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000353,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They don't have to pass civil-rights bills for Africans.","time":1242803566000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000354,"speechId":24000000,"text":"An African can go anywhere he wants right now.","time":1242803570500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000161,"speechId":30000000,"text":"This is not a threat.","time":1242803573500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000355,"speechId":24000000,"text":"All you've got to do is tie your head up.","time":1242803575000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000162,"speechId":30000000,"text":"This is a statement of policy which as Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces I am making and meeting my responsibility for the protection of American fighting men wherever they may be.","time":1242803576000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000356,"speechId":24000000,"text":"That's right, go anywhere you want.","time":1242803580000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000204,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Take the problem of corruption.","time":1242803580500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000357,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Just stop being a Negro.","time":1242803583000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000205,"speechId":28000000,"text":"You've read about the mess in Washington.","time":1242803583000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000358,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Change your name to Hoogagagooba.","time":1242803585500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000207,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Stevenson can't clean it up because he was picked by the man, Truman, under whose Administration the mess was made.","time":1242803587000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000359,"speechId":24000000,"text":"That'll show you how silly the white man is.","time":1242803588000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000163,"speechId":30000000,"text":"My fellow Americans, I am sure you can recognize from what I have said that we really only have two choices open to us if we want to end this war.","time":1242803591500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000360,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You're dealing with a silly man.","time":1242803592500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000361,"speechId":24000000,"text":"A friend of mine who's very dark put a turban on his head and went into a restaurant in Atlanta before they called themselves desegregated.","time":1242803595500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000208,"speechId":28000000,"text":"You wouldn't trust the man who made the mess to clean it up.","time":1242803597000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000209,"speechId":28000000,"text":"That's Truman.","time":1242803603500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000210,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And by the same token you can't trust the man who was picked by the man that made the mess to clean it up -- and that's Stevenson.","time":1242803604500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000164,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I can order an immediate precipitate withdrawal of all Americans from Vietnam without regard to the effects of that action.","time":1242803607000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000362,"speechId":24000000,"text":"He went into a white restaurant, he sat down, they served him, and he said, \"What would happen if a Negro came in here? And there he's sitting, black as night, but because he had his head wrapped up the waitress looked back at him and says, \"Why, there wouldn't no nigger dare come in here.","time":1242803608000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000165,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Or we can persist in our search for a just peace through a negotiated settlement, if possible, or through continued implementation of our plan for Vietnamization, if necessary -- a plan in which we will withdraw all of our forces from Vietnam on a schedule in accordance with our program as the South Vietnamese become strong enough to defend their own freedom.","time":1242803617000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000211,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And so I say, Eisenhower, who owed nothing to Truman, nothing to the big city bosses -- he is the man that can clean up the mess in Washington.","time":1242803618500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000212,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Take Communism.","time":1242803633000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000213,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I say that as far as that subject is concerned the danger is great to America.","time":1242803634000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000363,"speechId":24000000,"text":"So, you're dealing with a man whose bias and prejudice are making him lose his mind, his intelligence, every day.","time":1242803636000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000214,"speechId":28000000,"text":"In the Hiss case they got the secrets which enabled them to break the American secret State Department code.","time":1242803642000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000364,"speechId":24000000,"text":"He's frightened.","time":1242803646000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000365,"speechId":24000000,"text":"He looks around and sees what's taking place on this earth, and he sees that the pendulum of time is swinging in your direction.","time":1242803647000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000166,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I have chosen this second course.","time":1242803648000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000167,"speechId":30000000,"text":"It is not the easy way.","time":1242803651000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000215,"speechId":28000000,"text":"They got secrets in the atomic bomb case which enabled them to get the secret of the atomic bomb five years before they would have gotten it by their own devices.","time":1242803651500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000168,"speechId":30000000,"text":"It is the right way.","time":1242803654000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000169,"speechId":30000000,"text":"It is a plan which will end the war and serve the cause of peace, not just in Vietnam but in the Pacific and in the world.","time":1242803656500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000366,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The dark people are waking up.","time":1242803659000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000367,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They're losing their fear of the white man.","time":1242803662000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000368,"speechId":24000000,"text":"No place where he's fighting right now is he winning.","time":1242803666000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000216,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And I say that any man who called the Alger Hiss case a red herring isn't fit to be President of the United States.","time":1242803667000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000170,"speechId":30000000,"text":"In speaking of the consequences of a precipitous withdrawal, I mentioned that our allies would lose confidence in America.","time":1242803670000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000369,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Everywhere he's fighting, he's fighting someone your and my complexion.","time":1242803671000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000370,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And they're beating him.","time":1242803676000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000371,"speechId":24000000,"text":"He can't win any more.","time":1242803678000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000217,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I say that a man who, like Mr.","time":1242803679000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000171,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Far more dangerous, we would lose confidence in ourselves.","time":1242803679500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000372,"speechId":24000000,"text":"He's won his last battle.","time":1242803680500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000373,"speechId":24000000,"text":"He failed to win the Korean War.","time":1242803683000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000218,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Stevenson, has pooh-poohed and ridiculed the Communist threat in the United States -- he said that they are phantoms among ourselves.","time":1242803683000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000172,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Oh, the immediate reaction would be a sense of relief that our men were coming home.","time":1242803684000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000374,"speechId":24000000,"text":"He couldn't win it.","time":1242803686500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000375,"speechId":24000000,"text":"He had to sign a truce.","time":1242803688500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000376,"speechId":24000000,"text":"That's a loss.","time":1242803691500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000173,"speechId":30000000,"text":"But as we saw the consequences of what we had done, inevitable remorse and divisive recrimination would scar our spirit as a people.","time":1242803692000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000377,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Any time Uncle Sam, with all his machinery for warfare, is held to a draw by some rice eaters, he's lost the battle.","time":1242803693000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000219,"speechId":28000000,"text":"He has accused us that have attempted to expose the Communists, of looking for Communists in the Bureau of Fisheries and Wildlife.","time":1242803693500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000174,"speechId":30000000,"text":"We have faced other crises in our history and we have become stronger by rejecting the easy way out and taking the right way in meeting our challenges.","time":1242803703500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000378,"speechId":24000000,"text":"He had to sign a truce.","time":1242803704500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000220,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I say that a man who says that isn't qualified to be President of the United States.","time":1242803704500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000379,"speechId":24000000,"text":"America's not supposed to sign a truce.","time":1242803707500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000380,"speechId":24000000,"text":"She's supposed to be bad.","time":1242803711000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000221,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And I say that the only man who can lead us in this fight to rid the Government of both those who are Communists and those who have corrupted this Government is Eisenhower, because Eisenhower, you can be sure, recognizes the problem, and he knows how to deal with it.","time":1242803713000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000381,"speechId":24000000,"text":"But she's not bad any more.","time":1242803713500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000382,"speechId":24000000,"text":"She's bad as long as she can use her hydrogen bomb, but she can't use hers for fear Russia might use hers.","time":1242803716500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000175,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Our greatness as a nation has been our capacity to do what has to be done when we knew our course was right.","time":1242803717500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000383,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Russia can't use hers, for fear that Sam might use his.","time":1242803727500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000176,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I recognize that some of my fellow citizens disagree with the plan for peace I have chosen.","time":1242803729000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000384,"speechId":24000000,"text":"So, both of them are weapon-less.","time":1242803733000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000385,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They can't use the weapon because each's weapon nullifies the other's.","time":1242803736000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000177,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Honest and patriotic Americans have reached different conclusions as to how peace should be achieved.","time":1242803737500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000222,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Now let me that finally, this evening, I want to read to you, just briefly, excerpts from a letter which I received, a letter which after all this is over no one can take away from us.","time":1242803738000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000386,"speechId":24000000,"text":"So the only place where action can take place is on the ground.","time":1242803741500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000178,"speechId":30000000,"text":"In San Francisco a few weeks ago, I saw demonstrators carrying signs reading, \"Lose in Vietnam, bring the boys home.\"","time":1242803745000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000387,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And the white man can't win another war fighting on the ground.","time":1242803748000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000388,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Those days are over The black man knows it, the brown man knows it, the red man knows it, and the yellow man knows it.","time":1242803754000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000179,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Well, one of the strengths of our free society is that any American has a right to reach that conclusion and to advocate that point of view.","time":1242803755000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000223,"speechId":28000000,"text":"It reads as follows: Dear Senator Nixon, Since I am only 19 years of age, I can't vote in this presidential election, but believe me if I could you and General Eisenhower would certainly get my vote.","time":1242803756500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000389,"speechId":24000000,"text":"So they engage him in guerrilla warfare.","time":1242803766500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000180,"speechId":30000000,"text":"But as President of the United States, I would be untrue to my oath of office if I allowed the policy of this nation to be dictated by the minority who hold that point of view and who try to impose it on the nation by mounting demonstrations in the street.","time":1242803768500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000390,"speechId":24000000,"text":"That's not his style.","time":1242803770000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000391,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You've got to have heart to be a guerrilla warrior, and he hasn't got any heart.","time":1242803772000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000392,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I'm telling you now.","time":1242803780000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000224,"speechId":28000000,"text":"My husband is in the Fleet Marines in Korea.","time":1242803780000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000393,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I just want to give you a little briefing on guerrilla warfare because, before you know it, before you know it.","time":1242803782000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000225,"speechId":28000000,"text":"He' a corpsman on the front lines and we have a two month old son he's never seen.","time":1242803784500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000394,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It takes heart to be a guerrilla warrior because you're on your own.","time":1242803792500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000226,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And I feel confident that with great Americans like you and General Eisenhower in the White House, lonely Americans like myself will be united with their loved ones now in Korea.","time":1242803793500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000181,"speechId":30000000,"text":"For almost 200 years, the policy of this nation has been made under our Constitution by those leaders in the Congress and the White House elected by all the people.","time":1242803794000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000395,"speechId":24000000,"text":"In conventional warfare you have tanks and a whole lot of other people with you to back you up -- planes over your head and all that kind of stuff.","time":1242803799000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000227,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I only pray to God that you won't be too late.","time":1242803809000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000182,"speechId":30000000,"text":"If a vocal minority, however fervent its cause, prevails over reason and the will of the majority, this nation has no future as a free society.","time":1242803809000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000396,"speechId":24000000,"text":"But a guerrilla is on his own.","time":1242803814000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000228,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Enclosed is a small check to help you in your campaign.","time":1242803814500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000397,"speechId":24000000,"text":"All you have is a rifle, some sneakers and a bowl of rice, and that's all you need -- and a lot of heart.","time":1242803817500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000229,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Living on $85 a month, it is all I can afford at present, but let me know what else I can do.","time":1242803820000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000183,"speechId":30000000,"text":"And now, I would like to address a word, if I may, to the young people of this nation who are particularly concerned, and I understand why they are concerned, about this war.","time":1242803822000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000398,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The Japanese on some of those islands in the Pacific, when the American soldiers landed, one Japanese sometimes could hold the whole army off.","time":1242803829500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000230,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Folks, it's a check for 10 dollars, and it's one that I will never cash.","time":1242803831000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000231,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And just let me say this: We hear a lot about prosperity these days, but I say why can't we have prosperity built on peace, rather than prosperity built on war?","time":1242803838500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000184,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I respect your idealism.","time":1242803838500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000185,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I share your concern for peace.","time":1242803840500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000399,"speechId":24000000,"text":"He'd just wait until the sun went down, and when the sun went down they were all equal.","time":1242803841500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000186,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I want peace as much as you do.","time":1242803843500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000187,"speechId":30000000,"text":"There are powerful personal reasons I want to end this war.","time":1242803847500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000400,"speechId":24000000,"text":"He would take his little blade and slip from bush to bush, and from American to American.","time":1242803850500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000188,"speechId":30000000,"text":"This week I will have to sign 83 letters to mothers, fathers, wives, and loved ones of men who have given their lives for America in Vietnam.","time":1242803853000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000232,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Why can't we have prosperity and an honest Government in Washington, D.","time":1242803854000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000401,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The white soldiers couldn't cope with that.","time":1242803859000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000234,"speechId":28000000,"text":"at the same time?","time":1242803860500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000402,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Whenever you see a white soldier that fought in the Pacific, he has the shakes, he has a nervous condition, because they scared him to death.","time":1242803862500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000235,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Believe me, we can.","time":1242803862500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000236,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And Eisenhower is the man that can lead this crusade to bring us that kind of prosperity.","time":1242803864500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000189,"speechId":30000000,"text":"It's very little satisfaction to me that this is only one-third as many letters as I signed the first week in office.","time":1242803866500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000237,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And now, finally, I know that you wonder whether or not I am going to stay on the Republican ticket or resign.","time":1242803873000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000403,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The same thing happened to the French up in French Indochina.","time":1242803875500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000190,"speechId":30000000,"text":"There is nothing I want more than to see the day come when I do not have to write any of those letters.","time":1242803877500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000404,"speechId":24000000,"text":"People who just a few years previously were rice farmers got together and ran the heavily-mechanized French army out of Indochina.","time":1242803881000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000238,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Let me say this: I don't believe that I ought to quit, because I am not a quitter.","time":1242803884000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000191,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I want to end the war to save the lives of those brave young men in Vietnam.","time":1242803889000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000405,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You don't need it -- modern warfare today won't work.","time":1242803891500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000239,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And, incidentally, Pat's not a quitter.","time":1242803893000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000240,"speechId":28000000,"text":"After all, her name was Patricia Ryan and she was born on St.","time":1242803896000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000406,"speechId":24000000,"text":"This is the day of the guerrilla.","time":1242803896500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000192,"speechId":30000000,"text":"But I want to end it in a way which will increase the chance that their younger brothers and their sons will not have to fight in some future Vietnam some place in the world.","time":1242803897500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000407,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They did the same thing in Algeria.","time":1242803900000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000241,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Patrick's day, and you know the Irish never quit.","time":1242803902500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000408,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Algerians, who were nothing but Bedouins, took a rine and sneaked off to the hills, and de Gaulle and all of his highfalutin' war machinery couldn't defeat those guerrillas.","time":1242803903500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000242,"speechId":28000000,"text":"But the decision, my friends, is not mine.","time":1242803907000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000243,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I would do nothing that would harm the possibilities of Dwight Eisenhower to become President of the United States.","time":1242803911000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000193,"speechId":30000000,"text":"And I want to end the war for another reason.","time":1242803915000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000409,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Nowhere on this earth does the white man win in a guerrilla warfare.","time":1242803918000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000194,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I want to end it so that the energy and dedication of you, our young people, now too often directed into bitter hatred against those responsible for the war, can be turned to the great challenges of peace, a better life for all Americans, a better life for all people on this earth.","time":1242803920000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000244,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And for that reason I am submitting to the Republican National Committee tonight through this television broadcast the decision which it is theirs to make.","time":1242803920500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000410,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It's not his speed.","time":1242803924500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000411,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Just as guerrilla warfare is prevailing in Asia and in parts of Africa and in parts of Latin America, you've got to be mighty naive, or you've got to play the black man cheap, if you don't think some day he's going to wake up and find that it's got to be the ballot or the bullet.","time":1242803926500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000245,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Let them decide whether my position on the ticket will help or hurt.","time":1242803933000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000246,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And I am going to ask you to help them decide.","time":1242803939500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000247,"speechId":28000000,"text":"Wire and write the Republican National Committee whether you think I should stay on or whether I should get off.","time":1242803945000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000195,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I have chosen a plan for peace.","time":1242803946500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000196,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I believe it will succeed.","time":1242803950000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000197,"speechId":30000000,"text":"If it does not succeed, what the critics say now won't matter.","time":1242803952500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000412,"speechId":24000000,"text":"l would like to say, in closing, a few things concerning the Muslim Mosque, Inc.","time":1242803955000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000248,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And whatever their decision is, I will abide by it.","time":1242803955000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000198,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Or if it does succeed, what the critics say now won't matter.","time":1242803958500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000249,"speechId":28000000,"text":"But just let me say this last word: Regardless of what happens, I'm going to continue this fight.","time":1242803960000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000413,"speechId":24000000,"text":"which we established recently in New York City.","time":1242803962500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000199,"speechId":30000000,"text":"If it does not succeed, anything I say then won't matter.","time":1242803964500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000414,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It's true we're Muslims and our religion is Islam, but we don't mix our religion with our politics and our economics and our social and civil activities -- not any more We keep our religion in our mosque.","time":1242803966500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000250,"speechId":28000000,"text":"I'm going to campaign up and down in America until we drive the crooks and the Communists and those that defend them out of Washington.","time":1242803969000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000200,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I know it may not be fashionable to speak of patriotism or national destiny these days, but I feel it is appropriate to do so on this occasion.","time":1242803970000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000251,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And remember folks, Eisenhower is a great man, believe me.","time":1242803981500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000201,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Two hundred years ago this nation was weak and poor.","time":1242803984000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000415,"speechId":24000000,"text":"After our religious services are over, then as Muslims we become involved in political action, economic action and social and civic action.","time":1242803985500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000252,"speechId":28000000,"text":"He's a great man.","time":1242803986500}
{"_index":1,"id":28000253,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And a vote for Eisenhower is a vote for what's good for America.","time":1242803988500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000202,"speechId":30000000,"text":"But even then, America was the hope of millions in the world.","time":1242803989000}
{"_index":1,"id":28000254,"speechId":28000000,"text":"And what's good for America.","time":1242803995000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000203,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Today we have become the strongest and richest nation in the world, and the wheel of destiny has turned so that any hope the world has for the survival of peace and freedom will be determined by whether the American people have the moral stamina and the courage to meet the challenge of free-world leadership.","time":1242803995000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000416,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We become involved with anybody, any where, any time and in any manner that's designed to eliminate the evils, the political, economic and social evils that are afflicting the people of our community.","time":1242803996500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000417,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The political philosophy of black nationalism means that the black man should control the politics and the politicians in his own community; no more.","time":1242804013000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000204,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Let historians not record that, when America was the most powerful nation in the world, we passed on the other side of the road and allowed the last hopes for peace and freedom of millions of people to be suffocated by the forces of totalitarianism.","time":1242804022500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000418,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The black man in the black community has to be re-educated into the science of politics so he will know what politics is supposed to bring him in return.","time":1242804025000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000419,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Don't be throwing out any ballots.","time":1242804039500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000420,"speechId":24000000,"text":"A ballot is like a bullet.","time":1242804042500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000205,"speechId":30000000,"text":"So tonight, to you, the great silent majority of my fellow Americans, I ask for your support.","time":1242804045000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000421,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You don't throw your ballots until you see a target, and if that target is not within your reach, keep your ballot in your pocket.","time":1242804045500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000206,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I pledged in my campaign for the Presidency to end the war in a way that we could win the peace.","time":1242804053500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000422,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The political philosophy of black nationalism is being taught in the Christian church.","time":1242804058000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000207,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I have initiated a plan of action which will enable me to keep that pledge.","time":1242804064000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000423,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It's being taught in the NAACP.","time":1242804064500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000424,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It's being taught in CORE meetings.","time":1242804067500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000425,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It's being taught in SNCC Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee meetings.","time":1242804070500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000208,"speechId":30000000,"text":"The more support I can have from the American people, the sooner that pledge can be redeemed.","time":1242804071500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000426,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It's being taught in Muslim meetings.","time":1242804075500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000427,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It's being taught where nothing but atheists and agnostics come together.","time":1242804078500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000209,"speechId":30000000,"text":"For the more divided we are at home, the less likely the enemy is to negotiate at Paris.","time":1242804080000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000428,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It's being taught everywhere.","time":1242804084000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000429,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Black people are fed up with the dillydallying, pussyfooting, compromising approach that we've been using toward getting our freedom.","time":1242804086000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000210,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Let us be united for peace.","time":1242804089000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000211,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Let us also be united against defeat.","time":1242804092000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000430,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We want freedom now, but we're not going to get it saying \"We Shall Overcome.\"","time":1242804095500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000212,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Because let us understand -- North Vietnam cannot defeat or humiliate the United States.","time":1242804095500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000213,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Only Americans can do that.","time":1242804102500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000431,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We've got to fight until we overcome.","time":1242804103000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000214,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Fifty years ago, in this room, and at this very desk, President Woodrow Wilson spoke words which caught the imagination of a war-weary world.","time":1242804105000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000432,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The economic philosophy of black nationalism is pure and simple.","time":1242804106500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000433,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It only means that we should control the economy of our community.","time":1242804111500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000215,"speechId":30000000,"text":"He said: \"This is the war to end wars.\"","time":1242804117000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000434,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Why should white people be running all the stores in our community?","time":1242804117500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000216,"speechId":30000000,"text":"His dream for peace after World War I was shattered on the hard reality of great power politics.","time":1242804121500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000435,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Why should white people be running the banks of our community?","time":1242804123500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000436,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Why should the economy of our community be in the hands of the white man?","time":1242804129000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000217,"speechId":30000000,"text":"And Woodrow Wilson died a broken man.","time":1242804130500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000218,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Tonight, I do not tell you that the war in Vietnam is the war to end wars, but I do say this: I have initiated a plan which will end this war in a way that will bring us closer to that great goal to which -- to which Woodrow Wilson and every American President in our history has been dedicated -- the goal of a just and lasting peace.","time":1242804134000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000438,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If a black man can't move his store into a white community, you tell me why a white man should move his store into a black community.","time":1242804137000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000439,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The philosophy of black nationalism involves a re-education program in the black community in regards to economics.","time":1242804150500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000440,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Our people have to be made to see that any time you take your dollar out of your community and spend it in a community where you don't live, the community where you live will get poorer and poorer, and the community where you spend your money will get richer and richer.","time":1242804159000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000219,"speechId":30000000,"text":"As President I hold the responsibility for choosing the best path for that goal and then leading the nation along it.","time":1242804169000}
{"_index":1,"id":30000220,"speechId":30000000,"text":"I pledge to you tonight that I shall meet this responsibility with all of the strength and wisdom I can command, in accordance with your hopes, mindful of your concerns, sustained by your prayers.","time":1242804179500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000441,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Then you wonder why where you live is always a ghetto or a slum area.","time":1242804185000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000442,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And where you and I are concerned, not only do we lose it when we spend it out of the community, but the white man has got all our stores in the community tied up; so that though we spend it in the community, at sundown the man who runs the store takes it over across town somewhere.","time":1242804192500}
{"_index":1,"id":30000221,"speechId":30000000,"text":"Thank you and good night.","time":1242804196500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000443,"speechId":24000000,"text":"He's got us in a vise.","time":1242804221500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000444,"speechId":24000000,"text":"So the economic philosophy of black nationalism means in every church, in every civic organization, in every fraternal order, it's time now for our people to be come conscious of the importance of controlling the economy of our community.","time":1242804224500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000445,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If we own the stores, if we operate the businesses, if we try and establish some industry in our own community, then we're developing to the position where we are creating employment for our own kind.","time":1242804244000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000446,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Once you gain control of the economy of your own community, then you don't have to picket and boycott and beg some cracker downtown for a job in his business.","time":1242804262000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000447,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The social philosophy of black nationalism only means that we have to get together and remove the evils, the vices, alcoholism, drug addiction, and other evils that are destroying the moral fiber of our community.","time":1242804277000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000448,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We our selves have to lift the level of our community, the standard of our community to a higher level, make our own society beautiful so that we will be satisfied in our own social circles and won't be running around here trying to knock our way into a social circle where we're not wanted.","time":1242804294500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000449,"speechId":24000000,"text":"So I say, in spreading a gospel such as black nationalism, it is not designed to make the black man re-evaluate the white man -- you know him already -- but to make the black man re-evaluate himself.","time":1242804322000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000450,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Don't change the white man's mind -- you can't change his mind, and that whole thing about appealing to the moral conscience of America -- America's conscience is bankrupt.","time":1242804341000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000451,"speechId":24000000,"text":"She lost all conscience a long time ago.","time":1242804355500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000452,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Uncle Sam has no conscience.","time":1242804359500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000453,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They don't know what morals are.","time":1242804362000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000454,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They don't try and eliminate an evil because it's evil, or because it's illegal, or because it's immoral; they eliminate it only when it threatens their existence.","time":1242804365000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000455,"speechId":24000000,"text":"So you're wasting your time appealing to the moral conscience of a bankrupt man like Uncle Sam.","time":1242804378500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000456,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If he had a conscience, he'd straighten this thing out with no more pressure being put upon him.","time":1242804387000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000457,"speechId":24000000,"text":"So it is not necessary to change the white man's mind.","time":1242804396000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000458,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We have to change our own mind.","time":1242804401500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000459,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You can't change his mind about us.","time":1242804405000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000460,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We've got to change our own minds about each other.","time":1242804408500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000461,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We have to see each other with new eyes.","time":1242804413500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000462,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We have to see each other as brothers and sisters.","time":1242804418000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000463,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We have to come together with warmth so we can develop unity and harmony that's necessary to get this problem solved ourselves.","time":1242804423000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000464,"speechId":24000000,"text":"How can we do this?","time":1242804434000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000465,"speechId":24000000,"text":"How can we avoid jealousy?","time":1242804436500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000466,"speechId":24000000,"text":"How can we avoid the suspicion and the divisions that exist in the community?","time":1242804439000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000467,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I'll tell you how.","time":1242804446000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000468,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I have watched how Billy Graham comes into a city, spreading what he calls the gospel of Christ, which is only white nationalism.","time":1242804448000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000469,"speechId":24000000,"text":"That's what he is.","time":1242804459500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000470,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Billy Graham is a white nationalist; I'm a black nationalist.","time":1242804461500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000471,"speechId":24000000,"text":"But since it's the natural tendency for leaders to be jealous and look upon a powerful figure like Graham with suspicion and envy, how is it possible for him to come into a city and get all the cooperation of the church leaders?","time":1242804466500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000472,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Don't think because they're church leaders that they don't have weaknesses that make them envious and jealous -- no, everybody's got it.","time":1242804488000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000473,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It's not an accident that when they want to choose a cardinal, as Pope I over there in Rome, they get in a closet so you can't hear them cussing and fighting and carrying on.","time":1242804499000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000474,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Billy Graham comes in preaching the gospel of Christ.","time":1242804516500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000475,"speechId":24000000,"text":"He evangelizes the gospel.","time":1242804521000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000476,"speechId":24000000,"text":"He stirs everybody up, but he never tries to start a church.","time":1242804523000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000477,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If he came in trying to start a church, all the churches would be against him.","time":1242804529000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000478,"speechId":24000000,"text":"So, he just comes in talking about Christ and tells everybody who gets Christ to go to any church where Christ is; and in this way the church cooperates with him.","time":1242804537000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000479,"speechId":24000000,"text":"So we're going to take a page from his book.","time":1242804552500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000480,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Our gospel is black nationalism.","time":1242804557500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000481,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We're not trying to threaten the existence of any organization, but we're spreading the gospel of black nationalism.","time":1242804560000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000482,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Anywhere there's a church that is also preaching and practicing the gospel of black nationalism, join that church.","time":1242804569000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000483,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If the NAACP is preaching and practicing the gospel of black nationalism, join the NAACP.","time":1242804578000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000484,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If CORE is spreading and practicing the gospel of black nationalism, join CORE.","time":1242804585500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000485,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Join any organization that has a gospel that's for the uplift of the black man.","time":1242804592000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000486,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And when you get into it and see them pussyfooting or compromising, pull out of it because that's not black nationalism.","time":1242804599500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000487,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We'll find another one.","time":1242804610000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000488,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And in this manner, the organizations will increase in number and in quantity and in quality, and by August, it is then our intention to have a black nationalist convention which will consist of delegates from all over the country who are interested in the political, economic and social philosophy of black nationalism.","time":1242804612000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000489,"speechId":24000000,"text":"After these delegates convene, we will hold a seminar; we will hold discussions; we will listen to everyone.","time":1242804638500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000490,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We want to hear new ideas and new solutions and new answers.","time":1242804647500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000491,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And at that time, if we see fit then to form a black nationalist party, we'll form a black nationalist party.","time":1242804653500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000492,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If it's necessary to form a black nationalist army, we'll form a black nationalist army.","time":1242804664000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000493,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It'll be the ballot or the bullet.","time":1242804671500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000494,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It'll be liberty or it'll be death.","time":1242804675000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000495,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It's time for you and me to stop sitting in this country, letting some cracker senators, Northern crackers and Southern crackers, sit there in Washington, D.","time":1242804678500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000497,"speechId":24000000,"text":"and come to a conclusion in their mind that you and I are supposed to have civil rights.","time":1242804692000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000498,"speechId":24000000,"text":"There's no white man going to tell me anything about my rights.","time":1242804701000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000499,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Brothers and sisters, always remember, if it doesn't take senators and congressmen and presidential proclamations to give freedom to the white man, it is not necessary for legislation or proclamation or Supreme Court decisions to give freedom to the black man.","time":1242804707000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000500,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You let that white man know, if this is a country of freedom, let it be a country of freedom; and if it's not a country of freedom, change it.","time":1242804727500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000501,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We will work with anybody, anywhere, at any time, who is genuinely interested in tackling the problem head-on, nonviolently as long as the enemy is nonviolent, but violent when the enemy gets violent.","time":1242804742500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000502,"speechId":24000000,"text":"We'll work with you on the voter-registration drive, we'll work with you on rent strikes, we'll work with you on school boycotts; I don't believe in any kind of integration; I'm not even worried about it, because I know you're not going to get it anyway; you're not going to get it because you're afraid to die; you've got to be ready to die if you try and force yourself on the white man, because he'll get just as violent as those crackers in Mississippi, right here in Cleveland.","time":1242804759000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000503,"speechId":24000000,"text":"But we will still work with you on the school boycotts be cause we're against a segregated school system.","time":1242804803500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000504,"speechId":24000000,"text":"A segregated school system produces children who, when they graduate, graduate with crippled minds.","time":1242804813000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000505,"speechId":24000000,"text":"But this does not mean that a school is segregated because it's all black.","time":1242804820000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000506,"speechId":24000000,"text":"A segregated school means a school that is controlled by people who have no real interest in it whatsoever.","time":1242804827000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000507,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Let me explain what I mean.","time":1242804836500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000508,"speechId":24000000,"text":"A segregated district or community is a community in which people live, but outsiders control the politics and the economy of that community.","time":1242804839500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000509,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They never refer to the white section as a segregated community.","time":1242804851000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000510,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It's the all-Negro section that's a segregated community.","time":1242804856500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000512,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The white man controls his own school, his own bank, his own economy, his own politics, his own everything, his own community; but he also controls yours.","time":1242804861000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000513,"speechId":24000000,"text":"When you're under someone else's control, you're segregated.","time":1242804874500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000514,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They'll always give you the lowest or the worst that there is to offer, but it doesn't mean you're segregated just because you have your own.","time":1242804878500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000515,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You've got to control your own.","time":1242804891500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000516,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Just like the white man has control of his, you need to control yours.","time":1242804894500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000517,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You know the best way to get rid of segregation?","time":1242804901500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000518,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The white man is more afraid of separation than he is of integration.","time":1242804906500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000519,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Segregation means that he puts you away from him, but not far enough for you to be out of his jurisdiction; separation means you're gone.","time":1242804913000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000520,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And the white man will integrate faster than he'll let you separate.","time":1242804925500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000521,"speechId":24000000,"text":"So we will work with you against the segregated school system because it's criminal, because it is absolutely destructive, in every way imaginable, to the minds of the children who have to be exposed to that type of crippling education.","time":1242804931500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000522,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Last but not least, I must say this concerning the great controversy over rifles and shotguns.","time":1242804951500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000523,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The only thing that I've ever said is that in areas where the government has proven itself either unwilling or unable to defend the lives and the property of Negroes, it's time for Negroes to defend themselves.","time":1242804959500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000524,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Article number two of the constitutional amendments provides you and me the right to own a rifle or a shotgun.","time":1242804978000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000525,"speechId":24000000,"text":"It is constitutionally legal to own a shotgun or a rifle.","time":1242804988000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000526,"speechId":24000000,"text":"This doesn't mean you're going to get a rifle and form battalions and go out looking for white folks, although you'd be within your rights -- I mean, you'd be justified; but that would be illegal and we don't do anything illegal.","time":1242804993500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000527,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If the white man doesn't want the black man buying rifles and shotguns, then let the government do its job.","time":1242805014500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000528,"speechId":24000000,"text":"That's all.","time":1242805024500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000529,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And don't let the white man come to you and ask you what you think about what Malcolm says -- why, you old Uncle Tom.","time":1242805025500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000530,"speechId":24000000,"text":"He would never ask you if he thought you were going to say, \"Amen!\"","time":1242805038000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000531,"speechId":24000000,"text":"No, he is making a Tom out of you.","time":1242805045000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000532,"speechId":24000000,"text":"So, this doesn't mean forming rifle clubs and going out looking for people, but it is time, in 1964, if you are a man, to let that man know.","time":1242805049500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000533,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If he's not going to do his job in running the government and providing you and me with the protection that our taxes are supposed to be for, since he spends all those billions for his defense budget, he certainly can't begrudge you and me spending $12 or $15 for a single-shot, or double-action.","time":1242805064000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000534,"speechId":24000000,"text":"I hope you understand.","time":1242805091000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000535,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Don't go out shooting people, but any time -- brothers and sisters, and especially the men in this audience; some of you wearing Congressional Medals of Honor, with shoulders this wide, chests this big, muscles that big -- any time you and I sit around and read where they bomb a church and murder in cold blood, not some grownups, but four little girls while they were praying to the same God the white man taught them to pray to, and you and I see the government go down and can't find who did it.","time":1242805093000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000536,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Why, this man -- he can find Eichmann hiding down in Argentina somewhere.","time":1242805140500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000537,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Let two or three American soldiers, who are minding somebody else's business way over in South Vietnam, get killed, and he'll send battleships, sticking his nose in their business.","time":1242805147000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000538,"speechId":24000000,"text":"He wanted to send troops down to Cuba and make them have what he calls free elections -- this old cracker who doesn't have free elections in his own country.","time":1242805161500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000539,"speechId":24000000,"text":"No, if you never see me another time in your life, if I die in the morning, I'll die saying one thing: the ballot or the bullet, the ballot or the bullet.","time":1242805176500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000540,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If a Negro in 1964 has to sit around and wait for some cracker senator to filibuster when it comes to the rights of black people, why, you and I should hang our heads in shame.","time":1242805192500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000541,"speechId":24000000,"text":"You talk about a march on Washington in 1963, you haven't seen anything.","time":1242805210500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000542,"speechId":24000000,"text":"There's some more going down in '64.","time":1242805217000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000543,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And this time they're not going like they went last year.","time":1242805220500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000544,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They're not going singing \"We Shall Overcome.\"","time":1242805226000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000545,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They're not going with white friends.","time":1242805229500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000546,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They're not going with placards already painted for them.","time":1242805232500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000547,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They're not going with round-trip tickets.","time":1242805237000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000548,"speechId":24000000,"text":"They're going with one way tickets.","time":1242805240000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000549,"speechId":24000000,"text":"And if they don't want that non-nonviolent army going down there, tell them to bring the filibuster to a halt.","time":1242805243000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000550,"speechId":24000000,"text":"The black nationalists aren't going to wait.","time":1242805253000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000551,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Lyndon B.","time":1242805256500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000552,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Johnson is the head of the Democratic Party.","time":1242805257500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000553,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If he's for civil rights, let him go into the Senate next week and declare himself.","time":1242805261500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000554,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Let him go in there right now and declare himself.","time":1242805269500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000555,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Let him go in there and denounce the Southern branch of his party.","time":1242805274500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000556,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Let him go in there right now and take a moral stand -- right now, not later.","time":1242805281000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000557,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Tell him, don't wait until election time.","time":1242805289500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000558,"speechId":24000000,"text":"If he waits too long, brothers and sisters, he will be responsible for letting a condition develop in this country which will create a climate that will bring seeds up out of the ground with vegetation on the end of them looking like something these people never dreamed of.","time":1242805293000}
{"_index":1,"id":24000559,"speechId":24000000,"text":"In 1964, it's the ballot or the bullet.","time":1242805317500}
{"_index":1,"id":24000560,"speechId":24000000,"text":"Thank you.","time":1242805321500}
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